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Brooks Ghost Vs. Brooks Adrenaline: Full Comparison

If you are a runner who’s looking for brand new running shoes, then our suggestion is to consider the Brooks brand. Brooks is a Seattle-based brand known for producing high-quality, reliable running shoes. One of the most popular running shoes from this brand are the Ghost and the Adrenaline which we will be comparing today.

Key Takeaways

  • The Brooks Ghost are neutral running shoes, while the Adrenaline are stability running shoes.
  • Both of these shoes use the Air mesh to provide breathability.
  • Due to the DNK Loft foam, both of these shoes provide smooth transitions and comfort.
  • The Adrenaline includes a GuideRail system in order to provide stability.
  • Both of these shoes run true to size and provide balanced rides.
  • The Adrenaline shoes are a bit heavier in comparison, but not too much difference.

Brooks Ghost vs Adrenaline – How do they differ?

The key difference between the Brooks Ghost and Adrenaline would be the fact that the Ghost is a neutral shoe, while the Adrenaline is a stability one. Other differences might appear in weight and cushioning, but in general, these shoes are similar to each other. Keep on reading for more details.

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Design and build: Brooks Ghost & Adrenaline

The design and build of the upper of both these models are very similar. Both of them are made of good materials and an engineered mesh to be able to provide the needed comfort and security.

As both of these shoes have upgrades and different versions of them, it is good to mention that the Ghost has been upgraded to have Brooks Air mesh which provides more breathability without changing the level of comfort and support.

About the Adrenaline upper, it has also been reduced, but you shouldn’t worry about the support and security of your foot because the Adrenaline shoes have a great support technology system. You also shouldn’t be concerned about breathability as these shoes also have the Air mesh which keeps them airy.

The design of the Ghost shoes is usually not so fun and they come in a few standard colors. Even by the name of these shoes you can figure out that they aren’t made to stand out, but if you like classic running shoes that aren’t too colorful you would definitely like them.

The Adrenaline shoes also come in a few colors, but nothing too vibrant. They might have a bigger variety of design colors compared to the Ghost though. Nonetheless, both of these shoes are good looking and well-made.

Comfort and stability: Brooks Ghost & Adrenaline

Both the Ghost and Adrenaline shoes offer great cushioning and are considered to be one of the most comfortable running shoes by many users. But there is a difference between what kind of midsole and technology they use to provide this.

The midsole of the Ghost features BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft as a combination that will make your feet feel very comfortable and protected. It is important to note that there isn’t a lot of stack height added, but the cushioning is responsive, well balanced, and pleasant to the feet.

Due to using DNA Loft foam in the midsoles, both of these shoes are able to provide you with smooth transitions during runs. But the Adrenaline provides more features for extra support and stability.

Same as the Ghost, the Adrenaline midsole includes BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning which will provide you with responsive and comfortable steps. But also, the updated versions have compression-molded EVA that goes from the forefoot to the heel.

Another addition is the GuideRail system that Brooks provides in this model of shoes. This system is there to be able to give you the needed stability. It provides comfort and keeps your foot in place during running. It also helps you to maintain your natural motion path.

Due to this technology and cushioning, the Adrenaline shoes are great for overpronation because they are able to keep your feet locked-in, protect you from injury and keep your form correct.

Fit and performance: Brooks Ghost & Adrenaline

Brooks Ghost running shoes run mostly true to size and will provide you with enough space in the toe box and overall. The heel collar is padded well so your feet will feel comfortable and secure.

The Adrenaline shoes also run true to size. It doesn’t feel tight, but it does provide security and comfort. It adjusts especially well to the foot.

Both of these shoes are able to provide you with well-balanced comfortable rides and are perfect for long runs. Many users have said that the Ghost running shoes feel like running on clouds because of their plush. But as we have mentioned they will not provide you with your needed stability as the Adrenaline.

The Ghost and the Adrenaline both provide a good level of flexibility and are able to provide bounciness. With the way they are built you will be able to keep moving without a problem. You will also get a soft landing.

It is also important to note that both of these shoes do a fairly good job when it comes to traction. Their outsoles are made of thick blown rubber and carbon rubber in the heel area so they won’t be slippery even on wet pavements. Also, you should expect a lifespan of 300-500 miles in both shoes.

Weight: Brooks Ghost & Adrenaline

Both of these shoes aren’t so lightweight, but they are anyhow easy on the feet. There is a small difference as the Ghost shoes weigh around 9-10 ounces, while the Adrenaline are a bit heavier than 10 ounces.

This shouldn’t be a concern and it doesn’t come as a surprise considering the cushioning that these shoes are providing. In the Adrenaline, the extra weight could be due to their GuideRail system too.

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Final verdict

Considering that both the Ghost and Adrenaline running shoes provide great comfort and everything you need for high-quality rides from long-distance runs to daily walks, the choice between the two comes down to one question.

The question is whether you want stability or neutral shoes. For example, for those who struggle with overpronation the Adrenaline would be a better fit. And for others, the Ghost. Both models of the Brooks running shoes will make sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable activity time.