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Tally, Zoe, Sleep, Action Heroes! (Friday Catch Up)

Let’s bring this week to a close with the Friday Catch Up! This week we are saying goodbye to a beloved friend, celebrating an anniversary, and announcing a fun new opportunity, among others!

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Friday Catch Up

1) Farewell Tally

Yesterday marked the end of an era as I said goodbye to my beloved car, Tally. Tally had seen me through college, more horse shows than I can count and the road trips to them, trips up and down 85 going back and forth from Cville to Atlanta, and finally to Chicago. I have so many memories in that car–like the time I drove home to surprise my mom for her birthday–but I know that it is time to move on, and most importantly, save the money for Yoshi and staying in our apartment.

What I am most happy about is that Tally is going to an AWESOME home–> Ellen!


Thank goodness for Ellen, who made the sale of my car so easy and stress free. Pregnant lady can’t handle stress right now.

What was totally stressful, though, was a situation at work that meant that I had to stay lay and miss Ellen. Luckily, Alex was able to take care of everything, but I was still really sad to miss her!

2) Zoe’s Gotcha Day

Four years ago today, Alex and I brought our first furbaby home. Zoe has been a godsend for us–she kept me company during Alex’s long hours at during residency, and she has been the best cat possible for Alex, who didn’t even really like cats before her. She gave me my first look into what Alex will be like as a dad!

Life Lessons from Zoe

Zoe took advantage of a Ridley-less apartment last week to snag some time with Dad.

And gave Alex his first taste of fatherhood: vomit, poop, feeding, yowling at odd hours of the night.

Zoe, since Ridley came around, you haven’t gotten as much facetime on the blog as before, but I think you are ok with that. You are older and more mature, after all. But you are still one of Alex’s and my favorite things about coming home from long trips, our cuddle buddy before we go to sleep, and one of the solids in our lives. We are so glad that we were the ones to “gotcha” you!

3) Last really big long week at work for a while

Speaking of sleep and cuddle buddies, I’ve been exhausted this week from not sleeping well. From a night of just crap sleep, to one where I did nothing but sweat from anxiety dreams, to feeling uncomfortable when going to sleep, and apparently now snoring like a train, the hormones have been having a field day with me. 

It doesn’t help when I have multiple dinner shifts at work–I never sleep well after those. But the good news is that, after this week, I will be dropping my Saturday dinner shift in favor of a Friday dinner shift! That means that I will be working a double on Fridays, but then I will have the whooooole weekend off (with one exception). Those 2 days of recovery will help so much, plus, when Alex isn’t on weekend call, we will actually be able to see each other (the reason for the schedule change).

Maybe I won’t make quite as much money, but whatever–pregnant lady needs her rest! And so do my cankles.

4) I DO have Veins in my Feet!

On Thursdsay, for the first time in a week, my feet were a somewhat normal size. 

5) Women’s Health Action Hero

Some exciting news that I have kind of been mentioning in snippets here and there (or at least alluding to it) is that I have been selected to be a Women’s Health Action Hero for the year! Sure, I am pumped to work with various brands and organizations, but what I am anticipating the most is further opportunity to tell my story–whether it be infertility, Crohn’s, or simply wanting to believe in yourself a bit more, I want to show some new faces that they too can live beyond expectations!

Run10Feed10 @suzlyfe @womenshealthmag

Look out for some fun opportunities coming up–including the RUN 10 FEED 10 race at the end of October (for Chicago). I’ve already told them that I will be doing it… whether I will be running or not is up for debate! Want to run/walk/hobble with me? Gilt City is having a discount–Use my Referral Link and then Promo Code GIVE25, and we both get $25, and you get to run with me!

From saying Tally Ho! to Action Heroes, Suz's Friday Catch Up is never one to miss #WHActionHero #sweatpink Click To Tweet

What happened to the first car you ever bought yourself? Did you name it?

Do you celebrate Gotcha Days and Birthdays for your pets? Ridley’s first Gotcha day is coming up!

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