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Asics Kayano Vs. Asics Nimbus: What’s The Difference?

If you are looking for a good new pair of running shoes, then we might have a suggestion for you. One of the brands that offer quality running shoes is Asics. In this article, we have made a comparison between Asics Kayano vs Nimbus, as two models that offer great comfort and style.

Key Takeaways

  • Asics Kayano are stability shoes, while Nimbus are neutral.
  • Both of these shoes are well-cushioned.
  • Both are suitable for wide feet.
  • The durability of Nimbus shoes could be a concern.
  • Both of them are not so lightweight, but don’t feel heavy nonetheless.

Asics Kayano vs Nimbus- How do they differ?

Both of these running shoes from the brand Asics offer well-cushioned and balanced rides. They are especially suitable for long runs. The key difference would be that Kayano are stability shoes, while Nimbus are neutral running shoes. There are some other differences which you can see in more detail below.

Style: Asics Kayano and Nimbus

The Kayano running shoes are very good-looking and each model of them has cool designs.

The upper is made of good mesh, but they offer average breathability which could be a downside to many people. Especially the Asics Kayano 29 with their dense padded upper fabrics make it hard for air to come through.

The upper is built this way to be able to provide support and stability. It is easily adjustable to your feet and will keep them secure. So you don’t have to worry about the stability as they will have your feet locked-in.

The Kayano running shoes are especially well designed for users who struggle with overpronation. They might not be so suitable for races, but you can easily use them for easy and long-distance runs or simply for daily walking.

The Nimbus running shoes are also good-looking and with designs in different colors. The upper is cushioned very well which makes it really comfortable. The material of the mesh is elastic and can adjust to your foot well.

The padded collar and tongue give a plush feeling to these shoes, but in the latest update of the Nimbus 24 shoes, they have made a thinner tongue. Despite that, it still doesn’t slide because it is attached to an inner sleeve, unlike the Kayano shoes’ tongue.

These shoes are able to provide good breathability so don’t worry about your feet overheating. This is especially noticeable in the Nimbus 22 running shoes for example.

Contrary to the Kayano, the Nimbus shoes are neutral running shoes. So they are specially built and designed for soft rides such as long and easy runs.

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Comfort and support: Asics Kayano and Nimbus

The Asics Kayano running shoes are especially great for comfort as they are well-cushioned. Many users have left positive reviews about the comfortable cushion these running shoes provide. They say it hugs your feet nicely.

To provide the needed comfort, the Kayano uses the DuoMax system of dual density. It works perfectly combined with the other features. The Kayano 29 shoes are equipped with Asics’ softest foam- the Flytefoam Blast+. As we have already mentioned, other than the comfort, these shoes provide you with support and great shock absorption.

It is also important to note that these shoes require some time for the cushion to break-in so you can feel the plush more. Because of the stability it provides, you won’t be able to get the best and softest cushioning as in the Nimbus running shoes. So if you don’t rely on stability, but need more comfort the Nimbus running shoes would be a better fit.

The Nimbus are perfect when it comes to comfort. They are made of FlyteFoam and FF Blast+ which is why they are super soft and bouncy. They also offer great shock absorption.

Users have said that these shoes feel like running on a memory foam mattress that springs back to its original position. With this sentence, we can easily describe the softness and also bounciness of these shoes.

Another good thing to note is that even though these shoes offer max-cushioning and thick midsoles they still don’t have a big stack of height as seen in other shoes.

Fit and performance: Asics Kayano and Nimbus

The Kayano running shoes run true to size, but the newer editions offer a snugger fit so they are more on the narrow side. The good thing is that the newer editions such as Kayano 29 offer options for wider feet, besides the regular ones. Generally, these shoes also provide enough space in the toe box.

If you are worried about the Kayano shoes’ flexibility, we are here to assure you that they offer decent flexibility for stability shoes and aren’t stiff. For example, the Kayano 29 are not so hard but are still stable enough.

Knowing that Kayano shoes are not the lightest running shoes out there, it comes as a relief to know that they don’t feel heavy on the foot and are able to provide you with smooth and stable rides.

The Nimbus shoes also run true to size and they provide enough space and stretchiness so even if you have wider feet you shouldn’t be concerned.

They offer a great amount of flexibility which will provide you with excellent and balanced rides. This being said, they are also fairly stable and you won’t have any problems when running. With the Nimbus shoes you receive enough bounce and comfort to keep you going.

Durability: Asics Kayano and Nimbus

Kayano shoes are made to last as they have well-built outsoles. The rubber is thick and these shoes also provide a good amount of grip on both dry and wet pavements.

Users who have already passed 100 miles with these shoes say that it has only minimal wear, so expect to be able to go on runs with these shoes for about 400-500 miles. Based on this we can say the durability is on point.

When it comes to the Nimbus shoes, durability might be a concern because of their soft midsole which is prone to cuts and can wear out. It is provided with good rubber, but there are a lot of gaps on the outsole.

When it comes to grip, it can also appear slippery on wet pavements at times, although generally, these shoes do a decent job and are stable.

Weight: Asics Kayano and Nimbus

The earlier versions of the Kayano shoes, such as the Kayano 27 for example, were clunky and heavier with 315g of weight. But there is an upgrade in the Kayano 29 released in July 2022 where they have decreased weight.

The Kayano 29 weigh 285g which is an improvement, but naturally, they are still not as lightweight as other running shoes would be. This comes at the cost of stability and well-cushioned soles.

The updated Nimbus 24 weighs 290g which means they are a bit lighter than the Nimbus 23. Compared to the Kayano, there isn’t much difference and neither of them feel heavy when worn.

Final verdict

To make a choice between these two excellent running shoes you need to consider your needs and preferences. As both offer well balanced rides, the key question would be if you prefer neutral or stability running shoes. In my opinion, both of these shoes are worth buying.