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Yoga for Runners, Running, and Marathon Legends!


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Yoga For Runners Program

I want to start off with something that I am incredibly excited to announce. Beth of Sublimely Fit (formerly Running with the Sunrise) is one of my favorite bloggers, BlogFest AND Ragnar Roomie and Travel Companion, and a fabulous yoga teacher, run coach, and barre instructor to boot!

AND girlfriend is a PhD, one of the most genuine people, and she has one the dirtiest mouths ever! To say she is multitalented is an understatement.

yoga for runners rectangle

I am so excited to announce to you all the first session of Beth’s Yoga for Runners Program starting September 28! Find out a bit more about it below:

Participants in the 6 week Yoga for Runners program will receive an activity to do each day. Some activities will be videos (minimum of two videos per week), some will be an MP3 guiding you through an exercise, and others will include interacting with me to help you find out how to best incorporate yoga into your current yoga routine. I’ll also be available via video consults to discuss modifications for poses and to answer general questions. I also plan to create a closed Facebook group where course members can interact about the content and ask questions. Because this is the first time I’m offering the program, the curriculum isn’t set in stone, and I’m very open to suggestions and requests for content that my students would like to see.  

I have written time and again about the benefits of yoga for runners and how very much I have benefited as a runner from incorporating the practice into my overall training. This is a fantastic opportunity for new and experience yogi’s and runners alike to learn from someone who is trained in both disciplines and truly understands both of these disciplines as both an instructor as well as a practitioner. DO IT. End the injury cycle, learn more about two of my favorite things, and have an amazing experience from an incredible source.

So excited for Yoga for Runners with @runwithsunrise! #runchat #fitfluential via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

If you are interested in learning more about or enrolling in the program, send Beth an email directly and be sure to tell her Suz sent you! First session starts September 28. 

State of my Foot and Getting Sweaty with Friends!

(but this time I was good)

Speaking of injury, my foot feels much better! Knock wood! I ran on it just fine Tuesday–about a mile round trip to SoulCycle with the Windy City Bloggers that morning (where I saw Sara again! Also rocked my vixen capris :D), then some miles with the trainees/home that evening–and Wednesday–running with Sara, a fellow Brick Betty Fit Pro on a GORGEOUS morning! Speaking of my awesomely talented friends, Sara is an amazing chef and dietitian who creates amazing recipes–you should totally check her out! @cookinrd on social media.

Suz and Sara on Running on Chicago's Lake Front Trail

I’m really excited to be able to run with my trainees this weekend. I would have been absolutely gutted if I had to miss out on that!

Speedy Friends and I’m A-Ok Where I am

I don’t remember if I mentioned, but a friend of Alex’s and mine came to Chicago for some work things, and he arrived Sunday night. He is the reason that Alex and I ate a huge platter of nachos, after a perfectly sensible, filling, and delicious dinner, and then my snack. I felt disgusting after, but OMG HASHTAG YOLOOOOO. Slash I don’t have willpower.  ANYWAY the reason that I wanted to mention it is that homeskillet is CRAZY speedy and he achieved the goal that he has been chasing for the past 6 yrs: to best his dad’s PR of 2:56. Well, Sunday he ran a 2:53:17 at the Lehigh Valley Marathon in Allentown, PA. SERIOUSLY. With Caitlin’s 3:28 and Suzy’s 3:06, and all the talk of Boston registration, I am realizing how speedy my friends are and also how totally fine I am as well with my current not-quite-as-speediness. I am totally happy just running 😀 But I do hear about Boston Registration in the next day. 

You know you love it.

You know you love it.

Speaking with a Running Legend

Last night, I got an incredible opportunity to meet a legend in running and racing: Joan Benoit Samuelson, aka the first ever Olympic Women’s Marathon Champion. Lisa at Nike reached out to me Tuesday and asked if I was busy Wednesday night? Would I be interested in meeting or talking one on one with Joan Benoit Samuelson?

Meeting Joan Benoit Samuelson at Nike Chicago was an incredible honor for this marathon runner and Chicagoan!

You better believe my response was in about 3 seconds flat and necessitated all capitals. I know EB  (pssst girl just ran an ultra after a bought of bronchitis and half of it in the pouring rain!) has gotten the same honor before (read her post on her blog as well as on I Love To Run)!

So last night (luckily, Alex was on call–I don’t usually find that fortunate!), I headed over to Nike Chicago and got the chance to meet the running idol. I was desperately trying to think of what to talk to her about, and ultimately? I just had to let it flow naturally. I’m going to save it for another post, but suffice it to say that it was the perfect pre-Boston Registration and pre-Chicago Marathon warm up!

#BosuStrong Challenge Update

BosuStrong Challenge with Bosu Fitness and FitApproach/Sweat Pink and Suzlyfe. Get strong, have fun, and run better! Suzlyfe

Last item for the day–don’t forget to participate in the #Bosuz #BosuStrong challenge and tag your posts on social media! You don’t need a Bosu to participate, and at the end you can win a Bosu of your own! Need some new ways to use your Bosu, or need a Bosu of your own? Use code BOSUSWEATPINK15 on and BOSU Total Body Basics or BOSU Core Basics programs for free!

So much cool running news from @suzlyfe! #thinkingoutloud #runchat #marathontraining Click To Tweet

I want to be sure to mention that the links included are not direct affiliate links, but for Beth and Brick Betty I do receive compensation in the case of purchases. So give me credit, lol. However, I mean every word that I say, and I stand behind my opinions!

Runner or not: Do you find yourself feeling super competitive and amped to go crazy when you discover how talented others are? Or can you find perspective and acceptance for where you are? aka do you get the “fever”?

What would you ask a legendary trailblazer (in any field)?

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