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Wide Awake (9 months + Friday Catch Up 10/26)

Emmie has been making me work for it this week, but what a fun week it has been! Get all the details in the Friday Catch Up! 

I missed the Weekend Catch Up, but did you read about Emmie’s major milestone last week

Friday Catch Up 10/26

1). Sleep Regression + Separation Anxiety

Sparked by her cold last week (and being terrified because she couldn’t breathe when horizontal!), Emmie hit a hard sleep regression + separation anxiety. She would go to sleep fine and wake up 1-2 hours later screaming bloody murder and be basically inconsolable even with me. She has since worked back out of it, but LAWD.

But check out our sparkly shoes…

Right now, we are working on getting back to napping, as she gave that up as well! And forget about getting herself back to sleep. We had a few days this week with a total of 45 mins asleep after waking up in the morning, rather than 1-2 naps with a total of 2+ hours asleep. 

These are all par for the course with her age, and especially as she is also making HUGE leaps in mental development and coordination, as I will continue to get into!

Today though (I’m writing this on Thursday), she took a 2.5 hour nap in the AM and is on her second nap now (mid PM).

2) Big Developments!

Emmie is crawling all over the place! Including straight up into your lap, which is adorable. She is still figuring some things out, though, so faceplants into your lap are frequent.

I had already scheduled a Tiny Tykes class at My Gym, and with her crawling now, we could take full advantage! The big activity was a circle of tunnels, and though she had a few moments of being scared (and one little faceplant), she did awesome. 

She had so much fun, and so did I! I’m also pumped because we are going to a Halloween party at Kidville on Sunday, and she will be ready to go for that!

BIG NEWS for the first time EVER, her diaper tested negative for microscopic blood, even with me eating dairy and soy, which means her gut is finally healed and she is getting over her sensitivity! Even so, after talking with her doctor (LOVE) about her reactions to dairy from a few weeks ago (but not from me drinking dairy), we are going to wait to introduce soy and dairy directly for just a few more weeks, until she is a slight bit older + we aren’t so busy. We are continuing to introduce other new foods, though. She got straight up cauliflower this week, and she is eating egg, though it is not her favorite.

She is also now drinking pretty regularly from a straw (her favorite sip? My chocolate spinach collagen smoothies, lol), though she often takes a bit too much and then it dribbles out of her mouth.

She is babbling like a loon, and it is adorable. Lots of da-da-da and she is imitating me more and more!

3). We did have our 9 month Well Child Visit this week!

Drumroll please…. we have leveled up to 99th %tile for head circumference. Still same percentile for weight (47%tile) at a shade under 18 lbs, and right around 60th %tile for height! CAKE POP FOREVER

She is right on track with her other social and physical developments, especially now that she is crawling and babbling. This month has been transformative for little Em!

4) Highlights from the weekend:

Dinner and hanging out with old med school friends who we haven’t seen since our first trip to Palmetto Bluff. We had a great time, and I ate a ridiculous amount of chips. Per usual. Then, we tackled our to do list on Sunday! We cleaned the apartment, lowered the crib, I went through my closet and switched out/sorted/bagged clothes for resale and donations.
Laundry and groceries and cooking, oh my!

How much have I accomplished since then? 


I’m going to blame the child for not sleeping. Right? Right.

Speaking of, she just woke up from that blissful nap. Le sigh.

Highlights from the week:

Our last outdoors Stroller Strides class on Monday, and fun Sensory Bins stay and play after!

5) Halloween Plans!

Tonight (Thursday) we are going to the Pumpkin Party at Gallagher way, then we have our last Broadway and Me Friday and Erica’s husband Neal’s birthday party. A housewarming party Saturday, Halloween Party at Kidville and trick or treating in our neighborhood Sunday. Then we have another double dose of Halloween on the day itself!

Gotta go and dress up Em as a unicorn 😀 I’ll take pics, don’t worry!

But look at that tail 😀

Have a great weekend! What are you up to?

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