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Vivoactive 3 vs. Forerunner 245: In-Depth Comparison

Two types of smartwatches known for their immense power and quality are the Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245 which are both manufactured by the Garmin Company.

Although these two sports watches may appear very similar at first glance, there are several differences between them in regard to their details.

The differences between the Vivoactive 3 vs Forerunner 245 may help you decide which model is more suitable for you.

Key Takeaways

  • The batteries of the Forerunner 245 smartwatch can last longer than those of the Vivoactive 3 both in smartwatch and in GPS status.
  • Garmin Pay which is a contactless payment method that can be easily done through a smartwatch is only featured in the Vivoactive 3.
  • The Forerunner 245 has a display with buttons, whereas the Vivoactive 3 has a touch display.
  • Additional features in regard to physical activities are included in the Forerunner 245 which makes it a better fitness tracker than the Vivoactive 3.
  • The Vivoactive 3 smartwatch is more affordable than the Forerunner 245.

Vivoactive 3 vs. Forerunner 245 – How Do They Differ?

Even though these two types of smartwatches have a lot of similarities, they also differ in many ways when it comes to their features.

The duration of batteries of the devices as well as of the GPS clocks, together with the different payment methods they offer are only some characteristics that make these smart watches different from each other.

In addition, the type of display and the price for which they are sold also present differences between these two smartwatch models.

Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245: Duration of Batteries and GPS

The company Garmin is usually known for manufacturing and selling smartwatches with a long battery lifespan which is also the case with Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245.

They also have GPS clocks incorporated into them, which makes these types of smartwatches very useful and up for the task.

Although both models are known to have long-duration batteries, one is slightly better in this aspect even in GPS status.

The Forerunner 245 smartwatch by Garmin has batteries that are able to last up to one week in smartwatch status and 24 hours in GPS status.

In comparison, the Vivoactive 3 by Garmin is characterized as having batteries that can endure lasting only 13 hours in GPS status and one week in smartwatch status.

The duration of batteries is very important for a smartwatch because it increases its level of performance and practicality.

Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245: Payment Methods Included

Certain types of smartwatches offer the possibility of paying by clicking only one button and eliminate the need of having to physically pay for something.

Vivoactive 3 consists of a contactless payment method that is very easy to use and allows the possibility of learning more about Garmin Pay which enables you to do payments with ease.

This feature is not included in the Forerunner 245 smartwatch because the specifications are not compatible with Garmin Pay.

Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245: Type of Display

The type and size of the display on a smartwatch is a very important factor for people who are enthusiastic about physical activity and tracking their progress.

The display size of both Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245 is pretty much identical. However, when it comes to the type of display both smartwatches offer, there is a big difference that should be considered before buying one or the other.

The Vivoactive 3 smartwatch has a touch display which is a very advanced feature for newer models of smartwatches that are put forward on the market today.

However, this is not the case with the Forerunner 245 smartwatch. Its display is controlled by pressing buttons and it can be inconvenient during outdoor activities.

When it comes to the practicality of the display type, the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch has an advantage when it is compared to the Forerunner 245.

Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245: Fitness Tracking

What makes Garmin watches worth the price, is the included feature of tracking fitness and health activities.

The Vivoactive 3 smartwatch offers the features of tracking daily steps, and calorie intake as well as including different sports such as jogging and cycling.

The Forerunner 245 smartwatch has been produced with an included feature of tracking health and fitness progress together with a variety of different sports apart from running.

The additional fitness tracking features of the Forerunner 245 smartwatch are what makes it better in this aspect in comparison to the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch.

Vivoactive 3 and Forerunner 245: Price

Smartwatch models that are characterized by having advanced features which help people stay on track with their daily activities, tend to be pricey.

The difference in price between these two smartwatches is not very dramatic. However, it is an important factor to consider before buying either of them.

The Garmin Forerunner 245 is less cost-effective when it is compared to the Garmin Vivoactive 3 model.

Final Verdict

Both of these smartwatch models are efficient, useful, and practical for lovers of outdoor activities who want to stay on top of their game when it comes to achieving their fitness goals.

The batteries of the Forerunner 245 are more long-lasting and this smartwatch offers more advanced features when it comes to fitness tracking in comparison to Vivoactive 3.

However, the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch offers a contactless payment method and a touch display, two things that are lacking from the Forerunner 245.

Apart from that, the Vivoactive 3 is more affordable to purchase when it is compared to the Forerunner 245 smartwatch model.

The greater practicality and usefulness of the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch, together with its lower price range, makes it a slightly better model than the Forerunner 245.