The Moral of That Story is…

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Happy Thursday, pigeons. Let’s have some fun today, shall we? For whatever reason, I just kept thinking that line to myself yesterday before I wrote this post, and once I started, I couldn’t stop! So today’s post is dedicated to “The Moral of That Story Is…”

Thank you Amanda for this Thinking Out Loud Opportunity!

We are nearly at the commencement of the weekend, and even though this has been a short workweek for many of us, it has been a bit of a trying one for me simply because my workweek last week looked like this:

Alex and I did, indeed, come back to true Chiberia, and I know many of you on the East Coast of the US are buckling down for a bit of a snow storm. Do you have your wine ready? If the power goes out, just chill your whites in the snow for a bit, and you’ll be good.

Moral of that story? As long as there is wine (or tequila), you’ll be fine. Also, vacations are amazing, and vacations in Mexico with your family and unlimited pico de gallo, margaritas, and jicama even more so.

It is freezing in our apartment. As in, two blankets, sweatpants, sweatshirt, socks while on the couch.

Moral of that Story? Time to get a different apartment where the heat actually works. Or turn on the space heater until that time.

Zoe has been CRAZY at night since we got back. As in, insomnia by cat. She has been pouncing on Alex at all hours of the night and trying to engage him. He even locked her in the bathroom a few times. I honestly could have slept through it, but noooooooo. We tried to blockade our room (we have a convertible, so there is a partition wall that has enough space next to the window for her to get through), but she literally busted through that like the KoolAid dude at 2 in the morning.  Combo of separation anxiety and needing to expend energy.

Moral of the story? Take the cat with you on vacation (then you don’t have to leave Mexico!); I can sleep through just about anything.

I got pulled over on the way to CES coaching (first time since between Christmas and New Years!), and I was SO confused–I wasn’t speeding or doing anything! Turns out that my tags were expired. Um, what forms did we sign and pay this summer when we had all of that car trouble and money spending?? I got a ticket, but it counts as a parking ticket, not on my record. Turns out that due to budget cuts, the state of Illinois no longer sends out mail reminders to renew your tags. You have to sign up for email alerts from the Secretary of State. Or you have to just know that you need to do it, and then call the Secretary of State’s office, go through the whole automated thing, THEN go on hold to talk to someone.

Moral of the Story? This is why Donald Trump and Sarah Palin have made it as far in the various political processes as they have, and why the state and this city are bankrupt.

Also? Alex and I now have to use our passports to travel anywhere by plane because TSA will not accept Illinois driver’s licenses.

Moral of the Story? That is just stupid.

Obviously, I’ve been really enjoying my time without crutches. It feels crazy amazing to be able to walk, to sit, to stand. This Sunday was the first time that I have been able to go to the grocery stores not immediately in our vicinity (even though we took the car because we had so much stuff, I could still carry and contribute!). We went to Whole Foods for lunch Monday, and I could walk QUICKLY through the cold, not having to crutch.

Moral of the Story? Crutches Suck. Sorry Sven. Sorry Olav.

On the same vein, I’ve been loving getting back on the various exercise bikes. I did the recumbent at first, then a little bit of the spin bike in Cabo (they had one) and the upright at home (like before I was put on rest). And of course I get off the bike on Tuesday (with Monday being my best day yet) and immediately lightly pull the very very very upper of my hamstring (literally, next to my unmentionables). Cue freak out. It chilled out over time, and yes, I took a rest day yesterday, but OF COURSE I DID THAT.

Moral of the Story? Only I would stress fracture my sacrum and pull a muscle most people have no clue that they have. Also, I know this, but obviously I have to assume that random, strange bumps are going to happen in this road to recovery after injury.

Tuesday night at coaching was the fourth time since December 4 that I have worn shoes (outside) other than my Nike Frees, which I could pull on and off without tying or bending over that much, and which would stay on while crutching.

Moral of the Story? Nike Free’s appear to be my go-to shoe during injury (so comfy), and again, crutches suck.

I decided to walk to work for the first time since December 4. Of course, the night before, it snows.

Moral of the Story? Who am I kidding, of course that would happen.

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