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Falling While Running (How To Recover)

I am a regular at the running track in my neighborhood, and although rare, I do see some people falling while running, and most don’t assess the situation the right way. If you are this person, and you just keep on running after you fall as if nothing happened, let me show you a different, safer approach.

Key Takeaways

  • Falling while running is more common than you think
  • After you fall take time to assess the situation
  • Get out of the road, especially if there are vehicles nearby.
  • If you have an open wound clean it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure to stay focused on the road at all times.

Do people often fall while running?

Unfortunately, people often tend to fall while running. You might not see it because it happens a lot more on remote rough terrain running tracks, but it does happen.

As I mentioned, I sometimes see people tripping and falling over even on regular asphalt running track, and despite the fact that it’s painful, runners tend to act as if nothing happened and just get up and continue running.

This can be very dangerous. I know that when you fall, especially in front of other people all your blood goes to your face, you get embarrassed, start blushing and your first instinct is to get out of there as soon as possible, but this is not the best choice for you.

Trust me, I have fallen in front of people too, especially when running through hills in rough and unpredictable terrain, or even worse, after the rain, and I know how embarrassing it feels having some random person pick you up, however, I’ve learned over the years what’s the right thing to do after you fall.

I fell while running, now what?

Step 1.

Okay, so first, try to stay in place and calm down. Make sure that you are in a safe place, and if you fall on a busy running or cycling track make sure to slowly move out of the way. If you fell on a road that cars can drive through, makes sure to move a bit faster to prevent any accidents.

Step 2.

Next, take a few deep breaths and try to calm down your body. Sit there for a few moments and try to feel if you have sustained an injury. Sitting for a few moments before looking for an injury is key, because when you fall you get a rush of adrenaline that warms your body, and it’s difficult to feel pain while your body goes through this.

Step 3.

If you have an injury what you do next will depend on the place and the type of damage. If you have an external injury, like a scratch, make sure to clean the injured place with rubbing alcohol. If you don’t have any on you, water will do for a starter. Once you get home than you can clean and disinfect the wound.

If you are bleeding a lot, then it’s best to try to stop the bleeding by tightly wrapping a piece of fabric around the wound.

If your injury is internal, like a sprained ankle then try to mobilize the area by again, tightly wrapping something around it.

Step 4.

If you are not injured, you can take a sip of water, dust off, and continue running. If you are injured, it is best if you go home. If you can’t walk, call somebody to come and pick you up, or flag down a passerby for help.

Step 5.

Once you safely get to your home, get some rest, or depending on the severity of the injury, go to the doctor.

How to prevent falling while running?

When it comes to falling while running, the best thing to do is avoid it, easier said than done right? Well, I am going to share a few tips on how to do this.


I know, I lot of us go running to get out minds away from our daily stress and I get that. But if you are distracted, thinking about your next bill, you might trip and fall and then you’ll have another bill to worry about, the medical one.

Also, listening, to music, podcasts, or whatever the case may be, is very distracting. I am guilty as charged when it comes to this because this is a nice way to see what my favorite podcaster has to say while getting my daily exercise in. However, I only tend to allow myself to get distracted while running on a track that I am very familiar with so I don’t run into unpleasant surprises.

Running track

I already touched on this a little. The track you run on has a risk factor, let me explain. If you overall have good balance, then running on a simple straight running track has less risk of falling.

However, if you run on a dirt running track in the mountains, then your chances of tripping on a tree root skyrockets. Similarly, the direction is also a factor. Chances are that if you run downhill you have a bigger possibility of falling over than if you were to run uphill. This is due to the distribution of balance in your body.

Don’t even get me started on wet running track, even if it’s an asphalt track, there is a greater chance of slipping.


I know that some brands of running shoes are expensive, but I will tell you exactly what to look for in shoes so that you can be able to pick a less expensive version and still get top quality.

You want to go get running shoes that have a mid-cushioning action going on, meaning that the midsole isn’t too cushy, and nor too hard. Most shoes have this written down on the packaging, or you can simply ask the salesperson for help, or read the reviews online.

Speaking of the internet, you can always google something along the lines of “best running shoes” and pick one from the list. ( You can check out our blog regarding some amazing running shoes for sesamoiditis)

Also, if you are shopping on your own, pick shoes that have a small heel-to-toe drop, meaning that the stack high of the heel and the toes are similar.

Another thing to look for is good ankle stability, so if you are someone who suffers from weak ankles, get bootie like running shoes. And of course, it is always best if you try them on to see if the length and width of the model fit you properly.

My suggestions

For Weak Ankles: New Balance 1080

Anti-Slip: Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21

The Best Sock-Fit: Brooks Women’s Glycerin StealthFit 20


Do you remember an instance where you saw someone falling while running and you told everybody in the world about it and wrote about it in your journal? Me neither.

The only thing you should worry about after you fall is to see if you have any injuries. If not, then you are good to go and continue your route, but if you do find that something hurts, go home and rest.

More often than not we tend to stress out our bodies and not give them the needed rest, just like we do with our minds. This is a mindset that we have to continue to work on in order to grow and become the best version of ourselves.