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Hoka Rincon 2 Vs. Clifton 7: What’s The Difference?

If you want to buy a new pair of running shoes, then Hoka is a brand that offers really good quality trainers and has many positive reviews. One of the best and very popular running shoes are Hoka Rincon 2 and Clifton 7. So you might be wondering which one is better. Keep reading this article to find out.

Key Takeaways

  • The Clifton 7 offers more breathability in comparison.
  • Both the Rincon 2 and Clifton 7 provide well-cushioned midsoles.
  • The Clifton 7 shoes are bouncier.
  • The Rincon 2 are lighter in weight despite their thick midsole.
  • Both of them provide smooth and balanced rides. 

Hoka Rincon 2 vs Clifton 7- How do they differ?

Both Hoka Rincon 2 and Clifton 7 are neutral running shoes with quite a lot of similarities. The key differences would be in breathability, weight, and bounciness. Keep reading for a detailed comparison.

Design: Hoka Rincon 2 and Clifton 7

The Hoka Rincon 2 are daily trainers who are designed to provide you with cushioning and support during your runs.

From the materials that the upper is made from, these shoes won’t provide you with a lot of breathabilities. This could be a problem in the heat, but the good side is that you can wear them even in colder weather.

These shoes come in more colors, and they are good-looking as the shades of the color blend well together and the thicker sole is just another detail. At first sight, you can say that they are cool and dynamic.

What is noticeable about these shoes is the especially thick midsole which makes the shoes higher. Despite this, the sole is able to provide softness and comfort that protects your feet and gives you support for a better landing.

About the outsole, there is not enough rubber on it and even though it can provide a decent grip on wet or dry pavements, the downside is that it can wear down pretty soon, especially with frequent use.

The Hoka Clifton 7 are running shoes designed for easy runs, long distance, and recovery ones, but they shouldn’t be your choice for fast runs and sprints.

Compared to the Rincon 2, the upper of the Clifton 7 is built from materials that can offer more breathability. The weave of the upper is open and see-through which is why it is airier.

The design of the Clifton 7 shoes is incredible, fun and very well thought out. The good looks of these shoes are a great addition to everything else they provide.

An upgrade to these shoes compared to some previous versions is the flared collar heel which helps prevent chafing and makes the shoes easier to put on and off. Also, the tongue was sewn to a little strap to keep it from moving around.

About the outsole, in the Clifton 7 shoes, the rubber material is placed in the proper areas which makes these shoes durable. But even in this model, they are reducing the rubber to lower the weight of the shoes.

Comfort: Hoka Rincon 2 and Clifton 7

The Eva midsole of the Hoka Rincon 2 is able to deliver comfort, but let you keep up with your speed and provide you with a nice running experience.

Hoka is famous for their soft cushioning, and there is no disappointment here as the Hoka Rincon 2 also provides comfortable softness, and instead of a plush landing, they prepare the runner for the next stride, offering a good level of responsiveness.

Users have said that these shoes will never make your feet feel harsh, but also the cushioning doesn’t feel too mushy. So in a way, with this model, Hoka was able to find the balance between comfort and responsiveness.

Because of the provided comfort, the Hoka Rincon are suitable for long runs or recovery runs. They have a very good ratio of weight-to-cushion and are able to keep your feet secure so you don’t have to be worried about sprains or injuries.

Same as the Rincon 2, the Clifton 7 also provides compression-Eva midsole. Additionally, it also has the Meta-Rocker technology which compliments your natural stride and keeps you from landing flat.

Many users have found these shoes really soft since they are very well-cushioned and they also provide great shock absorption. Due to the way these shoes are made, they are considered one of the most stable running shoes on the market.

These shoes are able to provide a balanced ride, combining the soft feeling with a responsive takeoff and smooth transitions.

Fit and flexibility: Hoka Rincon 2 and Clifton 7

The Hoka Rincon 2 offers a great fit that makes the feet well-locked down without putting too much weight on them. It is neither too wide nor narrow, but many users have said that it provides enough space for your feet to be comfortable.

The upgraded upper of the Rincon 2 also provides more structure and that’s why these shoes might feel tighter in the midfoot area. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about your feet being secure. Generally, they are good-fitting and adjustable to the foot. You should also keep in mind that these shoes might require some time to break-in.

When it comes to flexibility, the Rincon 2 doesn’t offer much of it and isn’t so bouncy. This is due to the fact that the shoes are high and have a thick soles.

But anyhow, many users say that these shoes provide a smooth ride because of them being well built with enough cushioning and responsiveness. They are especially great for longer runs, and also do a fairly good job during faster runs.

The Hoka Clifton 7 running shoes generally run true to size. So in this case you shouldn’t be worried that the shoes won’t be comfortable even if you have wider feet. These shoes are able to provide enough room in the toe box as well so you wouldn’t feel tight.

Compared to the Rincon 2, the Clifton 7 are generally bouncier and has more flexibility. Keep in mind that they aren’t the fastest shoes on the market, but as they are responsive they will provide you with efficient rides.

If you want to pick up the pace, you will be encouraged to do so as the cushion in these shoes gives an energetic response. You won’t feel like you need to put in too much effort to reach a better pace.

Weight: Hoka Rincon 2 and Clifton 7

You might think that the Rincon 2 shoes are heavier than usual because of their thick sole and cushioning, but actually, they are lightweight running shoes.

These shoes don’t feel bulky, but rather light when running on the road. This is truly important as you don’t want the extra weight in the shoes. During runs, you want to feel free and able to pick up more pace.

Although a bit heavier than the Rincon 2, the Clifton 7 running shoes are also considered lightweight. In these maximalist shoes, the cushion-to-weight ratio is perfectly balanced as well.

Final verdict

In conclusion, both of these Hoka running shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and provide great running experiences. To pick one, consider all factors as both of these shoes have their own pros and cons. Go with what’s best for you and enjoy your rides with comfort.