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Winter Running Essentials (Flipbelt Review)


If you remember, I considered getting a Flipbelt several times this summer, but never pulled the trigger because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fit my phone in there. I tried one on at a race expo, finally, and guess what! It fit! But, having already spent way too much, I had to wait on it. Well, the running gods must have smiled on me–low and behold, I recently received the opportunity to try out the FlipBelt thanks to Sweat Pink!

Now that I am training for a marathon through the winter, I am in serious need of figuring out the strategy for holding all of the necessary objects! Just because some jackets have pockets doesn’t mean that all jackets have pockets! And have you have tried to stuff winter running tights?? Rather that attempt to accomplish the impossible, I am relying on my new Flipbelt!

Packing My Flipbelt: Winter Running Essentials!

winter running essentials suzlyfe

1) Acure Organics Dark Chocolate Mint Argan Oil Balm (Check out my review here! Also, I was amiss in thanking Ramblen, my association with which enabled my review opportunity! Ramblen is your resource for discovering the ways to stay healthy while you travel. And the Chicago reviews are by yours truly!) This balm is perfect because it helps form a shield around your lips, locking in the moisture and protecting them from the wind as well. I’ll even put some of it around my eyes and under my nostrils, which are likely to get chapped due to my nose running like a freaking faucet.

acure organics suzlyfe balm review

2) Tissues See the last sentence. Sometimes a snot rocket helps no one. Your face is just draining. Eyes, nose, who knows what else.

3) Fuel Just because sweat isn’t pouring and you don’t feel overheated and like you are going to collapse doesn’t mean that you aren’t working hard! But the issue with running in the winter lies in the fact that fuels can FREEZE. Something that is pretty great about the FlipBelt is that it holds everything close to your body–meaning that your fuels are less like to freeze solid. A big tip though, is to make sure that your fuel is as easy to open as possible–it is highly likely that your fingers aren’t going to be working so well! I will still be carrying my sport beans, my FRS, and my ginger, and they will still be edible!

4) Hand warmers cheap, hot, and easy to turn on (like I like em ::wink::). These aren’t always necessary,but on really cold runs, they are great to keep in your stash to help warm up your hands that otherwise have turned blue! and you can get them for super low$ at target and other places. And, if need be, stick em down your pants. Just saying. 

5) Emergency Paraphernalia: ID, Credit Card or Cash, Key (copy that I had made that is just to my apartment)

Unfotunately, I can't pack it like my office food drawer.

Unfotunately, I can’t pack it like my office food drawer.

5b) Phone (which fits! YYYYAYYY) This is imperative to safety–there are so many fewer runners out, the lighting is often not great, the footing treacherous, and the conditions just generally more dangerous. Also, I have an app like Uber on my phone, which means that if something happens, I can call a cab to me (for myself or others, or call my emergency contacts) and pay with it via my phone. That way I don’t have to take my credit card with me, but rather can just bring some cash for a hot drink as I finish up!

The best part about the Flipbelt isn’t just that it can hold these different things but that it can do it in a way that doesn’t annoy the hell out of me. The snug fit around my hips/booty (thanks, marathon training 😉 ) means that I don’t have to deal with the jingle jangle bobbage of some fuel/pack belts, and I don’t look like a tourist from the 90s.

Don't be these people

Don’t be these people

I was given the opportunity to test out the Flipbelt thanks to my association with Sweat Pink. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and snark included in my Flipbelt Review are my own!

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Thank you to Mar/Cynthia/Courtney, and Jill for hosting the Friday Fitness and Fashion Link ups!

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