What Does a Running Coach Do? (Coaches Corner)

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Today, I want to take you behind the scenes and explain what does a running coach do? From talking paces to who should hire a running coach, find out how I help runners of all levels live beyond expectations. Welcome to the second week of Running Coaches’ Corner!

What Does a Running Coach Do?

Who Hires a Running Coach?

Let’s start with just who hires a running coach. The answer? YOU! But seriously, anyone who wants to get more from their training and running should consider hiring a running coach. When I say “training,” that can be anything from marathon training to just fining the motivation to get out the door in the morning. As a coach, I work develop plans that are challenging, but above all, manageable and engaging. I want my clients to walk away from every workout happier than they started, or at the very least to have learned something that they can use as they go into their next workout.

Types of Clients:

  • First Time Runners (going for their first marathon, half marathon, or even just starting out)
  • Recently Injured Runners (coming back from injury must be handled carefully!)
  • Those with Difficult or Constantly Changing Schedules (single moms, those working full time, students)
  • Experienced Runners (going for PRs or looking to train smarter)

In short, hire a running coach when you are ready to get more out of your training!

When I Get Hired

When I first get contacted by a client, we decide on a plan that is the best fit for them based on goals, needs, and budget.

Types of Plans

I have a variety of plans, which you can see in full on my Coaching page, but in short, here is what I offer:

  • One Time Personalized Running Plan (8-20 weeks, I create for you all at once)
  • Consultation (You come to me with a plan, I assess you and it and report back to you with my suggestions)
  • On Going Consult with Plan (Weekly, Two-Week, or Four-Week) Billed every 4 weeks, this allows for constant feedback and help

Sample Client Assessment Questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • Are your training for anything in particular? When is it?
  • What is your current workout schedule, including the paces that you are running out?
  • Injuries in the past? Current health?
  • Scheduling: What are your time limitations? What am I working around? What other fitness activities are nonnegotiable?

Running Coach Deliverables

So now that I have the information, what do I give to the clients? What do the plans entail?

What do I create for my clients?

I create a Google Calendar for each client that includes the following:

  • Daily Workout Schedule Based on their Schedules (I include classes that they are taking outside of running as well as when they should take rest days and strengthening and PT days)
  • Workout Descriptions (so that they actually know what is going on!)
  • Paces (Based on abilities and goals)
  • External Links and Printables for get even more from training

Once I Hand Over Their Plans, Then What?

I don’t just cut and run. In a way, I think of myself as a server who has dropped off the food at the table–my job is by no means over! I still need to make sure that they are happy, have what they need (did they drop a knife? need more water?).  My duties include:

  • Race Strategy Consultation
  • Checking in based on their consult schedule
  • Answering questions as they pop up (scheduling changes, questions, concerns, and advice)
  • Cheerleader/Enforcer depending on what the client needs!

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