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YUM! Yummari Gluten Free, Organic Chia Energy Bites (Review)


I contacted Catherine at the recommendation of another blogger who thought I might like Yummari. I got to try Yummari in exchange for an honest review of the product. Opinions are, as always, my own.

This week for Tried it Tuesday, I wanted to introduce you to a new company that has come back on my radar bigger and better than ever!


Yummari Chia Energy Bites

Yummari Chia Endurance and Energy Bites Review Suzlyfe

Formerly called Chia Chargers, these chia energy bites might become a new regular in your snack food repertoire! Yummari endurance snacks are “food for the driven” produced by husband and wife team John and Catherine Walsh out of Boulder, CO. 

Going Back to Nature

The Walshes were inspired by the Rarámuri people of Copper Canyon, Mexico–legendary runners who relied on a plant-based diet of indigenous foods (like chia and hemp) to give them incredible endurance over long distances. The Walshes sought to apply the same principles of using superfoods to the development of endurance snacks that would provide modern day athletes (or couch potatoes!) with the same benefits while appealing to a modern day palate and being easy to carry and consume. (Paraphrased from Website)

Yummari Chia Energy Bites for Endurance Review Suzlyfe

Each Endurance Nugget is filled with power and nourishment:

  • 120-140 calories 
  • 5 g of complete proteins from Chia and Hemp
  • 2 g Fiber, 7-9 g Healthy fats, 7 g Sugar (or fewer
  • Certified Organic and non-GMO
  • Super high in Omega-3s and Potassium
  • Peanut Free
  • Vegan

There are 5 flavors of Endurance Nugget currently available:

Yummari Chia Energy Bites for Endurance Flavors

  • Chocolate Banana
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Coconut
  • Coffee
  • Cranberry

My Thoughts:

Yummari Chia Energy Bites for Endurance Athletes Review Suzlyfe

If you are a fan of energy bites and or chia, you will love these. I would say that the size (1 oz) is a about 2″ x 1″ and rich with energy and nutrition. They are like eating cookie dough balls! The chia is pretty pleasant–sometimes I like chia, sometimes not–and lends a nice texture, though they can get stuck in your permanent retainer (#likeasuz).

I can be skeptical of all-natural, super-back-to-nature snacks that focus on superfoods: sometimes? They taste like dirt. But these are super delicious, and not overly sweet, which can be a problem with a lot of snack bars. These do not taste artificial or overly healthy: I would describe them as tasting homemade (and I mean that in a very good way!).

Cranberry Yummari Chia Energy Bites for Endurance Athletes Review Suzlyfe

I definitely was a fan of the Cranberry and Chocolate Chip flavors, which tasted like a cranberry/fig newton and a healthy chocolate chip cookie, respectively. I am generally not a huge banana or coffee-flavored bar person, so these flavors were not as big a hit for me, though I could appreciate that they smelled truly of their ingredients. Because each flavor is made of those real ingredients (like coffee, banana, etc), the coffee even smelled faintly of coffee beans! So don’t discount it just because it wasn’t for me!

I would definitely recommend enjoying these with water. The bites are by no means dry, but they are dense, and plus, with the interaction between the chia and water, I found that it really made me feel nicely satisfied! 

I tried them at various times of day, and the combo of healthy fats, protein, just enough fiber, carbs, and sugar really hit the spot with both quick and long lasting energy. I see these as being perfect for just about any application, but I really see these as perfect for all my hiking friends out there on account of flavor palate, consumption, portability, and nutrient-density. I will be enjoying them regardless of the fact that the only canyons I am likely to see any time soon occur between skyscrapers!

Or not at all, depending on the fog!

Or not at all, depending on the fog!

Distribution and Crowdfunding Campaign

Looking to try out Yummari’s chia energy bites(as you should be)? You can order them here. Please also head over to their Crowdfunding page on Plum Village and help them keep their dream alive so they can keep supplying us with awesome fuel for all our adventures!

Also, as if the great snacks and story weren’t enough, Yummari is also teaming up with Newton Running (who you know that I love) to offer a Fun Run on the launch day (July 21) as well as special discount codes for the website RIGHT NOW! Be sure to check out the Plum Village page and social media for updates.

These @yummarifoods #organic endurance nuggets full of flavor and #nutrition! #glutenfree #yum via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

Are you a fan of chia and/or hemp? What are some of your favorite superfoods?

When would you enjoy these endurance bites? Are you a hiker? When would you like a bit of a pick me up?

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