Five Healthy Unexpected Smoothie Ingredients

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I’m all about the unexpected smoothie ingredients; banana and strawberry etc just aren’t going to cut it for me! I like to have fun with my smoothies, and here are my favorite healthy, delicious, and unexpected smoothie ingredients and add-ins.

Many of you have been the recipient of a comment from me that I’m not a smoothie person. SO MANY TIMES. I averaged a smoothie or a shake about 3 times a year, usually after a summer long run. Imagine my surprise when, after never, ever being a smoothie drinker, I now average two a day! Every morning, and often every night (or during the day).

But you know that I don’t do “normal” smoothies and shakes. I also don’t do really crazy smoothies, either. Also, you are unlikely to find too many smoothie bowls from me. Mostly because I’m not that artistic, and I also have usually already slurped down half of it by the time that most people smoothie bowling it would have even started taking pictures.

Luckily, it is usually super early and half the lights are still out to keep Alex from waking up. Luckily, he does have earplugs so I can use the little single person blender (super cheap but it does the trick!). I used my tips from Green Blender for making my smoothies, which are come out just the right consistency (for me) every time.

Okay, okay, what are some of my unexpected smoothie ingredients that I just adore?

Unexpected Smoothie Ingredients that are Healthy and Delicious

1) Mixing Protein Powders

Something that I have discovered since starting my smoothie making is that certain proteins lead to thicker or more voluminous smoothies, even if you start the same way each time. I’ve found that the Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides adds an amazing volume and lightness to the smoothies–they literally expand!–while whey and pea proteins don’t expand the same way. Whey and pea protein also are much more noticeable in the smoothies; you can taste the powder, usually.

So I mix the proteins. Right now, I’m doing a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and a scoop of chocolate whey or vegan protein, and that combo is AWESOME! Not quite as HUGE as with just the peptides (which is just fine in the morning, when I also have toast with nut butter). (Unsponsored, but I love the Vital Proteins Peptides!).

2) Different Liquids

One of my favorite add ins (until I ran out of them) was Coconut La Croix. Mix that ish with a chocolate base and find yourself in happiness x10000. Pick another seltzer flavor and work with that as well! Seltzer does add a little bite to the smoothie, so you might need to add a little more sweet (if you like). I don’t care for coconut water generally, but young coconut water is fantastic in smoothies as well.

3) Fresh Herbs

A benefit but also onus of having Hello Fresh involved over the past few week is the fresh herbs that come with the recipes! I don’t like things to go to waste, so you know that I am throwing those into the blender as well with my green base. Mint, basil, cilantro, tarragon, arugula (not an herb, but you know what I mean). Thursday’s smoothie was Chocolate Mint Tarragon! I loved the herbaceous finish, plus the added health benefits of the fresh herbs.

4) Vegetables

So surprisingly, my favorite smoothie from my Green Blender delivery was the Pepper Passion smoothie, which utilized red bell pepper and yellow squash (which I don’t like). These veggies add so much body, hydration, and nutrition to the smoothies, and just the right amount of flavor! Go beyond just greens and fruits, and throw in some produce!

5) Frozen Avocado

First of all, if you find yourself with too much avocado, did you know that you can pit/peel it and freeze it? Well, if you didn’t, now you do! Sub out half of your ice for frozen or at the very least chilled avocado for a thick, super satisfying smoothie that will keep you going for hours!

I hope you all try some of these unexpected smoothie ingredients and let me know how it goes! Have a great weekend, everyone! Today, Alex and I are going to the Cubs game (and sitting in the grandstand for the first time!) and tomorrow, I am headed to Virginia for one of my best friend’s bridal showers.

One of these days (next weekend?), Alex and I won’t be hosting or traveling!

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