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Workout Motivation : 5 Ways to Get Your Butt Out the Door


I’ve decided that this is Suzlyfe’s Week of Eschewing the Blahs, and today we are going to cover workout motivation. Believe me, I am not always jumping for joy to go workout, and I know that the struggle is SO real when it is gray or cold or just ick outside (or, conversely, when it is hot as all get out during the summer). Why can’t it just be spring and fall all the time? After our discussion of the blahs on Wednesday and the Ain’t got time for That’s yesterday, today we are going to turn a positive spin on everything, and get our workout motivation ON.

Workout Motivation 5 Approaches

Lacking Workout Motivation? Never fear, here are five great strategies for getting your butt out the door for a great workout |

1) I DON’T put on my workout clothes, that is, I don’t put on my workout clothes beforehand. If I spend too much time in workout clothes, I lose the distinction between Workout Time and Other Time. Even sleeping in my workout clothes becomes counterproductive, because then, hell, they are just pajamas (unless I’m having night sweats, and then I might sleep in workout clothes on purpose!).

night sweat meme

But if I am in jeans and have to change into workout shorts, put on a sports bra, etc, I start to make that mental transition, as well as get my blood moving (similar to some of my suggestions for beating the temporary blahs). Then, by the time I’m ready to put on my shoes, #itson. At that point? I’m committed, I’m ready (or just about), and I have likely already thought about what I’m going to do–I wear certain things, like capris if I am doing spin or bike, or a higher impact bra for jumping and running–so I’m even more prepared and mentally at the ready. 

2) Tough Love Approach: I remember the last time I didn’t want to workout yet went, and how much better I felt afterwards. I spoke on this point last summer: Get over yourself and take the first stepSit yourself down, take a grip on yourself, and tell yourself not to be a big baby. Sometimes you need to be your own Jillian Michaels! Turn to your motivational quotes to get through hard times, take a deep breath, lace up those trainers, and tell yourself that you WILL do this. 

Don't disappoint her.

Don’t disappoint her.

3) 15 minutes. That is all that it takes for you, the weather, your outlook, to change. Maybe it is raining, maybe it cold, maybe it is dark. One of my favorite things to do is to head out when there is a literal change in the air: the sun rising, the rain dissipating, the warming up of the day. Be there to observe something amazing or see something that no one else gets to see. I bet you’ll even have the path or otherwise to yourself. 

15 minutes earlier, this was dark.

15 minutes earlier, this was dark.

4) 15 Minutes. I tell myself that I have to commit to 10-15 mintues of whatever it is that I had planned: 15 minutes of spin bike, 15 minutes of running, 15 minutes of weights. Whatever it is, I have to do 15 minutes of my workout before I call it in. Chances are that by the time the 15 minutes is over, I am either warmed up and fine to continue, or I am 50% through my workout (depending), so why not just finish it? 

suzlyfe chicago spring running

5) Remember that idea that “You aren’t tired, you are uninspired”? Same thing here. You aren’t tired, you are uninspired. So get inspired. Give yourself a time limit, and go onto Instagram and search relevant search terms but DON’T go through your news feed–you’ll get sucked in. Go to your favorite blog (cough), or twitter and search a hashtag. Google “workout motivation” or simply envision yourself rocking out your workout.

Pause and envision success meme

See it, be it. When I rode horses, it wasn’t just about learning the course and then going out and throwing down. Often, we would envision ourselves on course, riding up to the jumps, and finding the perfect distances, perfect lead changes (I know this is gibberish to many, but hang with me). Stand up, maybe in tadasana, close your eyes, and envision what you are going to be doing. But do this standing so that you don’t fall asleep. mmkay?

Not that I’ve done that. 

So this weekend, or next week, when you find your workout motivation flagging, try one of these strategies and get out the door. You got this. 

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What are some of your other tactics for getting your booty out the door?

Who else has fallen asleep instead of working out?

Thank you to Mar, Courtney, and Cynthia for the Friday Five and Jill for Fitness, Health, and Happiness.

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