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You know Susie is Sick when…. Weekend Recap and #mimm

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Well. That week didn’t go according to plan. But there are some fun things to come this week!

But before we talk about me (and you know that I will), I have the pleasure of another round of happy things to give shout outs for!

turtle dude nemo


Congratulations to Michele, LisaColby  and Cynthia who all ran the Philadelphia Marathon, and Patty who took on the Philly half! And MamaSalt got herself another PR, but I attribute that to the pants and the fact that Mar was helping draft her. I eagerly await your recaps, but I do know that some other PR’s were had! And if you didn’t PR, wtf cares? You still did something amazing, badass, and you earned the right to give the middle finger to anyone who says otherwise. And if I didn’t give you a shout out, give yourself one below, and accept my humble apologies!

Speaking of amazing? YOU GUYS.

pretend I'm hugging you

pretend I’m hugging you

I just want to say thank you all so, so much for your concern, for reaching out on FB, IG, Twitter, the blog, carrier pigeon, what have you, and checking on me last week. I hope I didn’t seem to harp on about how I poorly I was feeling–but let’s just say, it wasn’t good. As in, I didn’t sleep in my bed for 4 nights.

As in, you know that I am sick when I don’t attend a Tara Stiles yoga event held 2 blocks from my apartment. Yup. I was fine, though a bit bummed, to not take any advantage of my last week of Class Pass. But to not be able to go to Tara Stiles’ cookbook launch party?



As in, I only ate yellow food for 3 days. I’m actually not kidding. I was going to save this for WIAW, but it is too pathetic, so in case you were wondering what the anti-Suz diet looks like, it was this, which is what I ate Tuesday-Friday (until Friday night, when I had my first real meal):

also, thank goodness I am a runner, and thus had these things on hand. Otherwise, goodness knows what I would have done. You might recognize several of these eats from my fueling post, but let’s just say there is a big difference between eating the day of a race and why I was eating this way.

  • Original English Muffin
  • Chicken Soup (THANK GOD FOR PANERA)
  • Vigilant Foods Oatmeal (this was on Wednesday, but it was a struggle to get down. Not because it wasn’t good, but for other reasons)
  • Frosted Flakes (Single Serve Box because I am a breakfast buffet hoarder)
  • Plain Baguette (panera)
  • Decaf Coffee Frap Light (once with protein, once without)
The only thing that I could consider drinking to get calories in.  And yes, I know that it was a light, but I didn't want to blitzkreig my system even more!

The only thing that I could consider drinking to get calories in. And yes, I know that it was a light, but I didn’t want to blitzkreig my system even more!

  • Banana
You also know that I am sick when I eat a room temp banana because it is my only option.

You also know that I am sick when I eat a room temp banana because it is my only option.

  • Tostito’s Scoops
  • PB Crackers
  • Baked Potato Chips
  • Honey Graham Z Bar (Friday)
  • Liquid Egg Whites (that was a big deal on Friday, when I finally felt hungryish)

The only protein that happened during that time was the chicken in the soup and the egg whites on Friday morning. Also, notice there is nary a single mention of ice cream, yogurt, and absolutely no vegetables to be had. Oh, and all white flour.

Carb loading for life….?



First actual meal in days? Panera Turkey Cranberry Flatbread (no cream cheese) and my second round of their chicken noodle soup in as many days. Asleep by 7 (Sara texted me at 7:03. I didn’t get it). Woke up at 2 AM and had 2 bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats. Back to sleep until 6, then protein oats. And then Panera Thai Chicken Salad for lunch (first fresh veg other than the spinach on my flatbread the night before since Monday). Yup, Panera 3x in 3 days. I win at Panera.

The weekend wasn’t a total wash, though! I attended a super cool workshop on Sunday, which I can’t wait to tell you all about, but I want to give it a post all its own. But if you follow me on Instagram and the like, you’ve already gotten a, ahem, taste. 😉

But majorly winning is finally getting to have my beloved TJ’s Alsace tarte for dinner and ice cream after. yes yes yesssssss

TARTE d alsace pizza suzlyfe

Catch me up on life! I’ve had moments of clarity in between all the napping and position shifting, but I feel like I have no clue what is going on in the world. So basically, same as always.

Any guess as to what my exciting news this week will be? No mom, I am not preggo. Although the thought did cross our minds last week, not a chance. Methotrexate and Birth Control take care of that prospect. BTW, Methotrexate was one of the original abortion drugs, thus why we know I am not with behbeh.

What is your rebound from sickness indicator? I ran, had yogurt, pizza, and ice cream 😉

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