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Team Blue or Pink? I Finally Tell! (Yoshi’s Gender Reveal)


I promise I didn’t mean to drag this gender reveal out! But today I finally tell you if Yoshi is Team Blue or Team Pink!

Yesterday, there was just too much going on–Irma, 9/11 anniversary, and Ridley’s first Gotcha Day anniversary. Honestly, there would have just been too many Instagram posts, lol.

People would ask me if I was going to do some big Gender Reveal Moment, and I would laugh each time I was asked. NO. NO. NO.

And here I am doing just that!

But no, there was no cake with pink or blue frosting, there was no envelope that we opened together. There was one simple word that revealed everything to us.

Gender Reveal

This January, Alex and I will be welcoming a little girl into our arms!

And that one little word? “Labia.” Our tech (who was AWESOME) asked if we were going to find out the sex (we said yes) and then moved down to that area and said, “And this is the labia.” No pomp and circumstance there either, huh?

Alex was hilarious. He jumped up and yelled “I KNEW IT!!” I was a bit in shock–I had thought it was a boy for so long, and then only recently considered that it was a girl! 

We are both so excited. My parents both thought Yoshi was a boy as well, which is ironic because the little unicorn TOMS? Mom sent them to me after we discussed it and they arrived this past week.. and we didn’t know it was a girl yet! The adult ones unfortunately don’t fit me that well–my feet are changing sizes and are different sizes at the moment. But hopefully we can be awesome matchy Mom and Yo-she at some point.

Blue Yoshi is actually a girl!

So, yes, we have a Yo-She. And while we are “Team Pink,” you had better believe that we are Team ALL THE COLORS. There will be teal, blue, purple, yellow, gold, silver. But I will say that our first few purchases are kind of pink driven (those who are friends with me on FB know that I have already started buying baby shoes and YES I KNOW THEY ARE USELESS.)

So we are over halfway through, we know what we are having, we have a name in mind… stuff’s getting real! We still call her Yoshi and refer to her as Yoshi but we have both started talking to her with her name. So we shall see if it sticks!

Thank you all so much for going on this journey with us. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful and pleased and every world that goes along with happy and elated and pleased as freaking PUNCH to have such an amazing gift of being pregnant and to be so supported by this amazing community!

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