Tips for New Runners and Fitness Newbies from Coach Suz

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This Workout Wednesday post is dedicated to all the New Runners and Fitness Newbies out there! I know that there are quite a few of you who are taking on new fitness challenges in the gym, at home, or outside. Here are some tips on getting started from a running coach and personal trainer.

People love to crab about Resolutioners and the onslaught at gyms this time of year, but you know what? I say YOU GO GLEN COCO.

I don’t give a whale’s hooha about whether or not you are simply in the gym because you are already thinking about summer bikini season. My hope for you is that you will make the decision to commit to your healthy lifestyle changes beyond just a few days.

Reasons “Resolutioner” Don’t Stick To Their Goals

  • a) they set unrealistic expectations
  • b) they don’t set SMART goals
  • c) they pick the wrong program
  • d) they don’t stick with any program long enough or consistently enough to make true, lasting changes, or to understand the changes that have resulted.
  • e) they don’t consult a running coach or personal trainer (aka your greatest ally)

I’ve put together some essential advice for those new to running, new to fitness, or adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for New Runners and those Setting Healthy Goals and Resolutions

First and foremost….

Coaches and Personal Trainers are Proud of You Newbies

Let’s face it, you have to start somewhere, and regardless of how you start, you are at least trying. And that takes stones, my friend.

Not all of Us are Judging and Waiting for the Resolutioners to Leave

In fact, I would love it if you all stayed! Let’s bring you into the tribe for some healthy competition.

Let it also be known that by competition, I want you to succeed in a big way. But having you there drives me to another level of performance in my own health, fitness, and activity. All fitness levels are welcome!

Start with a Plan Appropriate to Your CURRENT Fitness Level

Just because you (cough) were running 8 minute miles during your marathon last fall (cough), doesn’t mean that you will be running 8 minute miles when you get back on that treadmill after x months off. (I’m ::coughing:: because I am totally going to be in that position). Start where you are NOW. Not a month, a year, 10 years ago.

Embrace your starting point so that you can fully appreciate your journey and your goal posts along the way (notice, I didn’t mention an end point to this!). Not only will you even more fully acknowledge your gains and strides, but you will also be more apt to stick with your new fitness challenge if what you have set out for yourself is approachable but just hard enough to capture you.

Wear Properly Fitting Clothes

This tips is for the benefit of all. PLEASE don’t dress for your body of the past or the future. Invest in some high quality workout clothes (like Brick Betty) that will make you feel amazing, support your workout, and will keep you from hiding in the dark!

Don’t just get workout clothes “that’ll work” or will fall apart after 1 month. Your body is going to change, and properly fitting clothes with change with you.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

Unless you are surrounded by obnoxious meat heads, or you ask someone while they are in a rush, there is a high likelihood that if you ask a fitness person about fitness, they will be happy to help you out. If not, don’t count their bad attitude against the rest of us.

Learn Gym Etiquette

If if isn’t appropriate to do in public, don’t do it. Clean up after yourself, don’t sing or carry on, and just be a generally pleasant human being, and you’ll be good. Don’t smack your gum, and if I can hear your music over mine, TURN IT DOWN.

Make an Investment

I have found as a running coach, personal trainer, blogger, and as a customer myself that we are more likely to commit to something that we have made a financial commitment to. Unless you have wads of excess cash in the bank, you are going to get your proverbial money’s worth, am I right? So invest as much as you can afford to; by no means bankrupt yourself, but you need to have multiple levels of accountability.

On the other end of it, find a way to make your fitness affordable: Look at deal sites, use trial memberships (there are tons out there right now), ask if coaches do payment plans (I do!), invest in a few months of training until you have a foundation, and revisit the investment as you can afford. Investing in quality will beget quality in your pursuits!

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