I Am Empowered! Empower Race Weekend Review and Recap! (Coaches Corner)

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The Empower Race Weekend was a beautiful weekend of yoga, running, and, yes, plenty of empowerment. Don’t miss my race review, my race recap (my first race and longest run pregnant!) on this episode of Running Coaches Corner Link Up!

Whoa, it has been a while since I wrote a race review! My last race was the Shamrock Shuffle, which feels like FOREVER ago. My last big race with review was the Mag Mile Half Marathon last summer! Do I even remember how to do this?

Empower Race Weekend Review

General Information

The Empower Race Weekend (or Empowered Race Series) is a race weekend that takes place in the Bay Area around San Francisco, California. The Craneway Pavilion is a huge warehouse event and corporate space on the Richmond Marina and directly adjacent to the Rosie the Riveter Museum–so appropriate for the message of Empowerment for the Race Weekend.

Originally planned to include a half marathon on Sunday, instead a yoga class was added to Friday night at the Expo. Unfortunately, I missed this yoga class due to travel, but I was able to participate in the rest of the weekend (see below for my recap).

Price-wise, the weekend was very affordable, and there are various packages depending on whether your planned on racing or just do yoga or both.

The race was directed by Titatnium Race Events, and the yoga led by Sweat Pink, with the partnership putting on the whole weekend! Everyone received a Race Weekend Tech Shirt, and 10K Finishers received a special Momentum Wrap as a medal.

Directed towards women as well as young girls, but there were some young men and husbands present.

Race Experience

A 5K, 10K, and 1 Mile race were offered. All courses were out and back along the marina. Super flat, fast and with a turns that were totally manageable. Chip timed for a PR course! The 5K and 10K started together at 8 AM, and the 1 mile run (focused on young girls) started at 9 AM. There were multiple water stations along the way, and public restrooms for use if needed (rather than portapotties).

Yoga Experience

Again, I missed the Friday night yoga led by Jamie King, but I was able to catch her Sunrise Yoga class the next morning (see below). There were multiple yoga options that encompassed everything from a good stretch to an HIIT workout that also incorporated yoga. All classes were open and accessible to all levels–do what you can and try something new!

The ladies of Flex and Flow led all the yoga classes, and they did an AMAZING job!

Finisher Area

The finisher area, also the starting area, had multiple vendors an volunteers with drinks, bagels and snacks, and happy faces to return to. Back in the Pavilion, next to the Yoga, Sweat Pink sold merchandise, as did Athleta and a few other vendors.

Empower Race Weekend Recap

Sunrise Yoga

I would have loved to sleep in, but there was no way that I was going to miss sunrise yoga with Jamie King. She did not disappoint! She led us through a Vinyasa flow that limbered up our creaky, stiff, and SUPER tight bodies (or was that just me?) that focused on our running muscles (particularly those hammies and core). I definitely felt nice and loose after, particularly because she added in those camel poses that were, as she said, like “yogi coffee.”

10K Race

The 5K and 10K started together and followed the same course (the 5K turned back at a little over 1.5 mi) as described above. It was a “San Francisco Day”: blustery, cool, foggy, and the air was wet. We were all trying to stay warm at the beginning, knowing that we would feel better once we started moving. My goal was very much in line with my Successful Goal Setting post, the goal was to run solid and run happy.

And I did!

People passed me, I passed people. We ran together. It was a run for fun with new friends and in a totally different environment. I loved running around the marina, looking at the houses that fronted it, and though the path was technically open, it was a sheltered course without many people fighting for space!

I didn’t carry my Garmin, I just ran, and by the end, though I was ready for a break (and a snack, lol), I felt strong and was able to pick up the pace for the last .2 miles. Especially motivating was the fact that the Run Like a Girl 1 Mile race had started, and I didn’t want to be beaten!

Empower Hour Yoga

I missed out on the HIIT Yoga with Liz, which I would have loved but would likely have killed me, and after refueling with bagels and snacks at the post race party, I went back to the yoga area and changed into warmer clothes (my Spyder tights) and hung out with the Sweat Pink ladies and recovered from the race. I’m glad that I had that time, but even so, I wasn’t sure how much yoga I would be able to do.

But then Nicci started teaching, and she just kept us going. She manipulated the Sun A sequence so that we didn’t always realize what we were doing until we thought about it and realized, oh, we are back at the beginning! She reloosened our re-tightened muscles and, at the end, I was exactly where I needed to be. Nicci was a fabulous teacher, and I now am thinking about moving to Portland.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I am so happy that I got to run a strong 10K with my little running buddy on board, rather than running the 5K and then run walking the half marathon. This was a great run for me, and it helped me prove to myself that I can still run 6 miles–my longest run during my pregnancy!

Am I SO MUCH SLOWER than I used to be? Yep. Do I care? Sometimes, honestly. But not really. I am just happy to be running happy in my pregnancy. I am so blessed to have that!

With regards to the Race Weekend, I HIGHLY recommend you keep your eye out for the next Empower Race Weekend. Do the yoga, do the race, and then do more yoga. Even if you aren’t a “yogi,” you will benefit so much. There were women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, and they all were there to show themselves what they were made of.

Just like me.

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