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Does New Balance Run Small? (Honest Sizing Guide)

New Balance shoes are really popular for being stylish and of good quality, being able to provide the needed comfort for an affordable price.

If you are thinking of getting a pair you might be wondering: Does New Balance run small? or are they true to their size? Finding the correct size to fit you well is really important.

Keep on reading this article to get your questions answered as we provide a size guide to New Balance sneakers.

Key Takeaways

  • There are different styles of New Balance shoes and some run small, while others run big or true to size.
  • You can wear New Balance shoes comfortably without waiting for them to stretch.
  • The New Balance 411, 481, 515 run small for most buyers.
  • If you take measurements of the length of your feet and compare it to the size chart, this will help you find the right fitting size.
  • If you are buying in store always try the New Balance shoes on, and if you are buying online try them on at home and ask for return or refund if they are not the right fit.

Does New Balance run small?

Most New Balances are true to size, not running either big or small. However, as they come in different widths and lengths to accommodate feet with different widths you should pay attention to that and the model.

There are different models and while some might run small, others might run big or true to size. Some of the New Balance models that can run small are the 411, 481, 515, 520, and 680.

How do New Balance fit?

When putting on your New Balance they should fit you comfortably without it being too tight or slippery. It is good to note that most New Balances are easy to put on.

Also, the midfoot should be well fitting over the top of your foot and the arch. You need to have enough space in your toe box as well and to check try wiggling your toes.

In general New Balance shoes have spacious toe boxes, but if you have wide feet then maybe you would need a size up. If you are a woman maybe you would have to size down in some unisex styles. Again it depends on the model.

The good thing is that New Balances don’t have to be broken in so once you find your true size you can wear them comfortably and with enough room without waiting for them to stretch.

In the following paragraphs, we have examples of some models of New Balance and answers to the question if they run small or not.

Does New Balance 411 run small?

The New Balances 411 run too small for most buyers. This is due to the fact that this style is more narrow. Those with wider feet need to get a size bigger for a good fit. In general, buyers complain about how narrow these shoes are.

Does New Balance 515 run small?

The New Balance 515 also runs too small for most, or they can be true to size for some. They are not the narrowest style, but there are reviews where people say the shoes were tight around the sides and top of the feet.

Does New Balance 574 run small?

The New Balance 574 runs true to size for most buyers, but due to their narrow style they can be small for some people. If they fit too tight and are uncomfortable you might want to get half a size or a size bigger. But please also note that these shoes might stretch over time so don’t buy a size too big.

Tips to buy the correct size

There are size charts for all New Balance shoes that provide you with information about the US, UK, and EU sizes and the length that goes with each. It would be good to measure your feet and know their length to avoid having problems with finding the right size every time you are buying new shoes.

There are many brands to choose from and each has different ways of making the shoes so that’s the reason that sizes can vary. This is also true for New Balance as a brand that offers many different styles of shoes.

When measuring their feet many people find out that they have been wearing the wrong size the whole time. Often it could be half a size bigger or smaller. With the measurement, you will know the right size you need.

To measure the length of your foot, place your foot on the floor with the heel against a wall and place a ruler parallel to your foot. Take the measurement of the length in cm from the tip of your longest toe to the heel. Also, it is best to measure during the afternoon.

If you are buying shoes in-store, make sure to always try them on to see how they fit and if they are comfortable enough. There might be some styles that are unsuitable for your feet.

But if you are buying online, make sure that when you get your delivery you try them on a couple of times to check if they are the right fit. If they are not the right size or comfortable enough, you could ask to return them and get a different size or style. You could also ask for a refund if something is wrong (check the refund policy for this).

Another thing to pay attention to is the type of socks you wear because they can affect how much space is left in your New Balances.

Naturally, if you wear thicker socks in winter you will have less space, and in summer you will have thinner socks. Pay attention to this and don’t buy shoes that are fitting without any space left.

If you are someone whose ankles and feet tend to swell due to having a lifestyle with activities that require you to be on your feet for a long time, this is also something to think about when getting new shoes as you might need a bigger size.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, there is not only one answer to whether New Balance runs small or not. It all depends on the style of New Balance shoes that you pick. Some might be more on the narrow side and others wider, hence some will run small, and big and others true to size.

To find the correct fitting size it would be best to follow the tips we have provided. Hopefully, we were able to help and now you can get a new pair of New Balance shoes to enjoy your favorite activities with style.