Anxiety and Moving Weekend

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Well, that was an interesting weekend. Moving is never easy (though I do enjoying the decluttering process) and this was as smooth a move as we could have hoped for. On the surface, at least!

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Ironically, the same day that I wrote about how exercise has helped me fight depression and anxiety, I ended up having anxiety attacks due the fact that I was having back/pelvis pain and couldn’t figure out the nature of the discomfort or what it would mean for my future. (and obviously, because I was having pain, I couldn’t rely on exercise to help me stabilize my mood!).

Add on to that the fact that tonight (Monday) is (per insurance) my last appointment with my PT, and I was starting to really freak out. Then add that to the move, the fact that I am having a later Remicade because of scheduling, that I was responsible for coaching Saturday morning, and that my job is, by its very nature, physically demanding, and can we just say cue the anxiety attacks?

Saturday was long, but very productive day: 12 hours of packing up, moving (thank goodness for movers!), a break for lunch, and then unpacking before breaking for dinner (at an AMAZING sushi place a stone’s throw from our new place!). Then came back to our new home, had a dessert of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked with cheddar Goldfish and a beer while watching Over the Hedge. I fell asleep at 8 and we both moved to the bed at 9 and then slept until 7 the next morning.

Poor Zoe. The move was rough on her, as we expected: Poor thing literally crapped herself in the carrier on the way over.  I think traumatized would be the operative word. She is starting to do some more normal things like eat and drink water and use her box, but she is still spending the majority of the time under the bed. .

Overall, the move itself went smoothly. Alex was seriously a champion—both I and the cat were basically useless and having anxiety attacks—and even on a grand total of 6 hours of sleep across 2 days, he powered through and made everything work. I don’t know what I would do without him, in every sense.

But Sunday, I rallied enough to make Alex a breakfast of protein pancakes and turkey bacon. So little thanks for everything that he put up with! Breakfast was followed by picture hanging, then a delicious lunch at what will definitely become another favorite restaurant nearby, shopping for the new place and groceries, and ending with an al fresco dinner on our new balcony with our new patio set.

A beautiful end to a mentally rough weekend.

Today, I will thankfully get Remicade. I have a few clients, and then I will go to PT and we will do what we can. It sucks that after a month of great running that my ligaments or whatever are acting up and scaring the ever-loving $h*t out of me, but that is the nature of injury recovery and compensation, my friends. I am going to rest as much as I can this week to be on point for Wanderlust this weekend. If I’m not ready to run, I won’t, but hopefully I can still participate in the yoga and definitely in the meditation.

My goal for the week is to breathe and to keep perspective. To give my body the rest and healing that it needs to get better. To reach out for help if I need it. Because I know that I am walking a tenuous line right now, and I need to practice what I preach and practice self care, self awareness, and self love. Otherwise, what good will I be? My clients will understand if I can’t pick up everything for them (use those new muscles, people!), I can still contribute to the discussions and panels at Wanderlust, and I can still educate, inspire, and connect here.

Life isn’t perfect. But you do the best you can, you play the hand you are dealt, and all of those other tropes. But most importantly, you love, and you allow yourself to be loved. I know that I have that; everything else is a bonus.

Speaking of loving and being loved, Happy Mother’s Day to the only person in the world that could ever be right for the role. Everything that is good in me is due to you, and I know you threw in some curveballs just so I wouldn’t be too perfect ;D. LOVE YOU MOMMY

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