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My posts on how I’m maintaining my fitness (and accommodating my limitations) during my injury and my December in Chicago Bucket List were way to composed and thought out. Thus, today, I thought that it would be fun to share with you all some recent discoveries that have come to my attention! Let’s Think Out Loud, shall we?

The first two points/thoughts aren’t really discoveries, but they are random and thoughts. #countit

OH, and last day for the Oatmega Giveaway!

1) First of all, I have a little bit of selfish request. I have my pelvic MRI today. I would love if you all would send me some good juju for a) answers and a clear diagnosis and b) that the injury found and diagnosed is not a long term or high maintenance issue. I hope that statement makes sense! Basically, make the injury clear and easily (and quickly) heal-able. And not a fracture. Please, not a fracture.

Ok fun things now

2) Yesterday, we had some crazy weather (NOT a discovery, as Chicago is known for silly weather). I woke up to crazy snow flurries (none of which stuck to the ground), then sun, then a random crazy flurry, then back to sun. I don’t get it.

Ok, some actual discoveries.

3) I have an item to add to my bucket list, though this one is indoors. Growing up, I was a huge lover of the Ancient Mediterranean Basin. Actually, I almost wrote my thesis on Mediterranean architecture! Add to that the fact that I studied Latin for 6ish years, and well, yeah, I like Mediterranean antiquity. Well, there is a new exhibit at the Field Museum that I MUST go to!

The Greeks is a massive collaboration with 21 institutions all around the world, including the National Hellenic Museum, and over 500 artifacts are being brought in. I’ve yet to go to the Field–other than an exhibit that closed shortly after we moved here, there hasn’t been a big exhibit to draw me in, plus, well, we don’t do things–so I think that this is a good indoor activity for a not-so-favorable-weather day!

4) Speaking of the Bucket List, apparently, this is the last year that the Joffrey Ballet (the big ballet company in Chicago) is producing the show in the vision created by Robert Joffrey, the ballet’s founder, before changing to a fully new production next year. So I have to go!

And another update: Alex told me that we would find a date. I have it in writing (text). So you are being held to it, bud.

5) Let’s keep to fun happenings in Chicago, shall we? For all my fellow Star Wars fans out there, Table Donkey and Stick is hosting a Star Wars themed dinner. Not to be confused with the Whistler, the restaurant actually turning itself into the Star Wars Cantina on December 16.

The Table Donkey and Stick dinner has a hilarious menu, fashioned by some pretty heavy hitters in the Chicago culinary world, featuring such dishes as JarJar Bisque and Obi Wan Pierogi. I won’t be going, but I thought it was beyond.

6) Dunkin Donuts will soon be offering delivery in Chicago. Tiffy’s life has been made.

7) Personally? I will continue to make my coffee at home, and then have my dessert teas at work. But if I am going to have a treat, you better believe it is going to be a Gingerbread Latte.

Alex and I discovered our love for them last year during our trip to Virginia, and I’ve yet to have one. Maybe I’ll get one when I get to go to Zoolights or something! SO MUCH BUCKET LIST.

8) Yesterday was fellowship match day, aka the day that all the residents find out where they will be going after residency to specialize, and if they got into the programs that they have been working towards. It was a little bittersweet, though, because it is weird to be thinking of the “crew” that has developed over the last 2.5 years to be splitting up, especially as we are staying here.

9) But on a super fun note, yesterday, one of my oldest friends found out that she is going to be at University of Michigan for her dental residency! She was one of my bridesmaids and is one of just the most special people in the world. I am so excited that she and her husband are going to be thisclose to us for a year (and maybe longer)!!!!

10) Last thought… hmmmm. Oh! Alex got his first Christmas present yesterday: a new Microsoft Surface. We actually bought it on Thanksgiving, and then the computer debacle of Friday sealed the deal that we had done the right thing. I’ve got another present on the way for him, so I’m already WAY ahead of where I was last year, though he did get some pretty fantastic things last year, lol.

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