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Benefits of Running In Place (Listed & Explained)

I know how it feels to wake up one morning and think “I really do not want to go outside today”. With the wintry bed of snow slowly laying itself on the ground, and the temperature reaching minus degrees, it is more difficult to go outside.

But then what can you do when you really want to run? The answer is, running in place. Although it is different from normal running, the benefits that it possesses are just as amazing.
So, stick around to find out more about the benefits of running in place.

The 10 Benefits of Running in Place:

Surprisingly, running in place is more beneficial than you might think and it may be exactly what you are looking for to satisfy your workout needs, like:

Weight loss

Running in place for 10 to 20 minutes will give you just as amazing calorie burn as regular running or jogging would because you are in constant motion with almost no break. We consume calories on a daily basis and if you cannot go outside for a run then what better way to burn calories than by running in place for a couple of minutes, which leads me to the next amazing benefit, and that is:

You can do it anywhere

Unlike regular running which you can only do in a big open space, if you coincidentally happen to have a treadmill at home, or perhaps go to the gym; running in place can be done absolutely anywhere.
You can be at home watching your favorite TV show, while you wait for your food to be done, or while you are waiting in line at a convenience store, (which I would not really recommend the last one if you do not want to receive weird looks from the people around you), and still know that you’ve accomplished your exercise for the day.

Better blood circulation

Moving your legs is very important for blood circulation because you help your blood flow better in your body.
This prevents varicose veins from forming in your legs, and if you build enough strength in your calves, they will naturally pump up blood back to your heart which will keep your heart healthy. Better blood circulation can also create a healing mechanism or recovery from previous workouts, which will make your body more robust and more muscular.


Capillarization which is the formation of small blood vessels in the body, increase greatly while performing aerobic exercises like running in place. Having more capillaries in your body’s tissue will create a better blood flow to the muscles, giving them more energy which in turn will make recovery faster and runs, longer.

Body recovery

If you have suffered from a big body injury like hip issues or back issues, but still want to continue your running journey, then running in place is perfect for you. Running in place can create better hip stability, it does not strain the harmed body part at all, and it can warm up and strengthen the muscles without having to do regular outdoor runs, which may cause the injury to worsen.

Better mental health

Running in place reduces anxiety. It is no surprise by now that running in general reduces anxiety. As mentioned before, running helps the blood flow through the body, this means that there will also be blood that will flow through the brain as well.

When blood enters the parts of the brain responsible for stress, like the prefrontal cortex, the mind is put more at ease, the body relaxes, and the stress and anxiety reduction in the middle and after running in place.

Helps the tendons in your body

The tendon which attaches the bones in your body to your muscles can be improved greatly through running in place as well as running in general.

Running in place can make your tendons more elastic which will help you perform your workouts better and more efficiently.

Better posture

Running in place also helps improve your posture. The reason for this is that, unlike regular running which has you leaning forward with your back, to perform a good running in-place exercise, your back has to be straight while your legs go up to your hips.

This causes your back posture to improve significantly, which will not only help with outer appearance but also inner body health like reducing back pain or spinal dysfunctions.

It is cheap

Unlike running outside which might cost you a few extra dollars just to buy yourself good running equipment, running in place can be done in the comfort of your home.

With this being said, you do not need to waste money on running equipment or running clothes when not many people will be able to see you, so you feel more relaxed as well.

It will make your walking symmetrical

Many people suffer from walking asymmetry which means that one leg moves faster than the other. This is caused by many reasons but one important one is muscle imbalance which can only be caused if you work one part of the leg more than the other. Thankfully since running in place requires you to use both legs one after another, walking symmetry can also improve.


As you can see, running in place also has tons of benefits that will improve your health. So, next time when you are having a lazy day, rain or snow has come to visit you, or it is just too cold outside; instead of canceling your exercise plans for the day, you can always try out running at home where you know that no wind or cold will harm you and, you will have a fun and safe experience.