Blogging Friends in Real Life III : The Phoenix Marathon

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Before I get ahead of myself, I want you to click RIGHT HERE and check out my guest post today on the lovely Jen’s blog Bagels to Broccoli about 5 ways that yoga has directly benefited me as a runner and as a fitness enthusiast aka why I think that yoga, even in its simplest form, can have a positive impact on anyone from figure competitors to crossfitters to those crazy runner people. So click on the article, and either read it or read this one and then SVVVVITCH (in an obnoxious high pitched masseuse voice).

Ok. Where was I? Oh, that’s right. Wow. You guys. Just wow.

And no, I’m not talking about the main event, the Phoenix Marathon, this weekend, which I will do a recap and review of tomorrow (so if you are only here to check that out, well, I hope that you stay a bit, but at least remember to come back tomorrow!). I’m talking about you all.

I don’t know if I can ever adequately describe how touched I was/have been/am by the outpouring of support that you all lavished upon me this weekend. I don’t think there is a better demonstration of the true depth of the running and blogging communities than that which I have witnessed over the past few days–at least on a personal level, BostonStrong etc is another thing entirely. I don’t want to overplay this because I fear that it might come off as trite and overblown, so I will just say it as succinctly as these two words. Thank you. Oh, and this.

Since we are focusing on the race tomorrow, I will keep that aspect to a minimum, but I will say I surpassed even my “A” goal, qualified for Boston, and blew my own mind. Adding to that awesome? Meeting some truly incredible people and watching them by and large realize their dreams as well. And if not? Well, they met me, and that’s pretty freaking sweet, right?

Obviously, I am in a hilarious mood right now. Not an “I am awesome” mood, but more an EVERYTHING IS AWESOME mood. And you are welcome for getting the song stuck in your head.

So let’s unpack this weekend a little bit and then add to that Blogging Friends in Real Life wall! (ps, I’m just going to start a page of it really soon, lol) That way it can just keep on growing!


Fantastic #facepalm moment: I thought my flight was 2 hours long. Wrong. It was 4 hours long. collective #facepalm. Also I got hella hungry (imagine that) but luckily I am runner, I have snacks. Also, such a nice plane! Touch screens, USB and international jacks, you go American Airlines! Erica and I met up at the airport after maybe the longest deplaning ever, secured a rental car, and then headed to our motel hotel to see if we could check in early and bang out a shake out run before picking up her friend Don (with whom I became fast friends), who was doing the half and was flying in as well. Long story short, by that night, we had been given 2 uncleaned rooms and nobody seemed to have any idea what was going on in life. But at least the hilarity gave us a chance to meet Carlee!

After our brief but much appreciated run in the ssuuuuunnnnnnn (angels) and securing Don, we went to where the expo was (in a giant mall area) for lunch (I got Subway, they waited forever for their fish tacos next door wahahahaha) then went to the expo.

I met Brian, but for whatever reason I was feeling rather zombie like and not all that involved in being super outgoing (these things can be overwhelming) so we kinda scooted and let the ProCompression people do their thing. Things we learned in and around the expo and Walmart: people in Arizona like jacked up trucks.

I counted 6 on Friday. Then we returned to the hotel and continued the room drama, but finally fixed the situation.

We had planned on going to a blogger meet up before dinner, but due to how far away it was and just feeling kinda meh we instead opted for a chill dinner (and a delicious beer (San Tan Mr. Pineapple–no not a fruity beer I promise)). I don’t exactly remember why we decided to hang out in the “lobby” but thank goodness we did because look who we spotted! JEN and TOM! and looky what she brought me!

KETCHUP potato chips!!! soooo excited and I can’t believe she remembered! We all chatted and chatted and then were like, oh, wait, we kind of have a big day tomorrow! And had to wrench ourselves away. But Jen is FABULOUS and I could have talked to her forever. Mental note, must get to Canada….

After the race, we puttered around the after party in search of free food (Muscle Milk, which I chugged, apple, and some yummy fresh baked bread) and other things and then Don, Erica and I went to a local brewpub to get drinks and ultimately foods. I had a beer, a pretzel crust veggie pizza (no cheese), lots of carrot sticks (which were apparently a hot ticket item that day) and the vast majority of Erica’s chips and salsa.

We hung out there talking about everything and giving our legs a chance to recover a bit as we waited for Smitha to come in and show us her VERY FIRST MARATHON MEDAL!!! So excited for her, and she should be so incredibly proud of herself. What a great day all around! Carlee also rocked her race and got a huge PR, as did Jen! Hollie rocked her first marathon back from her stress fracture and won (our) age group! Brian had some injury recurrence issues, which is a bummer, but still a great time. Helly unfortunately pulled out due to illness, but I think that she made the right choice–overall health is much more important.

I’m still finding out what everyone got but I just want to say Congratu-freaking-lations to all. Several PR’s and some not-our-days, but I think that overall, everyone still had a fabulous weekend (at least I hope). It was not as easy a course as one might think, and regardless, you did something incredible.


A day of  travel and trying to come to grips with the temperature change that we knew was going to be coming. Then coming home to Alex and my kitty cat (and my foam roller). And now I have to pretend that this is a regular week like any other. HAH. Legs feel good, and similar to last time–a bit tired, a bit sore, but totally fine otherwise. Which means I trained well and ran a good race! Speaking of, review/recap tomorrow! But for those that want the nitty gritty right now, I will pass off this:

To say that I am happy and proud is a given. I’m still kind of figuring it all out, to be honest! But let’s just say that I am going to Boston next April.


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