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ProForm 5000 vs. 9000: Fully Compared

You might be wondering which treadmill is the best one for you, what features you need in order to make exercising fun as well as how much you are willing to spend on such a machine.

At first, the ProForm 5000 vs 9000 treadmill models may look very similar to you, and deciding which one is better than the other may become challenging and in a way, overwhelming.

The specifications of these two treadmill models may appear to be almost identical. However, there are some differences between them.

Key Takeaways

  • The screen size of the ProForm 5000 is larger when it is compared to the screen size of the ProForm 9000.
  • The ProForm 9000 has a slightly stronger motor power in comparison to the ProForm 5000.
  • The ProForm 5000 has 50 workout programs included, whereas the ProForm 9000 has 40 sessions for working out that come along with the treadmill.
  • The price difference between these two treadmills is not drastic, but it is still considerable because the ProForm 9000 is a few hundred dollars more expensive that the ProForm 5000 treadmill model.

ProForm 5000 vs. 9000 – How Do They Differ?

Although both of these treadmills are known for being effective in regards to increasing your performance due to the variety of different features they offer, one model has more advanced characteristics than the other.

The screen size and motor power are two of the most important differences between the ProForm 5000 and 9000 treadmill models.

These two treadmills also slightly differ in regards to the number of workout programs that are included in each of them as well as the price for which they are sold.

You would not go wrong by purchasing either of these treadmills, but it is important to know what makes them different and in which ways.

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ProForm 5000 & 9000: Screen Size

The display type for both of these treadmill models are basically identical because they are both HD smart touch screens.

However, in regard to their screens, what differentiates the ProForm 5000 and 9000 is the screen size. This is a very considerable factor for people who are trying to get informed about the specifications of a treadmill before they decide to purchase it.

The HD smart touch screen of the ProForm 5000 treadmill is 14 inches, whereas the ProForm 9000 is characterized as having a 10-inch HD smart touch screen.

Certain people prefer for the screen on their treadmill to be of large size because of the reason that the enjoyment of watching videos on a big screen is more emphasized.

When it comes to the screen size characteristic, the ProForm 5000 has an advantage over the ProForm 9000 treadmill model.

ProForm 5000 & 9000: Motor Power

The strength of the motor is one of the most important characteristics when it comes to machines such as treadmills because the power of the motor determines how sturdy and durable the treadmill actually is.

Both the ProForm 5000 and the ProForm 9000 are characterized as having strong motor power. However, one of them has a higher level of motor power which makes it superior over the other.

The ProForm 9000 treadmill model has slightly more powerful motor when it is compared to the ProForm 5000.

The difference in motor power between these two treadmill models may not be drastic, but it is definitely considered for those who cannot decide which one to buy.

ProForm 5000 & 9000: Workout Programs

A very useful feature of many treadmill models is the inclusion of workout programs. It is very encouraging and motivating for people to be guided by professionals during their workout sessions.

This is also the case with both of these treadmill models. Although one of them offers fewer programs for working out than the other, the sessions that are included are of great assistance and support to the majority of people.

The ProForm 5000 has more, specifically 50, workout programs that are included for people to use, whereas the ProForm 9000 only offers 40 sessions for working out.

Certain people may enjoy the possibility of having more guidance during their workout sessions and other people might be satisfied with the amount of workout programs they can get, as long as they are effective and helpful.

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ProForm 5000 & 9000: Price

Buying a treadmill can be a large investment for some people because not only will you have to spend a lot of money on a machine, but you also need to stay true to your goals and use the treadmill on a constant basis.

The ProForm 9000 treadmill model is sold for a higher price when it is compared to the ProForm 5000.

Both of these machines are effective for working out, running and daily exercise, that is why you need to examine all the different specifications that make them unique and choose the most suitable for you.

The price difference between these two treadmills is not very dramatic. However, a few hundred dollars can make a big difference in someone’s life.

For this reason, it is important to decide what your needs and requirements are when it comes to treadmills and whether such a machine is compatible and affordable for your budget.

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Final Verdict

The comparison between both of these treadmill models has been very interesting and unusual because most of the time, a machine that is pricier, will be better than the more affordable one.

However, this is not the case here since the ProForm 5000 can actually perform in the same way as the ProForm 9000. Although the motor power of the ProForm 9000 may be slightly stronger, that does not mean that the motor of the ProForm 5000 is not powerful.

By buying the ProForm 5000 treadmill model you will get a large screen for watching up to 50 workout programs for a lower price than buying the ProForm 9000 treadmill model which is pricier, has a smaller screen and less workout programs.