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Trueform Vs. Assault Runner: Which One Is Better?

Treadmills have become really popular over the years because many people enjoy running, but want to have the option to do this inside the comfort of their homes. Doing cardio has many benefits and what better than to have a runner within hand’s reach.

Some of the most popular curved treadmills are Trueform and Assault. Keep on reading to find out more about the key differences between Trueform vs Assault runner and figure out which option is the better one for you to buy.

Key Takeaways

  • The Trueform runner is smaller in size compared to the Assault one.
  • There are more surface options to choose from with the Trueform runner.
  • While the Trueform runner has a more shallow curse, the Assault’s one is steeper.
  • High-performance rates and no speed limits in both.
  • The monitor of the Assault runner offers more features and is more modern compared to the Trueform one.

Trueform vs Assault runner – How do they differ?

Both the Trueform and Assault runner are well-built and well-functioning curved treadmills with great features to offer. The key differences between the two would be in the size, curve design, surface options, and monitors. In the following paragraphs, we have gone into more detail about each of these to give you a clearer picture.

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Design: Trueform & Assault Runner

The Trueform runner has a space-efficient design that works for those who have limited space in their home gyms. That is quite an advantage especially if you have a lot of other equipment that takes up your space in the room.

As the Trueform runner offers a smaller body and is shorter compared to other curved treadmills on the market, the negative side would be that you will have less surface to run on. But for the majority of people, this is not a concern.

It is important to note that the Trueform runner is built exceptionally well to make sure that it does its functions well and can endure heavy training. Also, it is quite easy to get off and on the runner and as it provides some cushion it will give you the support you need.

Compared to the Trueform runner, the Assault runner is a little bit longer and bigger in size. However, the difference is not huge so the Assault is also suitable for home gyms and will not get in the way. It does take up more space than the Trueform though.

The Assault runner is also built well and can endure heavy training. The handrails are there to help hold your balance and are especially useful for those that are new to running on curved treadmills.

Surface: Trueform & Assault Runner

Even though the Trueform has a smaller space on the surface, it is still useful and not really concerning. A good thing is that the Trueform runner offers different surface options. In addition to the standard rubber black slat belt, there are turf belts that are suitable for athletes who do sports on grass, and a track surface belt to mimic an outdoor track.

You need to know that once you choose one surface option, you cannot change it later on as the belt is permanently attached to the treadmill.

Compared to the Trueform, the Assault has a longer surface. It is an excellent surface to run on and provides enough space for training. This means that it is easy to move and achieve great progress and results when doing cardio workouts.

Curve: Trueform & Assault Runner

The curve of the Trueform is shallower than most other brands which reduce momentum and so it will require more force to move the belt. Due to this, running on the Trueform treadmill is a bit challenging, but it is great for burning calories.

The curve is a bit flat, but it feels stable and controlled to run on. It isn’t slippery or moving faster than your feet.

On the other hand, the curve of the Assault runner is a bit steeper. Because of the way the curve is made, it is able to keep you on your toes.

Because of the higher curve, it is easier to start the belt. Many people have also said that the Assault runner provides an easy experience throughout workouts. So if you need more challenge, Trueform would be the better choice for you.

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Performance: Trueform & Assault Runner

The Trueform is designed to promote high speed and it allows athletes to add force for higher-intensity workouts. As there is no motor, the movements are controlled by the athlete and so you can burn 44% more calories on this runner than on a motorized one. This is why it takes some time to develop proper form.

There are many options for workouts you can do on the Trueform runner such as HIIT workouts, long-distance runs, and so on. The Trueform can be challenging, but that’s why it is very useful to help you improve your form.

On the Trueform runner, you can change your speed easily from sprinting to normal pace walking without any danger.

The Assault runner, designed to maximize every stride, also has a high-performance rate. It is very easy to use and there is no speed limit so you can use it for walking, running, sprinting and even workouts with a higher intensity.

The Assault runner is built exceptionally well and it is really suitable for athletes who know how to control their pace and if you are trying to gain more technique, this is a great machine to improve your running form and get in shape.

In this part it is also important to note that the Assault runner is a bit louder than the Trueform even though both of them work without a motor. This could maybe play a role when you are making a choice depending on when and where you use the runner in your home.

Monitor: Trueform & Assault Runner

The Trueform monitor is pretty simple and only gives information about the pace, distance, and time. It is powered by a rechargeable battery that is weird and clunky to use. So in this section, Trueform could definitely use some improvement.

The Assault runner offers a modern-style monitor with a lot of features such as built-in programs, split times, caloric burn and so on. It looks great and you can access different HIIT programs that you can set up before you start your workout.

It is also very useful to keep track of all your metrics such as time, calories burned, speed, and distance as they are shown on the monitor. There are control and function keys and also an integrated shelf for a phone as part of the console.

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Final verdict

Due to the fact that both of these runners are quite pricey with the Trueform being more expensive than the Assault runner, it is quite important to make the right choice.

Which one you choose depends on your needs and preferences, but personally, I would go with the Trueform runner. This is because it provides a great effective experience that will enhance your running form, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and is quieter. Based on its performance and durability, it is absolutely worth the price.