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Winning Birthday Weekend (14 Months + Catch Up 4/1)


It was a seriously winning birthday weekend over here for Alex! We had a terrific set of days, and he got one of the best birthday presents ever 😀 I’ll tell you all about it in the Catch Up!

Did you see last Friday’s Catch Up? It was a fantastic week as well!

Weekend Catch Up 4/1

1). Well, let’s start with Thursday night, because as of when I wrote the post, I hadn’t had to fight through the emotional disaster of the Thursday night UVAgame. Let’s just say that I gave our boys literally everything I had, emotionally. It was such an ugly game, that when it was over, I just was like, I’m done. Whatever happens on Saturday, happens. I was obviously happy that we won, and I will say that it was rather liberating to be like, if we win, hooray, if not, I’m ok.

But holy balls, that game was hard to watch.

ANYHOO. Friday was great. I had an awesome run to Strides with Em, we did fun things, Alex came home earlyish and we got to hang out with him. Emmie had a little clingy moment and only would be held by me–we were going to go for a long walk and she just wouldn’t have it. I think she was hungry, but either way, she just needed mama. Once we got home and got a snack, she did much better!

We had a chill rest of the night and got pumped for Alex’s birthday!

2). Alex’s birthday was fantastic for all of us!

Em woke up a little early but not bad, and so we had some breakfast, a little play time, and then a morning family walk before swim. Swim was great–we got to play with Ryan and Justin and Ali, and Emmie walked across the floating mat! I wish I had taken a video, but I didn’t know she would be walking (I figured she would crawl like the previous times). I was so impressed!

Girlfriend (and Alex as well!) was tired when she came home, so she got a snack and a major nap. Alex took a nap and then went to the gym. After lunch and Emmie finally waking up, we went to the Nature Museum for some playtime. It was a bit busy, but Emmie got some good exploring and ramp practice in. We only stayed for about 45 minutes because we needed to get home to out the dog and then get the rental car to head out for fun birthday night activities!

First stop was to the apartment of our friends Ben and Katie–Ben’s birthday is today and they had a get together on Saturday, so we went to there place early. Then we headed up to meet Ali, Justin, and Ryan for birthday dinner at Calo Ristorante. IT WAS DELICIOUS and so much fun. The girls were hilarious because Emmie was exhausted and Ryan was just starving, lol. I got octopus (yum) and Alex got a lemon butter caper chicken. Plus, we got to have dinner with our best friends, so we had the best time.

Also amusing was the fact that multiple people stopped by our table on their way out of the restaurant to tell us how awesome and well behaved our kids are/were. We were laughing because Emmie was so tired she was almost falling asleep in her high chair, and she needed her paci for the first time in over a week!

I dropped them off at home so that Alex could get her in bed and I could go find parking for the rental car, then it was time to watch the UVA game.

And what a game it was. I was proud of our boys–they fought. They never gave up, and they showed class throughout. And then they did just the right amount of smart and take-a-chance play and just believing in each other.

But really? I’m super happy for Alex and our friends. What an awesome outcome. Alex and his boys are planning how to get to Minneapolis in case we make it to the final game! I will be just back from my mom’s trip, at least!

Since we hadn’t planned anything super crazy special for Alex’s birthday, I was just happy that each part of the day was great. I think that is just as rad as some big ticket item, and maybe even better!

3). Sunday was fantastic, as well! More family time, more sunshine, more stuffing ourselves silly, and more time with friends.

It was cold when we woke up, and we were still just wanting to laze a bit after the emotions of the night before, so we delayed our run a little bit and then bundled Emmie up in her snowsuit (hopefully the last time) and went for a 5 mile run. We weren’t sure how far I would go, but I felt great the whole way and we just enjoyed it.

Poor Emmie has a super drainy nose and wasn’t so amused at being in her snowsuit, but she hung in there. When we got home, it was snack (banana muffin and full dairy Greek yogurt!) and play time while we did laundry, and that was when she finally perked up and got goofy again.

After groceries, we gave Emmie her first ever piece of actual cheese (!) and then she took another solid nap. I shared in the nap time this time. The prednisone is still really messing up my sleep, so I am basically dependent on benedryl to get to sleep, which also makes me drowsy. This was the first time I actually went to sleep without a sleep aid in over a week.

After everyone woke up, We headed up to see our friends Rachel, Nik, and Dario for playtime and dinner. I made the mistake of bringing a munch medley trail mix and then eating the vast majority of it myself. #oops But it was delicious.

We had sushi for dinner (it had been too long!) and just a fantastic time with them. We hadn’t seen them since January, so we were really overdue! Emmie was shy at first, but she warmed up and also enjoyed the sugary treat of the white chocolate trail mix.

Then we came home and watched some basketball.

4) No major Emmie updates different from last week other than that we are continuing to progress her dairy consumption. She has now had cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, real butter, white chocolate, some tiramisu, cheddar popcorn, and mild cheddar cheese in addition to baked dairy (pancakes, goldfish) and freeze dried yogurt drops.

I’m not really sure what we will do with her drinking milk consumption. I actually like giving her the pea milk ecause I really don’t have to worry about keeping it as cold as dairy milk, and it has no sugar. The only 2 problems with it are the price and the fact that you can’t get it wherever. We will see how she continues to do, and we will definitely try her on regular milk to see if she can handle it, but I have no problem giving her milk in some situations and pea milk in others (like when we are out).

5) This week is going to be fun! Emmie and I are heading up to Skokie for a special Stroller Strides preview class at the mall with Ali, Ryan, and her mom, and then hopefuly I’ll finally see Landon that afternoon. Wednesday, Ali, Ryan, Emmie and I are going to start a session of Broadway and Me!! Thursday, Alex’s family gets in midday to help watch Emmie while I am gone (Alex has to work Friday), and I leave super early Friday morning on my moms’ trip and get back midday Sunday.

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