30 Minute Step by Step Meal Prep Power Bowl (Running Coaches Corner)

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Yes, that is right: my 30 minute step by step meal prep  for power bowls will provide you with complete nutrition, whole food meals and the snacks to go along without losing your weekend. Link up with Running Coaches Corner as we finish our talk about nutrition!

We all know that I am not necessarily the queen of meal prep: after all, I died (in a good way) over 80Fresh Healthy Meal Delivery service, and I rely on healthy nutrition bars for my breakfasts and snacks at the gym. I was not always so hopeless, though, and with another round (his last!) of night float staring Alex in the face + my desire to pack my own lunch for the gym to save on money and time, I am resurrecting my old meal prepping ways and getting back on the horse.

Though I may not consistently meal prep for myself–beyond my lunch, which I pack every day–I am champion at prepping Alex’s lunch/dinners while he is working in the hospital, and I have gotten it down to a science (the only practical medicine I’ll ever practice!). I shared this in some form when I first started working in an office a few years ago, but I’ve become even more proficient and expanding on the practice.

All active individuals must take care of their bodies, and runners are no exception. We need to get all of our nutrients in in such a way that our bodies can take the greatest benefit from them to repair muscles and replenish our stores for further training. Furthermore, as we enter into a new round of training season as well as the social events of the summer, runners are likely to find that they have less and less time to prepare their meals, thus leading to greater tendency to opt for more expensive and less nutritious fixes during the day.

30 Minute Step by Step Meal Prep Instructions

What You Need:

  • 15 minutes to plan
  • Grocery List
  • 30 Minutes
  • Tupperware Containers + Fork, Knife, Spoon
  • Pot, Pan, and Baking Sheet
  • Cutting Board and Knife
  • Groceries


  1. Protein of Choice (Chicken, Sausage, Steak, Tofu, Tempeh, Lentils)
  2. Grain of Choice (Quinoa, Freekeh, Bulgur, Buckwheat)
  3. Veggies of Choic (Sweet Potato, Onion, Mushroom, Peppers)
  4. Sauces of Choice (BBQ, Honey Mustard, Mustard, Ginger Sesame)
  5. Finishing Toppings (Avocado, Spices)


  1. Heat oven to 375*
  2. Rinse desired amount of quinoa with cool water, place in pot with water in 2:1 water:quinoa ratio. Add salt and garlic powder, if desired. Cover and bring to boil. Reduce to simmer (will cook 7-10 mins).
  3. Prep chicken by sprinkling with salt and pepper.
  4. Chop sweet potato, spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt, spread out on foil lined baking sheet and place in oven (doesn’t have to be fully preheated).
  5. Chop other veggies. I suggest onions and bell peppers (stand up well over time!)
  6. Bring large saute pan over medium heat. Spray with cooking spray and add veggies, sprinkle with salt. Saute for about 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. Transfer veggies to bowl, return saute pan to stove.
  7. Remove quinoa from heat when cooked (water will be absorbed, quinoa will be soft but not mushy) and transfer to bowl.
  8. Coat saute pan with cooking spray and add chicken. Cook 4-6 minutes, depending on width of breast (might have to cover with pan lid to cook through).
  9. Open oven and flip over sweet potato pieces, rotate pan in oven. Turn down oven to 350*.
  10. Wash quinoa pot and dry.
  11. Flip chicken.
  12. Assemble tupperware for the week.
  13. When chicken is firm, but not hard, to touch, remove from heat, turn off stove. Cut as desired.
  14. Remove sweet potato from oven (turn off oven) and then fold over foil to create a steam packet.
  15. Distribute quinoa, veggies, and chicken to tupperware bowls. Open sweet potato packet and add to bowls.
  16. Let cool completely, then put in fridge. Now you are ready for the week! Finish with other flavors (mustard, hot sauce, etc, the day of)

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