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Bondi 6 Vs. Bondi 7: Which One Do You Prefer?

Being on the foot constantly can be exhausting. From soreness to constant foot aches, it can be a literal nightmare sometimes. So, why not make your life a bit easier by purchasing shoes that will guarantee comfort and a pain-free experience?

See what nurses and podiatrists have to say about the Hoka Bondi shoe collection while I compare the two best Hoka shoes, Bondi 6, and Bondi 7.

Key Takeaways

  • Bondi 6 and Bondi 7 have the same visual design, and both contain the same midsole and outsole.
  • The Bondi 7 shoes are more comfortable because of their EVA cushioning, TPU overlays, and memory foam.
  • The Bondi 7 shoes are more breathable because of the upper mesh engineering.
  • The Bondi 6 is cheaper than the Bondi 7.
  • The Bondi 7 is better for running because of the meta-rocker design.

Bondi 6 vs Bondi 7: How do they differ?

The Hoka Bondi 6 shoes were a staple item in the running shoe collection 2 years before the Bondi 7 arrived and took the sports world by storm. A design that not only looks fashionable but also feels incredible on the foot while allowing you to do your everyday activities.

But both being great shoes, it might be hard to choose which is better, so, why not do it through a comparison?

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Design: Bondi 6 and Bondi 7

The design on both shoes is pretty much the same. The midsole and the outsole have not changed on the Bondi 7.

Since the Bondi 6 gained instant success on its release date, the Bondi 7 was not changed in order to resemble the previous ones.

In fact, it is better to view the Bondi 7 as an updated version of the Bondi 6 that has better functions and overall better shoe performance.

Comfortability: Bondi 6 and Bondi 7

While trying out the shoes, I noticed that both pairs were comfortable on my feet; however, there were slight differences that made me lean toward the Bondi 7.

Something that the Bondi 6 misses are the TPU overlays that are located across the midfoot which lock the feet in place and provide stability.

The Bondi 7 shoes also have a max EVA cushioning that is the best for foot recovery.

The memory foam at the back of the shoe is used to memorize the shape of the ankle, also snugged my feet well which made the shoes fit perfectly on me, while the Bondi 6 were not as suitable for my feet, meaning that I had to get used to the shoes, and for that to happen, I had to shape them myself by running in them.

This means that with the Bondi 7, you will feel instant comfort, while with the Bondi 6, your feet will have to get used to the shoes.

The downside here would be that they are far heavier than the Bondi 6 shoes. So, they may be a bit uncomfortable for people who prefer lightweight shoes.

Breathability: Bondi 6 and Bondi 7

The Bondi 7 has a better-engineered mesh than the Bondi 6. This means that the Bondi 7 shoes have a better ventilation system which makes them more breathable than the Bondi 6. Along with that, sweat is less likely to form in the Bondi 7.

Temperature wise, no matter how much you work in them, the temperature of your feet will stay the same, which means that overheating will not be a problem you will face with the Hoka Bondi 7 shoes.

Pricing: Bondi 6 and Bondi 7

The Bondi 7 model comes at a higher price than the Bondi 6 model, but for the amount of comfort and amazing durability that you will get from the extra rubber from the sole of the shoe, a few extra bucks will not be a wasteful expense that you will make.

However, if you are looking for more budget shoes and do not like the pricing of the Bondi 7, then the Bondi 6 might be perfect for you. Although not as good as the Bondi 7, they are still good shoes in their own right because they provide the same things that the Bondi 7 provides just slightly in lower quality.

Are they good for running?

Both shoes are good for running. Although, the Bondi 7 have a great feature which is the meta- rocker design that can help you bounce off the ground and propel you forward with no effort whatsoever which will not strain your feet.

That being said, I would not recommend using the shoes at the gym if you are planning to, since both Bondi 6 and Bondi 7 models have to cushion, they may make you unbalanced while lifting heavy weights which might lead to you spraining your legs.

Why do nurses and podiatrists recommend Hoka shoes?

The Hoka collection is a huge hit with nurses. Since many nurses have to walk constantly around the hospital to take care of their patients, as well as do overnight shifts, it is no surprise that these shoes became very popular for them.

Many nurses came out to say that Hoka shoes not only provided recovery to their feed but also their back making their long shifts at work more comfortable.

For this reason, podiatrists came out to say that Hoka’s are a great shoe choice because of the rocker which pushes you forward, making walks easier.

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Final Verdict

While testing out both the Bondi 6 and the Bondi 7 shoes, it came as a surprise to see that both shoes are visually the same, but the moment I put them on, it was clear that when it comes to the most comfortable, durable, breathable, best for running, and overall favorite, it is clear that the Hoka Bondi 7 model takes the trophy as the better shoe.

With their growing popularity day by day and thousands of people choosing to buy them as well, I am glad that I am not the only one who absolutely adores them. So, whether you choose to buy the affordable Bondi 6 or the absolutely incredible Bondi 7, you will not regret it.