How to Turn Your Dog into a Running Partner (Whistle Review)

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Have you ever wanted to turn your dog into a running partner? Use these tips (hey, they might apply to more than just your dog’s fitness!) and the Whistle GPS Dog Tracker to gain a new running buddy and link up with Running Coaches Corner for more awesome running links!

I know that many of us could use a bit of destressing from last night. So grab your pooch, and go for a walk or run. Here is how to turn your dog into your running partner safely.

I received a Whistle GPS Pet Tracker in through my partnership with Sweat Pink in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own!

Dog’s are man’s best friend, and don’t we all want to run with our best friends? Find out how to turn your dog into your running partner while also making sure that they stay fit, happy, healthy, and safe as you develop their running endurance.

How to Turn Your Dog into a Running Partner

1) Patience and Consistency are the Keys to Success

When training your dog or training yourself, you must be patient and consistent. Especially when starting out and developing the right behaviors, there are going to be bad runs (for either of you!), and you have to learn to move on from them. You must also be consistent, so that your pet knows what is expect of him or her. Create a pre-run ritual and a language/set of commands that you both associate with running.

2) Increase Your Mileage Gradually

Remember: even if your dog can play for hours on end, they may not be in “running” shape right out of the gate, just like a sprinter starting at endurance running. Furthermore, their paws need time to acclimate to various surfaces! Gradually increasing their mileage and runs will help decrease injury and, yes, burnout!

3) Don’t Forget Your Warm Up and Post Run Recovery

Just like you can’t be expected to have a good workout if you do nothing but start running, you cannot expect your pooch to do the same. Incorporate a warm up into their pre-run ritual: walk around the house with them (if it is super chilly out), and even help them loosen up their joints. Afterwards, depending on the weather, they might need a bath or even some liniment (particularly for the older runners), and make sure to pay attention to next point.

4) Work on Proper Hydration and Nutrition Before, During, and After

If you are increasing your dog’s activity level, you need to make sure that you are fueling them appropriately as well! Keep a collapsible water bowl with you, and let them drink periodically during your run, and monitor their hydration after. Make sure that their weight is staying steady as well–they might need a bit more food or extra treats to keep them in good health!

5) Invest in the Right Equipment

If you want the most from your training and your running, you need to invest a little bit in equipment that will go the distance. For your pet, that means suitable harnesses and collars, layers for the extreme cold, and even footwear in extreme conditions. That also may very well mean investing in a GPS and activity tracker.

This Whistle tracker provides GPS location services with activity tracking for your pet. That means that you can track your

6) Track Their Progress

Do you keep track of your mileage to make sure that you are increasing safely and not risking injury (hint hint see above!). Well, you should do the same for your pet.

The Whistle Dog Tracker has an integrated activity monitor (think a FitBit for dogs!) that allows you to see how active your dog is day after day so that you can compare and detract trends in activity over time and make informed decisions regarding your dog’s fitness.

You know all of those FitBit head to head challenges? Enter one with your pup 😀

7) Make Safety a Priority

Accidents happen, and it is best to be prepared for emergency situations. What if your dog gets loose while you are out on a run? Or simply gets loose at home (they might be letting their newfound fitness go to their heads).

The Whistle Dog Tracker alerts you when your pooch leaves their designated Whistle zone (which you can change to where you need) and helps you find them using cellular and GPS technology. You can even feel safer yourself knowing that your friends and family can find you when you are out on the run by consulting the mobile app! Super helpful if you like to hit the trails!

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