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Well, it must have been posting about the sucky weather, because Chicago finally gave us a taste of summer this weekend, and with my Little in town, that couldn’t have been more marvelous.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

I essentially disappeared from blogland this weekend–I don’t think that I commented, responded to comments, or anything of the sort all weekend. But don’t worry, I’m back heheh.

I met up with my little and her boyfriend for dinner (Alex was working) and we went to Howells and Hood for some beers, food, and the fantastic outdoor patio. It was just so awesome to see Cara and to catch up with her, and to be able to sit outside on a lovely night just made it all the better.

Saturday morning, I got up and got 10 miles in. I slept pretty decently the night before (yyyaayyy) but still, it was a bit of a slog, and I’m not really sure why. I think probably because of the encroaching heat and humidity that was starting to build, but nevertheless. Cara and I had a coffee (well, she had a coffee, I had a Slurpee ;P ) and hung out at a Starbucks before she and her-Alex headed to Wrigley for a double header. I had an awesome French Toast appetizer to my lunch, but it was pretty much a scrounge fest because I had eaten just about everything that we had during the week.

french toast suzlyfe

When it was time for me to head to the ballpark (I was going to the night game), I decided it was also frappuccino time, and so I got myself one + scoop of protein powder, knowing that it was best to preemptive strike (there would likely be slim pickin’s for me at the ball park). And mother nature decided it was time to rain. But she got over herself quickly and I headed up to the park to join my friends for a little slice of Americana.

If you're preppy and you know it clap your hands

If you’re preppy and you know it clap your hands

wrigley bleachers green monster suzlyfe


It has been yearsyearsyears since I went to a MLB game. My family went all the time when I was a kid, but it has been quite a while now. We sat in the bleachers (amongst some characters, let me tell you),





and other than a torrential downpour (Cara and I made the smart decision to go to concessions during this time), it was a beautiful night.

wrigley field weather suzlyfe

I did what any American would do during a ball park rain delay. plus I needed the calories, lol

I did what any American would do during a ball park rain delay. plus I needed the calories, lol

And I got my Cracker Jack. At Wrigley Field.

wrigley cracker jack suzlyfe

Sunday, I got groceries in the AM, met Cara and Alex and one of Alex’s friends for lunch at Lou Malnati’s, and then we went for a walk to Millennium Park. I walked them down to Buckingham Fountain, and got to wander a little bit in and around the International Triathlon Finisher’s Village (coulda stayed there all day), but soon the group split up and Cara and I went to get a drink and chat before heading home to see Alex and meet another old friend who was in town for the night and staying with us. HI CHRIS.

Zoe apparently needed to roll out on the lacrosse ball?

Zoe apparently needed to roll out on the lacrosse ball?

And I hazed her with Crabbies.

And I hazed her with Crabbies.

Sushi was on the docket for dinner, and Niu obliged. Deeeeelicious. A little al fresco wine after dinner on our sundeck, and then Cara and her-Alex headed back to Wicker Park/Logan Square to join back up with his friend for the rest of the night, and Alex, Chris and I headed back up to our place to collapse.

It’s so funny to think that June is over–for so long it was on our schedule as just filled to the brim, with Cara and Alex’s trip to visit us as the finale and climax. I feel kind of like we did this time last year, when Alex started residency–it was gogogo for the 5-6 weeks before, then he started and then it was like AND BREATHE. I’m just so glad that this June went out on such a high note, as it started when I got my job. July, you better get ready and get your ish together, my friend. IT’S ON.

Have you ever had peanut and Cracker Jack at the baseball park? What do you eat when you go?

Is your social calendar speeding up or about to slow down (likely after the 4th)?

Did #flatsfriday help you guys out? What did you do on Saturday?


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