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WIAW: Fun New Creations and Eats while in Survival Mode

The past few days have been rather standard (apart from basically going into shock at the restaurant Monday because I was so cold. I’m ok now, but I literally started shivering uncontrollably and nearly had a panic attack, which I am medicated to prevent. Also I messed up my shoulder today lifting. Boo), and I am currently resting my calf, as I just need to stop being so stubborn and chill out with it so that it will heal. But I don’t wanna. So, for distraction, and as I have little else of note, we are just going to dive right in to a few fun things food-wise.

Thank you to the lovely Jenn and her Peas for the weekly partttay!


The past week of eating has mostly been about survival–I have been working most nights at the restaurant, so my eats have largely adhered to typical eats outlined in my Friday post. After work eats have been largely grilled chicken, TVP in either savory or sweet-er preparations (kind of a la oats), toast, PB, ice cream, and Original Puffins.

Oh, and I got more jicama last week 😀 It tastes aaammaazzzing in Korean BBQ (Gojujang) sauce. Just saying.

Palmilla created a monst

I blame Palmilla and work for creating a monster.

I do have a few stand outs of late, and 3 new recipes to share in the near future!

First up: Sweet Potato “Shep” (turkey)herd’s Pie


I made this a few weeks ago, froze it, and finally portioned it out for Alex and myself (so that I could freeze some of it). It is delicious, and will definitely be making a repeat appearance. It was lovely to have something to switch up for lunch and dinner this week (when I was home)!

Next: Maple Sugar Banana Bread Cake with Cranberry Buttercream Filling

Made in a 5 in nonstick ramekin.

Made in a 5 in nonstick ramekin.

It was Connie (one of the cooks at the restaurant)’s birthday on Sunday, and I really wanted to make her something, but I am still out of white sugar, and the butter is still frozen. Also, I started in the kitchen at 2:50. I leave for work at 3:30. So the name of the game was creativity and economy for max taste. And then I over-defrosted the buttercream, and forgot to take a pretty picture of it. But I did make a mug-cake version of it (sans buttercream but with butterscotch chips) for Alex in the microwave, which allowed me to sample the taste.  It is definitely more of a bread than a straight up cake, but the flavor is pretty good! I really hope that she liked it! Thought that counts, right?

Third: Zucchini Pumpkin Goji Protein Bread Muffins


Yay! I love love loved this recipe the first time I made it last October, but I knew that I wanted to make it a bit less sweet (and less underdone!) this time around. Tune back in this Friday for the recipe! THIS TURNED OUT SO DELICIOUSLY!!

Now, a few things I bought and didn’t make, but that were highlights of my weekend, food-wise:

Naem Sod from Dao.


I heart Naem Sod.

I heart Naem Sod.

I love this, every time. And this was the best job they have done yet. A light (er) “salad” of chicken, with lots of cilantro, mint, lemon, soy, chili pepper, and peanuts. I adore it, and they give you a TON.

Carrot Zucchini Walnut Muffin from Lyfe Kitchen

I was actually gifted this (as in, one of my coworkers left it at the resto unclaimed, I volunteered to take one for the team so as not to be wasteful. And it was untouched, so no shame at all). And holy balls, it was delicious. I split it in 2 and warmed it in the toaster oven and then put it with my ice cream one night and with pb the next night (alongside ice cream). I will be purchasing this in the future, for sure. Or making my own. Light on the palate but so flavorful, excellent distribution of the ingredients, and a delightful little crust. GLORY.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture (and I don’t want to crib someone’s gorgeous photo of their own recipe) because it was eaten at midnight at my dining table with light from my Kindle and the microwave light that is over the stove. So, here is another photo of my recipe for Friday.

Get Involved.

Get Involved.

And Breyer’s Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream

cherry van

The Return of An Old Favorite.

Tonight (Tuesday) will be Chicken, sausage, and veggie pasta with homemade mustardo sauce. Will look something like this, likely.

Haven't decided if I want to use the same pasta. Again, we shall see.

Haven’t decided if I want to use the same pasta. Again, we shall see.

Sorry that this is a bit all-over-the-place, but I need to start making said pasta, stat!

And lastly, this makes not sense.

Yes, she is essentially sitting on his face. No reason.

Yes, she is essentially sitting on his face. No reason.

What new and exciting eats have you found or made this week?

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