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Ceiling Height For Treadmill (Things You Must Know)

I am a 6 foot 3 inches dude, so in some parts of the world they consider me a giant, but in my hometown in a Scandinavian country, I am around the average height. Since I came to the States I’ve had some issues getting through doors of low-ceiling bars and especially gyms that are in basements.

Don’t even get me started on the constant anxiety that I have while running on the treadmill because I feel like the roof is too close to my head. That’s why I decided to buy my own treadmill for my apartment, but that got me thinking what is the perfect ceiling height for treadmill.

Key Takeaways

  • The ceiling height for treadmill should be at least 8 feet. 
  • Keep in mind the height of the tallest person using the treadmill.
  • Get a treadmill that has a low deck height.
  • Leave space on the sides of the treadmill as well as the back.
  • Measure will the electrical cord be able to reach the outlet.

What is the perfect ceiling height for a treadmill?

I did some measuring and I found out that the perfect ceiling height for a treadmill is 8-9 feet at minimum, which is around 243-274 centimeters. This combined with a treadmill that is only a few inches away from the ground gives me enough space to maneuver without worrying that I will hit my head.

Keep in mind the height of the tallest person that will be using the treadmill and add the incline height to that. Add at least a foot and a half of space and you are good to go, you have your clearance height.

How much clearance do you need for a treadmill?

I love walking outside, but some places in the States get very cold in the winter, and this is coming from a Scandinavian person that you can probably see walking in shorts in mid-February in Spain. However, the cold in the US feels different that the cold in Scandinavian countries, I can’t explain it but ask anyone who has visited both places in winter and they will tell you the same.

The cold in the US is sharper, and where I live it gets very windy and I feel like there are a million little ice picks making micro cuts on my face. This is why I chose to invest in a treadmill.

When I was online shopping, I had to be very careful to pick a low-ceiling treadmill because the apartments here are not meant for 6’ 3’’ people. Also, I had to learn what 6’ 3’’ means because I’ve always known my height to be 193 cm, but I digress.

What is the step-up height for a treadmill?

One thing you often see while online shopping for a treadmill is the step-up height. This measures the height from the floor to the running surface, or running deck, on your machine.

This is what I was talking about when I mentioned that your treadmill needs to be close to the ground. An 8” deck height is pretty standard, but you can find some even lower at a 4,5’’ deck height.

How far from the wall should a treadmill be?

Another question that was lingering on my mind was the placement of my treadmill. Not only did I have to calculate the height of my home, but I also have to look into the length and width of the rooms.

I did some weird-looking poses and running simulations in my apartment and I came up with a general rule for treadmill placement.

I found that you should have around 20 inches or 50cm or clearance on each side of the treadmill and around 40 inches, or 1 m clearance on the back. The front can be placed only a couple of inches from the wall, just make sure that it’s not actually touching it because it will most likely damage, or best case scenario, only rub the paint off your wall.

Keep this in mind because you also need to calculate will the extension cord reach the power outlet, and also fit the spacing I mentioned.

Where is the best place to put a treadmill?

The next thing I had to figure out was in what room to put my treadmill. I would usually say to have a separate room for all your guy equipment so when you walk into that room you feel motivated and like you actually left your home, but that rent prices around here are pretty high in my opinion so that option is out of the question.

If you do however have a spare room that you are not using at the moment, I highly recommend you put all your workout gear in there and give it a gym-like feel.

If you are like me and all your rooms already have a purpose, I recommend you do what I did and put it in the living room.

I put my treadmill in an empty corner of my living room in front of the TV so I can keep myself busy while I get my daily cardio on. I also highly recommend you get a treadmill that folds up or is slimmer in design, so it doesn’t become the centerpiece of your room.

If the frame folds up, you can store it away and never use it again. Just kidding. But it is handy for when guests come over.

Final words

There is no strict rule as to what should be the ceiling height for treadmill, but a general rule should be to not hit your head while running. Last dad joke I promise.

You should have at least 8 feet height ceilings in order to safely put a regular treadmill in your place, however, I’ve seen gyms with a lower ceiling that have treadmills and are always occupied by runners.

For me, personally low ceilings are uncomfortable because I always have the thought in the back of my mind that I am way too close and I feel like a giant, but maybe that is just because I am taller than most people at the gym and I over exaggerate.

If you step on the treadmill, extend your hands toward the ceiling and you still can’t touch it, it’s safe to assume that you are good to go on your run.