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#WIAW Resetting my Body’s Food Alarms

As this is posting, I am likely on a yoga mat mid-asana with Caitlin, to be followed by brunch at one of her favorite places. I am writing this post ahead of time so that I can maximize the time spent with her and Joe, but I am super duper pooper scooper excited to share with you our adventures and eats next week.

But until then, let’s look back at the past week or so, shall we? Courtesy of Jenn, of course.


I have been working at resetting my internal food schedule. Some days are successful, some days I find myself ready not only for a snack at 10 but a MEAL. So we play each day by ear, but I am striving for more balance. I working towards meals being more meals and less snacksnacksnacksnack. Also difficult when you spend so much time at home as I do (both because I am currently unemployed, but also because it is snowing, yet again).

I never take pics of full days of eats (after all, who wants to see 50 pictures of the snackage that I engage in?), but I have tried to take some new pics of some of my standard Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners. Oh, and desserts 😀 Keep in mind that this is by NO means all that eat–I would say that these pictures represent about 1/2 of what I consume at any meal–these are simply pictures of the first half or main dish–lunch for me comes in many parts, and dessert is 2 bowls of ice cream and then more. I am not including my snacks and those extras because, honestly, I always forget about them, and they tend to be hoovered down.


Right now, breakfast is pretty consistently egg white oats with sunflower seed butter. I have increased the amount of oats that I am enjoying, and though the first few days I felt ermigerdsofull but now I feel content when I eat, and have also added on some Special K Protein and a few other nibs to the party.




Lunch is very similar to before, but larger. Salad, protein, carbs, dessert.

Tuna salad with Spaghetti Squash (and PEEEAAAS!!)

tuna spag squashedited

Grilled Chicken salad


Warm Kale and Tuna Salad

kale tuna4edited

I have also had some delicious TVP Sloppy Joe, but it does NOT photo well. Still working on that….

Often accompanied by an English Muffin with PB and jam, and cottage cheese mixed with cocoa and berries or greek yogurt, if no berries perhaps an apple. Have you ever had a Kiku or an Opal apple? They are pretty darn tasty!


Unfortunately, Alex has had some pretty late nights (not too bad, but enough to miss dinner), so I have far fewer “pretty” dinners to show for myself. I am a little sad that I don’t have pics of some of my more successful creations, but I guess I shall just have to make them again, for all of our benefits 😀

Spicy Peanut Chicken Stir Fry


Sweet Potato Hummus Sandwich


I also may have finished off my reserved Sweet Potato Turkeyherds Pie.spturkeypieedit2

Fourth Meal (yup, TBell apparently had it right, for once)

So, we all know the base for this meal–Ice cream, pb, spices, protein cereal.

20140227-195326.jpgDepending on where I am/my satiety level, I will follow with another bowl of cereal, a protein bar, nuts….  There are days when I overeat (or feel like I have)–I honestly feel beyond stuffed and uncomfortable. And some nights, it is as if I have eaten nothing at all. My body is a silly b*tch. I give it what it wants, for the most part, but sometimes I have to try to call its bluff. Or just have more candy 😀

I am certain that I will have so many more fun eats and treats next week–how can I not, when boeuf bourguignon is on the menu alongside homemade gnocchi? GGGGeeeeezzzz Joe, wait to show me up. Hater.

Have a fantastic day, my friends! I know that I will!

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