Are Special Running Socks Necessary? (Feetures Review + Giveaway)

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Do runners really need special running socks? Are the “fancy” brands really that much better? Read on to find out, check out my Feetures review, and enter to win some of your own with Running Coaches Corner!

Are Special Running Socks Necessary?

Well, I guess you could ask the same question of anything that is purpose-built: Do you need special shoes for running? A particular type of bra for high impact activities? Can you wear your running tights (with zippers and all of that) for yoga? Or vice versa?

Well, the answer to that, is… YES YOU DO. Properly fitted, appropriate equipment facilitates a better overall experience and, might I say, can even make you faster? No, your clothes won’t do your speedwork for you, but not wiggling around as you react to blisters and try to avoid chafing. Try to do that during sprints, and you are likely not going to run quite as fast.

Same idea with eating the right fuel and getting fitted for running shoes: if you want to give yourself the best chance for success, you need to invest in the right equipment. Your feet are your foundation: if they aren’t happy, the rest of you likely isn’t going to be happy.

Special Running Sock Features and Benefits

So, how do special running socks really make a difference in your comfort? What are the features that

  • Snug Construction prevents blisters and slippage in your shoe.
  • Arch Support prevents foot fatigue, improves circulation, and prevents sock slippage.
  • Dedicated Left and Right improves fit and make sure that compression occurs in the correct place.
  • Seamless Toe prevents blisters and discomfort.
  • Reinforced Toe and Heel improves cushioning and comfort, slows down wear of the socks.
  • Moisture Whicking Fabric prevents blisters and regulates temperature.
  • Odor Defense because YOUR FEET STINK WHEN THEY SWEAT

Special Running Sock Care

Like your running shoes, your sports bras, and the rest of your specialty equipment, your running socks also deserve special care and attention to help them last longer and to perform their best. That means that you machine wash cold, hang to dry. Bonus points if you turn them inside out!

Feetures Running Socks Review and Giveaway

I love the attention to detail in the construction of Feetures socks–they check all of my running sock “must haves.” I love the Merino+ most of all–the silky smooth fabric actually feels luxurious, and they are warm or cool as necessary. The arch compression helps keep the socks in place while also providing just a little support to my arches, and the heel tab is just high enough to prevent blisters in the back.

I am hard on my socks, and though I have in fact gotten blisters while wearing Feetures socks, the blisters are often more a result of my own darn feet or improper shoe fit. I’ve never gotten a blister as a result of the socks, and I can guarantee that the socks have prevent numerous blisters over the miles.

The only running socks that I own are Feetures. The only times that you will find me in socks other than Feetures are when I am in compression socks (though they do make some awesome compression options, I don’t have any yet!) or dress shoes. I have indeed tried other brands, but I have had the best experience with Feetures. Also, I love the colors…

And I want you to have the same chance to experience the Feetures running sock difference! I am giving away a pair of socks here on the blog and a second pair on Instagram–and yes, you can win both pairs, if you are lucky! Open to US only. Ends 11/23 at Midnight.

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