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You Are My Sunshine (20 Months + Catch Up 9/30)


Emmie really is my sunshine. We have had so much fun this past week–I can’t wait to put down our memories! It’s time for the Catch Up!

Did you catch my last catch up? Emmie is making leaps and bounds every day!

Catch Up 9/30


1). We got our pictures back! I have so many that I love, but here are some of my very favorites!

Photo by Carol de Anda (Bella Baby Photography)
Photo by Carol de Anda (Bella Baby Photography)
Photo by Carol de Anda (Bella Baby Photography)
Photo by Carol de Anda (Bella Baby Photography)
Photo by Carol de Anda (Bella Baby Photography)

Thank you so much to Carol de Anda and Bella Baby Photography for another incredible shoot. Thank you for capturing these precious moments in my life! (Bella Baby applied a discount to our package, but we paid for our photos. We love them!)

2) My child has just been so much fun this week.

all the unicorns. also wearing a unicorn shirt

She is just at an awesome age of sassiness and exploration but also still willingness to please. The amount she seems to have learned in the past few weeks is just astounding. It seems like every time I turn around, she has a new skill!

New words and phrases, even new ways of holding her spoon. She loves taking her animals with her to bed or on her stroller rides, She is intermittently obsessed with her “baaaybeeee” book (Everywhere Babies) and is switching up her bedtime stories accordingly (certain books are right.out.).

working lunch. like her daddy

My mom gave her a toy house for a rainy day, and as it was sufficiently rainy this weekend, we pulled it out. Emmie had a great time exploring and opening and closing and pushing buttons; she was sad to leave it for lunch!

She is so obsessed as well with “The Wheels on the Bus” song, specifically the “wheeee-uuulls” and “bee-bee-bee” aka she wants me to sing the wheel and horn verses and then to do the doors (which open and shut). I wish I could take a video of her flailing about of her hands as she mimicks the wheels or the doors, but she then desperately wants the phone. She loves looking at pictures and family videos on the phone and pointing out her favorite family members.

Speaking of, we now have a new routine in the morning. As she becomes more and more enthralled with photographs and also as Alex has missed much of this week due to a very busy schedule, we now say hi to Daddy as well as Mama and baby in the pictures above her changing table. It has become such a thing that she demands upon standing (save me the safety discussion, please, I know) and looking at Daddy Mama while I change her and dress her.

She is such a nugget.

3) This week was filled with Stroller Strides and playgrounds!

Emmie and I have done some exploring and testing of the new playground near our apartment. I was quick to disparage it for various reasons, but I have figured out how to make the greatest use of it for Emmie, and now we have found it very fun!

Emmie likes to watch the doggies in the field and practicing “flying” with her arms in the air while swinging. Then we trade off between chasing each other (and she now tells me when to do which!).

We also went to our last music class for a while, as we are canceling our Pearachute account for a bit to save a little cash. But she sent it out with style by showing off everything that she has learned, even just over the summer! She did her “spin spin spin” aka twirl; she reached to the sky and to the ground; she swang her colors and got kisses from her birdies.

She is the bomb diggity.

4) This weekend was fun and busy, even without Daddy.

We did a family dinner (minus Alex) Friday night in the pouring rain. We went a restaurant that was unremarkable in every way other than Emmie really liking the fries. Not even worth going into re the food, but it was HILARIOUS how Ali literally would look at Emmie, and Emmie would lose it.

Saturday was looming rainy, so I took Ridley to daycare for a run about and then took Emmie to Present Place. It was busy, but they limit the number of people allowed, so Em still felt comfortable as the place wasn’t overrun.

She rode a rocking horse, climbed right up a ramp by herself, and even worked on walking on the little balance beam! She still won’t go down the slides alone, but she is getting braver and more capable and coordinated each time.

Ali and I did swimmies with the girls this weekend! Emmie likes to “fall” off the underwater ledge–but she has no interest in going underwater herself. Ali dunked her, and then Ali was immediately out of favor, and Emmie demanded that she be returned to me. She for once allowed herself to do the sea otter float, which she normally has NO part of.

Silly boo.

5) I’ve been watching all the new episodes of Call the Midwife that I hadn’t seen, and literally became entrenched in it. I always loved the show, but now that I am a mom…. ERMAGERD ALL THE FEELS.

If you haven’t watched it, GET.ON.IT. It is such a fabulous show.

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