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Recent Chicago Restaurant Successes and Server Fails #WIAW

Forgive me my friends, for I have sinned. I owe you all a huge catch up on the food adventures of the Suz from the past few weeks. So we are going to go through some highlights! But first. Let’s take a selfie. Is that not hilarious? Also hilarious–last night on Chopped (the one before the new one, ie a rerun), Ted Allen asked “What is this funny little ingredient called Liquid Aminos?” Please.  #healthylivingblogger. Ironically, I had just used that very ingredient for Alex’s and my dinners (chicken, veggies, and soba noodle stirfry with soy-ginger sauce). So I have shown you all intermittantly some of my eats, but you know that we have also be eating out a TON recently, and I owe you all a big ole catch-up. First, has anyone tried this? It’s $13 a pop, so I’m not going to just flagrant about and buy it, but ermigerd those flavors…. cool nut butter Brunch with my mommy at Yolk–right after hearing that I had gotten my job! I hadn’t been to Yolk yet, even though there is one in eyesight from my apartment–it is always so, so crowded, and Alex and I are pretty loyal to West Egg (and his pancakes), but after my longest run yet (at the time), and hearing that I had been offered my position, it was time to switch it up. And I’m so glad that we did! I love West Egg, but this was great. yolk iron man irish benny suzlyfe I got the Iron Man Omelet–5 egg whites, avocado, peppers, onions, mushrooms with fruit, english muffin, and a (pretty darn spicy!) salsa. Mom got the Irish Benny–English muffin (haha lol), tomato, corned beef hash, poached egg, hollandaise, potatoes, fruit. We also both got iced tea (hers regular, I got the Lemon Mint–it was fantastic). Service was fast, the food was DELICIOUS and HUGE, but the perfect way to refuel after my 10 miler. I also had a frappuccino. WINNING. The corned beef on the benny was so, so good–I already told Alex that he needs to come back just to get that. This will be reappearing again, but I don’t know how/when–I think it is only possible to get a table mid-morning on a weekday! Continuing in chronological order, we took Mom to SideDoor. suzlyfe sidedoor turkey crush veggie Although there was some issue with our order, and service was a little slow (and Mom got hers WAY after), the food and drinks were amazing. Alex got the Not Your Father’s Root Beer again, Mom got a glass of wine, and I got the All Crushed Up (I think that’s what it was called?)-essentially a take on a cosmo, but with Mandarin Vodka and pomegranate. I got the smoked turkey meat board (served with house grain mustard, horseradish spread, au jus, marble rye, mini pretzel roll, and house bread), the shaved spring vegetable salad (golden beet, fennel, carrot, celery, green apple, Wisconsin cheddar, sherry vin on side), suzlyfe sidedoor burger panini toffee Alex got the burger again (house sauce, picked red onion, Wisconsin cheddar, bacon jam), we all shared the baked mac and cheese (bacon and tomato within), Mom got the Smoked Duck Panini (smoked duck, cherries, watercress, cheese of some variety, au jus), and they gave us the Sticky Toffee Pudding to make up for the serving issues. Well. I will allow you to imagine how good everything was. I wish the lighting did it justice. I think we left like 3 noodles, and were uncomfortably full, and then the toffee pudding came out, and it was a no-prisoners-left type of situation. I wish I had better information on the dishes for you, but the menu has changed again, and I was a silly girl and for once didn’t take a pic of the menu! BAD SUSIE. mezcalina salsa salad taco lunch suzlyfe  Last Wednesday, Alex met me at work for lunch, and we went to Mezcalina. This was funky, cool, urban place tucked away in Lake Shore East. Service was a bit slow, but the food was super good. You start off with house chips (love the purple!) and salsas–a habanero type, chipotle, and tomotillo. None of them were too spicy, and I liked the bright red one the most. / Again, our food took its sweet time getting to our table, but, whewf, was it good. I got the Joven y Dulce (Sweet and Tender Salad) with Shrimp. I have to say that there were a great many things that I was promised (apple, grape, kale, baby green chard, cucumber, tomato), but what I would say I got was baby spinach, mixed greens, avocado, jalapeno, tomato, red onion, almond, cilantro, and some freaking awesome shrimp. It was super tasty, but I was excited about the rest of the stuff, too. Alex got 3 different tacos: pollo con mole, carnitas (pork confit, onion, cilantro), and chorizo con papas (mexican sausage, potatoes, cream, fresco cheese). I wouldn’t say that he got the pollo con mole, I would say he got the tinga, in fact I am 99% sure he got the tinga, but it was super tasty and the corn torillas were perfection. So, if Mezcalina can get its ish together, it has a great product, and great vibe. But unfortunately, it kinda falls short of the whole food/service part, you know? K, last in this recap. Lunch Saturday, before the gorge of that night. eleaven lunch tilapia reuben suzlyfe Alex and I went back to E.Leaven, a breakfast and lunch place that also is a major catering outfit. Alex and I went there a while back, and when we went he got a cuban (which wasn’t really a cuban) and I got a greaaaaaaaaaat mahi mahi salad. This time, I got the tilapia salad (with romaine, strawberries,corn, red onion, avocado, and apricot vin (I think they gave me balsamic, still good though)) and Alex got the turkey reuben (with thousand island (on side), mustard, kraut, and swiss on marble rye (baked in house)). YUM YUM YUM YUM. Cleared those plates, let me tell you. Service was a bit slow (you order and then sit, but it seemed excessive) but HEY at least they got it right. I love this place, I wish we went here more! K, so that’s all I have at the moment (actually, that’s a lie, I have more, but I’m gonna spare you. Thanks to Jenn as always! Did anyone else deal with servers/restaurants not having there ish together?  What has been the best thing you’ve had for lunch recently? Who can’t get enough of the summer flavors???

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Thank you as always, Jenn!

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