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Working For the the Weekend + Good Bye Chief Year!

Alex and I literally worked for the the weekend, but only after a fantastic senior resident dinner, which officially marked the end of Alex’s Chief Resident year. I can’t believe it is over!

We spent our Thursday soaking up the last of our joint vacation days (and I got busy in the kitchen, as I mentioned on Friday). Friday morning, we had one very final hurrah by taking Ridley for a nice long walk together in the gorgeous morning before I had to head downtown for my first restaurant shift back in a week. And don’t you know, they changed several things (new specials, menu items, and new scheduling!) while I was gone! Because apparently, I can’t leave for a few days, lol. 

I had a pretty solid shift and luckily, I felt ok throughout the shift–after my medical emergency the week before, I was a little nervous that all the walking and lifting and such might cause some trouble. But all was well! And it was great to see my friends. 

Then I pulled a typical Suz and changed from my server uniform into my fancy dress + heels + new makeup in the staff room! Oh, and I brought the wrong bra, but luckily I made it work. I brought my hair straightener with me, but ultimately, I just didn’t want to deal with it in the confines of the small room (nor did I have the patience) so I headed out and hoped I looked presentable enough, lol.

I met Alex and the rest of the Chiefs + significant others and one of their advisors for drinks as the super swanky Peninsula Hotel bar, were Alex already had us set up with drinks (love an Old Fashioned with luxardo cherries!). I both love and hate when bars offer free nibbles. Love because obviously I love snacks, hate because I ate WAY to much of them and was completely full by the time we left. For dinner.

After a brief cocktail hour (half of which was taken over by staff pictures) in which we mingled and I got to meet and really speak with several of the doctors that Alex has worked closely with over the past year as well as will be working with one on one in fellowship, we headed in for the main banquet!

It was such a lovely ceremony, and I had all the feels. I remember so much the crazy feeling last year as we gathered for the last time with our friends, many of whom were leaving the next day for their new jobs. But this time was different. Yes, this graduation dinner is about the outgoing residents, but it is also so much about the Chief Residents. I can’t really describe it. The four chiefs have worked within literal arm’s reach of each other for the past year and have touched on every aspect of the residency program as well as throughout the hospital. They were responsible for “recruiting” (not actually recruiting, but you know, convincing the prospects to rank the hospital first) as well as hosting and putting together interview season. They deal with complaints from the residents as well as patients and patient families, negative outcomes, and scheduling crises. They work with residents who need a bit more help and work. They foster a positive work environment for the residents. 

In many ways, they have been parenting/teaching/mentoring/administrating etc for the past year, and this is their farewell as much as it is the senior residents’ farewell. 

The literal end of an era. 

The chiefs (and the significant others) have grown so close, and it is so, so crazy to think that two chiefs won’t be here in a month.

Congratulations to Alex and the chiefs. You all did an AMAZING job, as literally everyone told you. Your certainly have left a legacy!

After the dinner and speeches and all of that, they opened up the dance floor, but I was exhausted. So I shared an Uber with another chief and his wife (the wedding we just went to!) and unleashed Alex to party like the fool that he is for the last time with the residents. I know he needed to and wanted to, and I knew that I needed to get rest.

Well, let’s just say that he partied like a fool. And then had to work overnight for a moonlighting shift the next night. #stupidboy

Saturday, I went to coach Team Challenge, this time on the gorgeous 606 trail! I took Ridley to get her out of the house… but also because Alex fell asleep on the couch after his ::ahem:: arrival home, and I didn’t have much else I could do with her! She had a great time, though!

We stayed chill (I needed to rest, Alex needed to become human again) and then set up HBO Go again so that we could get back into Game of Thrones. And thus it has begun. Winter is coming in summer 😀

I worked the night and had a great shift–lots of my friends, great teamwork, and some great customers. Alex headed in and worked overnight! 

Sunday morning, Alex came home around 7:30. so I took Ridley for a long walk and talked to Mom (so necessary). Alex and I got in a few GOT episodes one he got up around noon, but we weren’t able to have our usual grocery shop and laundry Sunday (even in the afternoon) because I had to pick up a shift as part of a shift swap for when my parents come. So while we both had the week off, we both worked for the weekend!

This week, I am working a bunch, while Alex is… I honestly have no idea. I hope he gets some groceries for us!

What are you up to this week? Anything exciting?

Who else sometimes works the opposite schedule as everyone else?

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