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Windy City Smokeout 2015 Recap and Review


As you read this, I am likely en route to or have arrived at BlogFest! That’s right, Beth and I are fleeing the Windy City for a few days of getting our arses handed to us by fitness and blogging gurus. And we will be loving it!

I want to back it up to an event that I alluded to on Monday and shared a bit with you throughout the weekend on Instagram:

Windy City Smokeout

Windy City Smokeout 2015

I kind of wish Windy City Smokeout happened every weekend. If you like barbecue, this the Chicago food festival for you. Some of the biggest “acts” in the national barbecue arena show up alongside some of the heaviest hitters of the local scene. Where else are you going to find Pappy’s Smokehouse, The Salt Lick, Ubon’s, Gus’s, and Hogapalooza (big boys on the national scene) and Dinosaur BBQ, Lillie’s Q, Smoque, Bub City, Chicago q, and Bub City (big time Chicago joints) in one place (click here for info on everyone)?

Windy City Smokeout 2015

Oh, and don’t forget about the plethora of craft brews (some created just for the event, or debuted here!) and other vendors (think Doughnut Vault, Supreme Lobster, Sir Kensington’s Condiments, and Crave Bar). All with a back drop of live country music, corn hole, giant Jenga, and ping pong. Ps, I am horrible at tennis and many other things, but I can randomly be very good at ping pong. Or very bad. Depends.

Windy City Smokeout 2015 Menu

Let’s be honest, there was too much food to even start to tell you about, or even to attempt to eat all of. But here is what Alex and I chowed down on!

Ubon’s (Yazoo, MS)

Ubon's Yazoo Barbecue Smoked Chicken Windy City Smokeout Suzlyfe

Smoked Chicken with Ubon’s Sauce

The Salt Lick (Austin, TX)

The Salt Lick Austin TX Beef Brisket Sandwich Windy City Smokeout Suzlyfe

Beef Brisket and Spicy BBQ Sauce on Texas Toast

The Salt Lick Austin Coleslaw Windy City Smokeout Suzlyfe


Sir Kensington’s

Sir Kensington's Waffle Fries and Condiments Windy City Smokeout Suzlyfe

Waffle Fries with Special Sauce, Ketchup, and Grainy Mustard

Bub City (Chicago)

Bub City Pulled Pork Nachos at Windy City Smokeout 2015 by Suzlyfe

Pulled Pork Nachos with three Barbeque Sauces

Windy City Smokeout Watermelon Suzlyfe

…and watermelon off to the side 😀

I also tried some of Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken, and it was AMAZING. But as it was a sample, I don’t have a picture of it.

What I missed and would have liked to try:

Pappy’s (St. Louis) Cranberry Cayenne Smoked Chicken (They ended up not having it)

Chicago q’s Pulled Pork Bar-b-Que Sundae

Supreme Lobster Lobster Roll (was 3 times the price of all the others, so nope)

Brews that we tried:

Central Waters Brewing Company Windy City Smokeout Suzlyfe

Central Waters Honey Bold

Moody Tongue Gold

Bridgeport Breweing Cherry Chocolate Stout

Goose Island 312 (an old fave)

Windy City Smokeout Susie and Alex

The night was perfect, I am super happy that we went on the opening day and a little bit earlier–it was perfect for looking through everything and seeing what was available, what we wanted, and then getting the noms. I do wish we had stayed for Kacey Musgraves, I would have loved to have seen her, but I was still getting my sea legs back after the colonoscopy. We still got to see the entire Pat Green set as well as some other fun lead ins, as well as a great walk to and from the event. What a way to fuel up for my long run Saturday morning! 

The #barbecue hangover was worth it. Check out @suzlyfe's @WCSmokeout Recap and Review! #windycitybloggers Click To Tweet

Loved this event, loved the food, I just wish I had about 4 more stomachs to take in the rest of it. It was a great treat for Alex and I to spend some good time with each other after we’ve seen so little of one another. Another big plus was the gorgeous weather–the next day was nice in the morning but then finicky all afternoon, and Sunday was gross and then the fog burned off and it got hot! So I’d say that I used up the last of my normal voice for a very good cause. 

Windy City Smokeout Panorama

My other regret–I kinda wish I had gotten this shirt:

Believe in BBQ T Shirt Windy City Smokeout

This will definitely be on my radar next year! 

I gained entry to the Windy City Smokeout weekend through my affiliation with Windy City Bloggers, but I was not compensated for my thoughts, given free food, or asked to do anything more than attend and share as I desired. All thoughts and opinions are, as ever, my own. And I do wish I had more stomachs for more ‘que! And a deeper wallet!

What looks good to you? Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Ribs, Brisket–what would you choose?

Have you eaten at any of these places?

Have you ever gone to a food or other festival for an entire weekend?

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