My Healthy Free Passes on Vacation

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Yesterday, I posted about how Alex and I vacation, that how we vacation shows who we are. Today, I am going to take that and have a little bit of fun with it: yes, Alex and I stay very balanced on vacation, but part of that means that we give ourselves free passes to enjoy some “guilty” pleasures in life that we don’t necessarily indulge in at home! So devilish, we are.

Diet Cokes and Caffeine

You all know that I love myself a diet soda, but if you have read the blog for any amount of time, you also know that I am very, very careful with my caffeine intake. Little bit of backstory: I have ADHD, and I also have a very sensitive system that metabolizes various things in such a way that they can have a big impact on me and my personality.

Bottom line: if you think I am a talker here, give me caffeine (and, if you are really ready to dance, sugar), and let’s get this party started!

But on vacation? I am a bit more open to free flowing fluids. Plus, I love Coke Light (which differs from Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and they don’t have Caffeine Free Diet Coke down here). We bought an 8 pack of the little guys for the condo, Alex and I have been sharing one each morning after the gym, and I generally have one at dinner. PARTY TIME SUZ.

In Fact, All the (Alcoholic) Drinks, Regardless of Time of Day

Again, most long term readers will know that I restrict my alcohol consumption to the equivalent of a 1-2 full drinks per week. Please understand that I love to drink, I love mixology, I love craft beer, I worked at a wine bar, and I have even created beverages for the blog before, but I am very careful about my alcohol consumption due to my chronic illness and the long term side effects.  That means that, while I often talk about alcoholic beverages, I rarely have one all to myself or, if I do, it is a half glass (like a sampler beer or half pour). But on vacation? I either order my own (and this means one full drink per day), or I let myself get a bit looser over how much I have of Alex’s. I’m doing him a favor, hello–fresher drinks more quickly!

All the Fresh and Local Noms

I wasn’t really sure what to qualify this as, but let’s just say that I have easily eaten 2 cups of pico de gallo every day that we have been here (save one, when I only had 1 cup because we didn’t have any in the house). I’ve also had an entire (large) jicama per day to myself here. Chips are coming out of ears, and I am bringing spices and hot sauce back (you know I’m not kidding–you’ve seen me bring turkey back in my carry on before).

On Wednesday, I also ate the most amazing Spicy Grouper Ceviche at Breeze at One and Only Palmilla (one of my happy places, as first seen here), and though the picture isn’t terrible, this was easily 2 cups of the good stuff. Oh, and did I mention I had just as large a serving of another type of ceviche the day before?

When I travel, if there is something that I love and I am in its locality, you better believe I will order it That means margaritas (rocks. salt) and Pacifico with lime until I forget what my name is (but remember, that doesn’t get thhhhaaat far) and piquin seasoning until I am so bloated from salt that I am a margarita colored Violet Beauregard.

Getting My Tan On (While Studying, Natch)

Before anyone freaks out, yes, sunscreen is involved. But when the “feels like” temp at home is in the negatives and you are enjoying a “feels like” of 80, you better believe that Better Training for Distance Runners is happening poolside while I get some color! Even if it is only for me, because you know my legs aren’t seeing the light of day or fresh air for a long time after we get back.

Sven and Olaf

Ok, ok, O FREAKING K. The day that we arrived, things honestly didn’t feel that great, and I dutifully used Sven and Olaf aka my crutches the first 2 days. Then I started to be a little bit over the whole shebang. Annnnnnd I haven’t used them since. I’ve even ridden the recumbent bike.

And things feel, by and large, fine–you all know that I wouldn’t be doing it otherwise. Not 100%, but I don’t think that will happen for a long time. I’m staying quiet for 90% of the day, I’m doing as few stairs as possible, and, honestly, sometimes, when I use the crutches, it hurts more than if I don’t. I will definitely use them for major expeditions, and I am still very careful when I move, but I feel like I am in more control of my landing without them than with them, at least here. I’m not sure what I’ll do about whale watching (which we are doing today, being Friday). We’ll see. But it is lovely to have some freedom. It is my “free pass.”

Of course, there are other little indulgences that I am making here and there–we also might be prone to spending a little more, but even then, I’m a bit too much of a tight wad for that, lol.  But like I said yesterday, I vacation in much the same way that I live: early mornings, some work, an active half of the day and a relaxing other half of the day, eating when it feels right, getting in as much fresh and healthy food as I can shove in my gullet.

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