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Running in Lightning (Safety Tips)

Probably one of the worst things that can happen to you during running outdoors is being interrupted by thunders and lightning.

Running in such harsh weather conditions can cause many problems for you and it may not be safe due to the possibility of getting injured.

Outdoor activities such as running are not recommended to be performed when a thunderstorm is approaching. So, running in lightning, what should you know beforehand?

Key Takeaways

  • Running in lightning can be highly dangerous for runners because of the reason that you can get struck by lightning and undergo serious damage and injuries.
  • Finding a shelter is the best way of protecting yourself during lightning and the best possible places safe for shelter are closed buildings or facilities.
  • Open areas such as parks, playgrounds, or swimming pools are unsafe shelters from lightning because they can attract the sparks and make the situation worse.
  • There are certain ways of preventing a lightning from striking you, however incidents can happen and medical emergency services need to be called immediately.

Things To Know Beforehand

The possibility of getting to a safe place when met with lightning during running is the best way to protect yourself. Not only can you injure yourself if you run during thunderstorms and lightning, but you can also get struck by lightning which can cause some serious problems.

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Find a Shelter

If you have encountered lightning during your running trek, the best way to protect yourself is to find a safe place or a shelter in which you can stay as long as it is needed in order to avoid any possible damage or injuries.

Safe shelters include closed spaces such as supermarkets, shopping centers as well as office buildings. You can safely hide in these facilities and patiently wait for the thunderstorm and lightning to pass.

Open areas such as parks and outdoor shelters do not provide any protection from lightning and can even make the situation worse because lightning often strikes in such places.

Apart from open areas, getting inside a bus may not be the best option for you in order to save yourself from the dangers of getting struck by lightning.

Any place that has floors made out of cement should also be avoided as a possibility for shelter during lightning and thunderstorms.

Avoid Trees and Cars

It is common knowledge that if you stay below a tree, the chances are higher of getting struck by lightning. This can especially happen if the tree is tall, so for this reason they should be avoided as areas of protection during running.

Just as it is dangerous to be in an open area such as parks in lightning, it is also not recommended for you to be in a car with the windows down and doors open.

This can also attract lightning unless you stay put with your hands on your lap with the windows closed and the doors shut.

Before you get into a car during a thunderstorm and lightning, make sure you do not touch anything with your hands because this can cause electricity and a lightning strike.

Although cars may not be the safest option for shelter during lightning strikes, if you stay still and avoid touching anything, oftentimes it may be your only option.

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Tips on Preventing a Lightning Struck during Running

Although you may not be able to predict what the weather forecast will be, before you go running, it is also important for you to be aware of the different things you can do in order to prevent a bolt of lightning during running.

Stay far from places containing water. If it is raining, try to get as far from the puddles as you can in order to not be exposed to lightning.

If you find yourself in an open area in lightning, make sure that you are not in a group of people because this increases the chances of you all getting struck by lightning.

Life sometimes does not work out as we wish it would. It is possible for you to be unable to immediately find shelter in lightning during running.

For this reason, there is a position in which you can remain until the lightning and thunderstorms pass in order to ensure that you are safe.

Crouch down with your feet as far from the ground as possible. Cover your head with your arms and rest your elbows on your knees. In this way, you will decrease the chances of being directly exposed to a lightning strike.

What to Do if a Lightning Strikes?

Have you ever wondered what should be done if you get struck by lightning or you happen to witness someone else getting struck by lightning? Luckily, there are certain things that you can do in order to help yourself and others around you.

The first step usually involves calling the emergency service because they have the necessary knowledge and skills in order to deal with problems like these.

Until the emergency service arrives, check if the person has any type of injury such as fractured bones and damage to the skin tissue.

If the person you are trying to help has stopped breathing, you can try CPR. If you are not familiar with certain techniques of CPR, emergency dispatchers are always willing to instruct you and guide you through the process.

If you are the victim suffering from a lightning bolt, it is highly possible for you to be unconscious during the incident and medical help should be immediately provided for you.

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Final Words

Even though running in lightning may seem interesting in movies, it is very dangerous to continue running if you can sense and hear that a thunderstorm is approaching.

The best way to prevent getting struck by lightning is to immediately stop running and try to find the closest shelter that is safe for you to remain until the thunderstorms pass.

People who enjoy running outdoors, should be informed about the different things that they can do if they are encountered by lightning during their running session.