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Yoshi is In Play + Random from the IVF Trail


So…. Yoshi is in Play! To celebrate, today, I am bringing you some fun, NON-medical odds, ends, and thoughts from the IVF trail.

Thank you to Amanda for hosting Thinking Out Loud!


To follow up where I left you all hanging with 5 eggs, we were able to fertilize three of them to create 3 embryos (which I first thought of as the three red shells and then realized that the three balloons from battle mode were more appropriate).

Yesterday (Wednesday), we transferred one (a “beautiful 8-cell”). They were about to do two of them (the 7-cell was #2), but we had them double check with my doctor, and he confirmed that I was a single embryo transfer only. The other 2 embryos will continue to be incubated in the lab.

They have you do this with a full bladder. Let’s just say, it is an experience. Not painful (other than the speculum), and pretty much exactly like a pap smear, as I said in the IVF Part 2 Post

I was ordered to stay low the rest of the day, and I am to stay rather quiet for the next few weeks until the first blood test (see this post for explanation). I actually updated that post with some clarification that I received yesterday regarding the whole “staying still” bit, but I am pretty much limited to 20 minute walks for now. Which is good, because Ridley is insane. And also for whatever reason, they have unplugged the treadmill at our apartment.


Trap door to the IVF lab

So the IVF people actually are wizards: there is a trap door with a “man behind the curtain” feeling in the egg retrieval room. I wish I had a picture: it is a little metal door in the middle of the wall that they open up and there is a dude in the lab on the other side and you confirm you name and date of birth to him (and there are the lab techs and incubators behind him). It was pretty hilarious.


I didn’t think about the eggs for eggs until I was writing the post. But I will take credit for the eggcellent choice.

The Intersection of IVF and Alex

Maybe the nerdiest thing that he has ever said to me, after I told him about the embryos: So, this totally just hit me: something now exists that shares our DNA. #scientist

Alex's "monkey tail" fun facial hair for the mustachio bashio!

The last time that he grew out a beard…

He is also growing a Yoshi Beard aka not shaving until the first blood test. 

Last Meal

I didn’t get my margarita, sushi, or Bourbon for my last meal before transfer. We basically had banked on it happening Friday, so when it was like, nope, definitely happening Wednesday, it caught us a bit off guard.

Consequently, I grabbed an airplane bottle of anejo tequila and had it with a nice dinner of chicken spaghetti squash, birthday cake Halo Top faux-ice cream, and a nut butter filled Clif Bar (not all at once, but you know). OH and whole jicama.

Go Yoshi Go! Playoff beards, trap doors, and other funny randoms from the IVF trail #infertility #IVF Click To Tweet

No Sleep for You

Remember all of that sleeping I was doing? Yeah, well, I even mentioned to my therapist that I hadn’t had a night sweat in a while. Joke was on me, because guess what happened last night? Basically, I asked for it.

Couch Rest.

So now, I am couch rest. I refuse to be on bed rest. I get 20 minutes of walking at a time to keep my body temp down (trust me, keeping my temp down isn’t difficult, but keeping ME down might be!). This is where you can find me for the next few weeks:

Have you ever been ordered to “couch rest” when you were otherwise totally healthy?

Tell me something random from your life! I’m too tired to think up questions, lol.

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