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How to Attach Race Bib without Pins? (Step-By-Step)

A piece of paper with a particular number that you may see on running races is usually referred to as a race bib.

The majority of people use pins in order to securely attach them to their clothing, but this practice may cause damage to the running clothes.

This is why many people wonder how to attach a race bib without pins and provide the same secure effect while running.

Key Takeaways

  • Using pins for attaching race bibs may damage the quality of your clothes and produce holes.
  • Magnetic buttons can be used for fastening a race bib to your clothing.
  • A running belt provides a secure and safe attachment of a race bib.
  • Race clips made out of plastic are lightweight and strong for race bib attachment.
  • The usage of tape for attaching a race bib is not practical because it cannot be reused.

How to attach race bib without pins

You can safely and securely attach a race bib by the utilization of specially made buttons with magnets, belts made for running as well as plastic clips that are used for races. By the usage of these alternatives, you will avoid causing damage to your clothing during running.

The Negative Side of Pins

Different types of pins, usually safety pins, are used for attaching race bibs. However, this practice may not be the best because of the fact that the pins can severely damage the quality of your clothing pieces and produce holes in them.

Although it is very secure to attach a race bib with pins and there is no way that the paper will fall out, the negative side of pins has started to cause problems for different people when they are met with problems such as damage to clothing.

For this reason, many people have shared their alternative ways of attaching race bibs without the use of pins and they have proven that in fact, there are other methods of securely and safely attaching race bibs without any negative effects.

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How to Attach a Race Bib with Magnetic Buttons

Some people have started to invent other ways of fastening a race bib instead of simply using a safety pin. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is by the use of buttons with magnets.

How these buttons work is that they use magnets on the inner side of a piece of clothing in order to securely fasten it in place. Because of the reason that these buttons are magnetic, there is no way that the race bib will fall off.

The best thing about these buttons is that they do not cause any damage to the clothing and they can be reused over and over again for the purpose of different races. However, you need to be careful and not lose them because they are very small.

The Best Way of Using a Running Belt

There are many running accessories that can be purchased on the market, but one of the best and most versatile of them all is definitely the running belt. This belt can be used for various different purposes when it comes to running such as attaching a race bib.

The race belt is usually worn around the waist and it fits comfortably because its size is easily adjustable. There are also unique clasps that can be attached to the belt as well as on the race bib and keep it in place throughout the running session or race.

With the use of this type of running belt, there would be no need of attaching a race bib directly to your clothing and therefore cause possible damage to it. The race belts are also known to be very lightweight and comfortable to wear which also makes this alternative very effective.

Race Plastic Clips as an Alternative to Pins

Certain running accessories are simply known to function better than others. If you are not a fan of magnetic buttons which can feel a bit heavy during running, you can also try race clips made out of plastic.

These clips are attached to the running clothes in order to secure the race bib in place. However, unlike other running accessories, plastic race clips do not damage or weigh down your clothing pieces.

Instead, the race clips produced from plastic materials are a good alternative for pins when it comes to attaching a race bib and even though they are known to be lightweight, they are also strong and extremely durable.

Tape for Attaching Race Bibs

Instead of using pins for attaching a race bib, some people use tape but it has been debated among many people whether this method is actually effective in order to be considered as a good alternative.

Luckily, the tape is very easy to use when it comes to attaching race bibs because it simply requires you to tape the bib to your shirt and that is literally all you have to do in order to keep the piece of paper in place.

However, the sticky part of the tape can also cause damage to the fibers of the clothing pieces and it cannot be reused. Although tape does not lead to the appearance of holes in your clothing, it still may not be the best possible solution.

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Final Words

The process of attaching a race bib can be tricky for some people if they do not have pins. However, it is very comforting to know that there are also some other ways of successfully attaching a race bib to your clothing.

If you are not a fan of attaching the race bib to your clothing pieces, you can buy a running belt and use it to its maximum capacity. The practicality of such running accessories is outstanding and most importantly, they do not cause damage to your clothing.

If you are not using pins for the purpose of attaching a race bib, make sure that you find another method that is safer and less damaging. Also, consider the weight of your running accessories in order to ensure that they will not be weighing you down while running.