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You ask? And you receive! Stream of conscious for you fools today. Like a bit more structure to your life? Too bad, life is chaos Come back tomorrow! I have a FANTASTIC (like, valued at $75 fantastic) Mother’s Day giveaway for the Running Moms (and Daughters) in your lives and a new fitness product review!

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

1) Thank you all for your sweet comments on my injury. Me and DB (Das Boot) are becoming slow moving and wobbly fast friends. And I have a giant egg-on-my-shin to prove that he hardly leaves my leg. Also? You bet I showed up to Soul Cycle Tuesday night with DB and the Windy City Bloggers. #badass Don’t worry, I was veryyyy careful during the class and modified everything if it hurt at all. Also, yes, I was thinking SPIRIT CYCLE the whole time.

kimmy spirit cycle

Before I left for the class, Alex asked me if it was even worth me going, and I looked at him and told him HELL YES. A) I wanted to see what it was all about (I’ll reveal that soon) b) I wanted to see my friends, AND LOOK HOW MANY FRIENDS I HAVE!!

windy city fitness blog soulcycle suz

Sara, Erin, Lauren, and I have been trying to get together forever and a day, and we unknowingly all showed up to this. FINALLY TOGETHER. And I was going into Erica withdrawals. Seriously.

2) I channeled my inner Deborah and Marcia and swam yesterday morning! I haven’t done that in forever, but it was lovely–no pain at all. That said, my brain just couldn’t tap in, and I ended up only getting through 40 minutes instead of my planned hour.

are we there yet

I also couldn’t get myself to rock out any tempo laps, but I was able to manage pretty consistent freestyle and breaststroke laps throughout. And I got a great compliment from one of my coworkers (who is a runner and is working on his swimming)–that I was a beautiful, natural, and graceful swimmer. It seriously made my day! I was very lucky to have some excellent swimming instruction throughout my childhood, and though I am NOTNOTNOT fast, I do pride myself on my form. I’m not a natural runner, or rider, or really anything else–but I study my ass off when it is time, and I do whatever it is with style if not with speed.

puppy thumbs up

But the problem then is that I have the attention span and patience of a newt. Problem.

3) This is going to be an expensive 2 weeks–I have to cab everywhere. We have a car, but it isn’t at our apartment. Not helpful right now.

4) Don’t you love it when you suggest a place to eat for TWO YEARS STRAIGHT, you never go there, and then, at the suggestion of one other person, you husband is all, “why don’t we go there?”

My thoughts.

My thoughts.

5) I’m sllooooowwwllly getting some of my strength back. I’m not going to win any sort of contest any time soon, but at least I’m getting some of my tone back. 

6) I’m on a serious “I miss NYC” kick. Between Kimmy Schmidt, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, and now Hart of Dixie (which I am watching again), among others… I miss my Manhattan. Liquid or physical.

Alex gives it 2 thumbs way up.

Alex gives it 2 thumbs way up.

7) I have about 7 different food reviews coming up for you all. Get. Pumped.

8) They are building a “war room” video and conference room at my office, on my floor, and guess who is supposed to be in charge of that $100,000 investment (NOT kidding. That is actually less than what they are spending on it, but I’m not going to say the real number). 

hair curl suzlyfe

this is going to go well

That’s right. Me. What are they smoking?? Because this has catastrophe written alllll over it.

9) Ragnar is still on the table–if we don’t have a replacement for me, and I am healed enough to run part of it, I can still go and be part of the team. Of course, this is highly contingent, and I might just end up doing one leg, but as of right now, I only have one leg that works, so seems appropriate, lol. I’m not going to push it–I’m not stupid. Healing is first and foremost in my mind–I have 2 more marathons, dammit!–but it would be nice to be able to take part in it. Plus, it’s too late for the refund. There are others on the team that are interested in more miles, so they could pick up what I can’t. I’ve got some thinking to do, but for now? I’m concerned with healing. That said, if someone wants to run the Madison to Chicago Ragnar, June 11-13, please let me know. Email me at Suzlyfe (a) gmail. 

10) Suzlyfe recipes are now on Yummly! Sam mentioned it a little while ago, and I started realizing that people were getting directed to my site from clicking on my Copycat Panera Soba Noodle Bowl. So I’ve put the majority of the rest of my recipes there, cleaned up my recipe and reviews pages, and I’m working on cleaning up my other static pages.This includes doing a Living with Crohn’s and Chronic Illness page (in the works).

BONUS THOUGHTS (because you are so damn lucky!)

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