New Opportunities in Running, Life, and Blogging (Friday Favorites)

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Sometimes, even the most mundane subjects (colonoscopies, running, talking about running, hair) take on a new meaning when they come with new opportunities. This week started as one that was just about getting through colonoscopy prep (something I am old hat at) but boy, the week ended up being so much more. I’m excited, apprehensive, and quaking a bit in my boots about what comes next! But for now, let’s enjoy the excited feeling of the present, shall we?

Five Friday Favorites: New Opportunities

Reader, Friend, and Family Support

Before I even think about going further into this, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the love and support this week! I know that I am a bit behind on my comments (it has been quite the week, and I wasn’t necessarily anticipating that!), but please know that I often wait on doing comment replies so that I can read each and every one. As I said the other day, this blog isn’t about numbers–it is about you, me, and US.

Educate, Inspire, and Connect. And that goes both ways. isn’t about me preaching to or talking at you. I learn from you all every day. You all motivate and inspire me every day. And that wouldn’t, that couldn’t, happen, if we didn’t connect here or on social media or elsewhere. Never be afraid to reach out, but if you are feeling nervous for any reason, just email me!


Obviously, a favorite of the this week has to be my colonoscopy: from surviving the prep, to the prep being over, to a smooth procedure, to that first graham cracker (tastes like VICTORY) after, to my first meal, and you better believe, the result and my Crohn’s Disease status, I don’t know how the whole shebang could have gone any better.  Of course, I hope that next time (because you know there will be one!) I won’t have to do 2x the prep, but if I do, I hope it goes so smoothly and with the same findings.

I am just so grateful, thankful, and… excited–Is that even the right word–about what this means for my future. I keep having to remind myself that the road in front of us is still long, but DAMN, does it feel good to win a battle! And, you better believe it, I will continue to fight.

A New Perspective on the Liquid Diet with Green Blender Smoothies

As I have said again and again, I was dreading colonoscopy prep, but this time, even though I had to do a longer prep, I managed to balance the semi-liquid diet with the social aspects of my weekend and my physical and emotional needs, thanks to Green Blender. Be sure to check out my full Green Blender review of this gourmet, organic, vegan smoothie ingredient delivery service.

I noticed that, in addition to an easier prep, I felt less drained and bloated going into and through the prep–I think that getting all of those nutrients in while still adhering to my dietary restraints really helped! Plus, I was much more satisfied during the liquid diet before the full prep, which is not something I normally can say. I loved the fun flavors and variety, and I will definitely be using Green Blender again, and not just for colonoscopy prep!

Running and Running our Mouths! aka Discussing Running

I have loved all of the different posts that have gone up this week regarding the US Olympic Marathon Trials. As I discussed in my post on the top lessons from the US Marathon Trials, I thought that the Marathon Trials were an excellent illustration of the sport of running as a grueling, rewarding, and sporting (as in sportsmandship filled) activity, and one that may be individual but which demonstrates the power of teamwork.

Along with the new opportunities that the colonoscopy puts into motion for my personal life, this weekend has also been a great one for the blog and my coaching practice. First and foremost, I am pleased as effing punch at the reception of the podcast! Thank you all for the tweets, comments, Facebook messages, and reaching out after it went live. I had an amazing time recording it with Denny, and I think that it opened me up to some fantastic new opportunities.

Speaking of new opportunities, there is something super exciting coming up! I don’t want to talk about it in full before the ladies are ready, but get ready for four of your favorite running coaches to host a new link up!

My New Haircut

Sorry, I’m not sorry, but I’m obsessed. It is amazing how incredible something so simply can make you feel.

Agenda for the day? Reply to comments, do my PT, work on some side projects for next week, work on my clients’ training schedules, eat solid foods (always fun!), and hope that Alex gets off earlier than the super late hours of the past few days.

I’m also waiting to hear about another job that I’m even more excited about, so please fingers crossed for that one. I will leave you with this magical picture from yesterday’s midafternoon date with Lauren and Erin.

This is why we are friends. Also because you let me eat all of your fries. I still blame you all for that.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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