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How to Sell a Used Treadmill (Helpful Tips)

I was contacted by an old friend recently and she asked me for tips on how to sell a used treadmill she had. I used to sell a lot of old used gym equipment and would get hired by sports centers to do so, that’s why I wasn’t surprised when she thought of me when she decided to sell the treadmill.

I love recycling used gym equipment and I think it’s an affordable way of getting started with your first exercise machine. New gear can be expensive so here are some tips on how to sell used ones.

Key Takeaways

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Selling a used treadmill: Things to consider

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Putting a price on it

The price is probably the first thing you think of before you decide to buy or sell a used treadmill, however, that will depend on a few key factors.


Take a good and hard look at your treadmill, would you buy it if you saw it in an ad? And how much would you pay for it? These questions will be the best guide when you sell used things.

If the machine is fully functional and doesn’t have any bumps or scratches, then you have a big chance of getting a good price for it.

Make sure that if you have any malfunctions you point them out to the buyer because someone could end up getting hurt. At least that will be your reputation as a seller.

If the tremble is broken, but functional, yes you will probably end up with a lower selling price, but some people are still willing to pay for the functionality and not the aesthetics.

Year of production

This goes without saying, but the longer you have your treadmill, the lower the selling price will be. This rule is an exception only when it comes to antiques or special occasions. For example, if you can prove that Leonel Messi spat on your treadmill once, I’m sure that there is someone out there that will pay you a lot just to have the reminiscence of Messi’s DNA.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Chances are that you have a regular treadmill that hasn’t been spat on by a pro athlete. So this means that as time passes it will lose its value.

Theology is changing rapidly, and the features on treadmills are getting better every year, it is very possible that your treadmill is already outdated.

The good news is that most people don’t care about all the new fancy features, so a regular working treadmill will be enough.


The more features you have the better the treadmill will sound in an ad. Most people just need a basic running track with a few programs and a slight incline, but having a fan, a bottle holder, a display, Bluetooth, wheels, and so on, will slightly increase the price.

Also, people mostly look for foldable treadmills, so those tend to go for more money.


Of course, the brand is something to consider. The better the brand, the higher the price.

Don’t be greedy

If you put a very high price, chances are that people will just disregard you and your ad. A general rule is that if you are selling to an individual you should price your treadmill from 50% to 70% of the price you bought it (not taking into consideration any sales or discounts).

Also, you can go and check what price is the treadmill in stores today and price yours at 50% or 70% less depending on the factors I mentioned above.

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How to sell a used treadmill

Now that you have your price set, I am going to share a few tips I learned over the years on how to sell a used treadmill.


I had an old buddy that knew his way around treadmills so I would ask him to take a look and see if he can make any adjustments. After a while, I learned a thing or two and started doing this myself.

Having a fully functional treadmill will for sure up the price. Also if you are taking it to a professional make sure to get some kind of document that proves that it has been recently serviced.


I used to sell a lot of my used gym equipment online, and over the years I developed some basic marketing skills that worked for me.


I always had multiple pictures and videos of the equipment. So take a few minutes, snap some pics and take a short video. This is way easier than doing it later when a potential buyer asks you to, and trust me they will.

Short and sweet

Keep your text short and informative. Write the brand name, the year of manufacturing, a few features, and the price.

Some people tend to keep the price a secret and ask potential buyers to write them a message to get the price, but I find that this just causes some people to lose interest.

Also use caps, proper grammar, and bullet points to get your point across easier.

Where to sell?

Most of what I talked about here was about online selling. And to be honest this is your best bet. If you don’t know someone personally who wants to buy it, you should post it online. Facebook groups are usually very helpful, also you can use any other ad website that is popular where you live.

The downside to this is that you probably will have to pay for shipping or transport the treadmill yourself. Also, it can be dangerous so make sure that the buyer has a legit profile and possibly look them up online if you are going to be meeting them in person.


It is rare that a gym needs new equipment because they are usually packed with equipment and don’t have space for more, but if there is a new gym opening you can give it a shot.

Also maybe their old treadmill broke and they are looking to buy a new one

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It is not difficult to sell a used treadmill. If it is fully functioning and you put a good price on it, you will have a buyer in no time.

Make sure that you stay safe, and that you keep others safe. Always meet with only legit buyers and check to see if your treadmill works properly so someone doesn’t get hurt.

Be honest about the condition of what you are selling your reputation as a seller will be sealed for later deals.