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Zoo Fiesta (20 Months Catch Up 9/23)

We have had such a fun past week! From time at the zoo to a (nearly) private music class, taco fest to pictures at the conservatory, it has been eventful for the Lemmer Zoo! Catch Up time!

Did you see my last post? I was having some major mental struggles (doing better now, thank you) but we still managed to have a lot of fun!

Catch Up 9/23

1). The Lemmer Zoo goes to the Zoo!

One of the highlights of our week was an impromtu zoo trip with Rachel, Dario, and Leena. I was trying to figure out what to do with Emmie on Thursday morning because I needed to take a day off from Strides, and when Rachel suggested a trip to the Zoo midmorning, I thought it the perfect idea!

I took Emmie down to the playground near the Zoo around 8:30 even though we weren’t meeting until 10. She had a ball of time playing around and then walking up through the lower part of the Zoo to meet our friends in the middle. (Cue Marin Morris)

We met at the seals, and I could already tell a huge difference in Emmie even from the last time we were at the Zoo. This time, she was looking for and pointing at the animals, calling some of them (read: like 3 of them) by (her version of) their name, and wanting to be up where she could see them. She and Dario spent about equal time in the stroller as running around. We left them so that we could get all the kids home in time for lunch and naps, and Emmie was #pooped and had a killer nap after!

2) Taco Fest

Saturday was in general a busy day for us, as the weather meant changing some plans (hurry and take the dog, get the groceries, go to Present Place in case it rains then come home, have lunch and do a nap, which went poorly). Then…. it didn’t rain and all of the runnign around wasn’t that necessary, but whatever. Emmie still had a jampacked morning of fun, and I got to catch up with an old friend!

We had to get everything done in time for Taco Fest that afternoon. We were meeting friends and Alex’s cousin, and the weird weather threatened to ruin our plans. Luckily, it only really threatened with a few periodic spits of rain, so we got to have our fun!

Emmie at a lot of guac and then danced danced danced with Miki and Ryan. They were all HILARIOUS. Plus we got to catch up with everyone! We came home and had dinner (Emmie NOMMED some beans and pizza) and then collapsed on the couch.

3) Emmie Pictures

A big part of our weekend plans were our professional pictures with Carol de Anda from Bella Baby Photography. She did our pictures when Emmie was 9 months, and it was such a good experience that I knew I wanted her to do our pics again. The weather was 100% chance of rain on Sunday, though, so it looked like we were going to be out of luck for them!

But Carol had the great idea to switch to the Garfield Park Conservatory, grabbed permits for the shoots, and switched our time with another client (obviously with their permission) so that Emmie wouldn’t be a hot mess express. I can’t wait to see the pictures–she gets the best out of Emmie, and Emmie had such a great time exploring!

I don’t have any pictures myself, but I will soon have many to share.

4) Dinners out with Ali and Ryan

**Side note–Emmie now knows that Ali calls me in the mornings and Daddy calls in the afternoon, so if my phone goes off in the morning, she says “Ah-Ali” (Aunt Ali) and if my phone rings in the evenings, she says “Daddy”**

We got lots of Ali and Ryan time this week. They were busy at the beginning of the week, but we had some scheduled dinners while Justin was traveling for work. So we got Tarascas and Basil Leaf Cafe and both were GLORIOUS. So. Full. So. Worth it.

Ponies like apples. Unicorns are ponies. Therefore, unicorns like apples.

Then we got to see them at Taco Fest, Swim, and briefly in the afternoon on Sunday for a mini Sunday Funday.

5) One last little fun thing that happened this week–Emmie got to have a nearly solo Musical Magic class!

People had signed up but dropped right before, and the other baby was late, so Emmie had the run of the place! She was both delighted and sooooo confused. But it meant double bubbles songs and extra scarves and doing whatever she wanted to. She now finally gets really into the finger puppets because she has finally allowed me to put them onto her fingers, therefore increasing their cool factor. And her favorite thing to hide during the “Peekaboo” song is… her feet, haha. But I have seen so much progress in her in just the past 2 months with her confidence, her use of props, and her understanding of what we are doing!

This week is pretty standard until Friday, when Alex will be going away for a conference. Can you believe it is the last week of September??

Have a great one, friends!

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