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What are your gym bag essentials that you rely on to refresh right after a long run or workout? Join in for Coaches’ Corner!

Welcome to another round of Coaches’ Corner, hosted by myself. Today, I want to talk about your non-negotiable car and gym bag essentials. Some of us are super lucky and can just step outside and be on a path for our long run instantly. Others, however, have to commute to a starting point, as was the case for many of the participants of marathon training last summer. How do you stock your gym bag (without bringing the kitchen sink) so that you will be refreshed and ready for the commute back, or (hopefully) brunch with your friends?

Post Run or Workout Gym Bag Essentials

1) Long Run Recovery Nutrition

Even if you think you are going to be going to brunch right after, come prepared with some back up recovery nutrition and hydration. If you have a car, throw a small cooler in there with an ice block and a bottle of water and a nutrition bar or banana and nut butter. You start recovery as soon as you are finished with your run, and you need to replenish that body ASAP. Keeping some with you will negate any question as to whether or not you will be able to take care of your body (brunch might be farther away than you think!).

2) Change of Clothes and Shoes

While perhaps the idea of puttig fresh clothes on a sweaty body might not appeal to your senses much, your body will thank you for not keeping it sitting around in sweaty and salty clothes. Sitting in damp clothing is a big time no-no; regardless of how hot it might seem outside, the minute you step inside (for brunch), you are going to get chilled. Besides, though we might think of our sweaty clothes as a badge of honor that others in the vicinity get to suffer through as we just so suffered, throw everyone a bone and change.

Throw your feet a bone as well, and put them in some fresh, cushiony shoes that let them dry out but also give them some great after run support. Speaking of support? Now is the time to throw on some compression socks to help with circulation until you can take care of yourself for optimal muscle recovery.

3) Clean Towel

Going along with #2, a towel is super helpful to have with you for several reasons. If you know you will be in a place with private changing rooms or bathrooms, just bring a small towel; going to be changing out of your car? Bring a big towel both to clean yourself off as well to to conceal your bits while you are changing clothes! Use the towel as a seat cover to protect against muddy or sweaty clothes as well.

4) Hairbrush and Deodorant

I don’t care who you are, reapplying deodorant after sweaty workout is a must. Just don’t even go there. The hairbrush is just as much a part of my gym bag essentials, particularly when I sweat through my hair or if there was wind (and I live in Chicago, so you know that there is!). Don’t let those knots languish and solidify–deal with them NOW! Also, how good does it feel to brush out your hair after a long run and get that scalp massage?

5) Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes

Critical to my list of gym bag essentials are Cottonelle® Flushable Wipe.  You have the rest of your body feeling a bit more peppy, now it is time to use Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes to actually get fresh in what is likely the most unfresh area post run! Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture is patented and perfect for post-long-run-bum, even if you chafed miserably. And, as we are (mostly) all runner here, you know that the “don’t trust the fart” signs may very likely have applied to you. Cottonelle® CleanRipple Texture is a proprietary innovation on all Cottonelle® toilet paper and flushable cleansing cloths that is designed to remove more (than the leading value brand) to get you clean. Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture designed to clean better, so you’re clean enough to go commando. Clean up, change clothes, start anew. And then get brunch.

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