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Um. Things HAPPENED during last night’s World Cup game. I didn’t watch it, but holyyyyy moly. I just don’t even know! This morning I am going to Sunrise Barre on the J.Parker Rooftop through my participation with CARA. Remember the rooftop yoga that I got to drool over at Fit to Be Cheeky? Yup, we are gonna be there! I thought it would be a great class for me a) because how glam is the rooftop! b) I am happy to have some low impact alternatives during marathon training c) I’ve wanted to try a barre class for a long time and d) I need to work on ma booty. DONE. I will report back as to how it goes! As for now? Let’s talk food. And boy, do I have a lot of it to talk about.

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Because there is so much to talk about, we are going to split this into 3 sections. First up? Snacks! I mentioned this a while back, but we got our Nature Box for June, and I had forgotten to pick out which snacks we wanted until it was a day too late, haha. So the folks at Nature Box chose for us! I was really interested to see what they would send. Nature box june seed peanut butter granola pineapple pop pop suzlyfe We got Cheddar and Onion Sunflower Seeds, Peanut Butter Nom Noms, Vanilla Macaroon Granola, Big Island Pineapple, and Sea Salt Pop Pops. ย The sunflower seeds are suuuuper tasty, and taste just like sour cream and onion with a little bit more bite. I thought that the PB nom noms (basically a cookie + energy bite thing, but now that I think about it, they really remind me of these treats that we used to give the horses called Stud Muffins.) were not very tasty and I didn’t like the texture. Plus there were only 5 in the bag, and at 100 calories for a single thing the size of a 2 bite brownie that didn’t taste like much of anything, yeah no. But Alex apparently likes them, so I will continue to give him his treat when he’s a good boy. Honestly, these would be perfect dog treats, and definitely a treat for dogs! Cough. Sorry, I got caught up in being snarky. The vanilla macaroon granola is really good, and VAST improvment on the PBJ granola that we got the box before, which basically was anti-crunchy (I ended up being the one to finish that on Sunday after my long run). This granola is light in flavor but you still get a nice toasted coconut flavor, and the texture is spot on. Now for my favorites! The Big Island Pineapple was holy balls delicious. It wasn’t that puffed dried pineapple candy that you typically get–this was dried, but still had some moisture (unlike the mango that we got that was practically inedible). The sea salt pop pops were like those half-popped kernels that you see at Whole Foods (maybe called Glad Corn?). You know that I liked this ๐Ÿ˜€ snacks lentil ice cream banana popcorn suzlyfe Here are some treats that I have enjoyed in the past few days! I SPRINTED (the only time I ever sprint) through the stuff on the left–Special K White Cheddar Popcorn Chips. O. M. G. There are 4.5 servings in there, it took me 2 days. And that was pacing myself. Next over is something that I just broke into yesterday–Onion Thyme Lentil Crisps. They are made by the same people who make the crispy beans that TJ’s sells as Inner Peas. Delicious! And 5g protein per serving! Now for 2 sweet treats ๐Ÿ˜€ That is the new banana split ice cream from Edy’s with kashi and fresh blueberries (and PB duh). And then I have found the perfect way for Ange and I to enjoy bananas–frozen and then as a scoop for Cool Whip. TRUST ME ANGE IT’S AMAZING. cherries suzlyfe Cherries. All. the. Cherries. Cooking/Real Food Well, I told you on Monday that I accomplished a righteous tan and a recipe on Friday, but that other than that, the day was a wash. Get ready for Friday, folks, because you are going to learn how to make the simplest, and possibly best and most versatile sauce I have every made. Oh, and it is Gluten Free, low sodium, vegan-friendly (depending on one ingredient), and not a stitch of it is bad for you fusion barbecue gluten free suzlyfe I made it on Friday, but only used half of the ingredients (in case it didn’t turn out), and Alex devoured it (while I was laying on my house of pain). You know the saying, “So nice they ___’d it twice”? When I gave Alex the options for how to use the rest of the meat that was unused on Friday, he said, well, I think you kind of HAVE to make it like that. It was so good.” So I obliged. Tacos for him, an entire TJ’s Ham and Caramalized Onion Flatbread (Maitre Piere) that I finished with 2 al Fresco Country Chicken Sausages, cherries, and with a side of salad. (I had to cut it in half to fit the plate). taco cherry onion tart pizza suzlyfe I cannot wait to have all of this again. Probably minus the extra sausage next time, but I wouldn’t be sad if it made its way back. One other recipe coming your way? cherry apple pie oats suzlyfe Eating Out Now for letting other people play in the kitchen. I had a veryyyyy unconventional pre-long run meal, but I had already done my ritual the day before and decided “F it.” So we got burgers at a restaurant that opened a few months ago Chef’s Burger Bistro Chefs burger bistro suzlyfe I got a burger with lettuce, tomato, house pickles, and a side of house greens. Alex (right) got the Chicago Magazine Award Winning Paris Burger (Onion Jam, Mushroom, Brie, Candied Tomatoes, Frisee) and Onion Rings. The burgers were fine–D4 and SideDoor definitely have a superior product there. Alex was hilarious, he kept saying how his didn’t taste like a burger (DUH). Later he elaborated that even with all the things that he gets on the SideDoor Burger, it still tastes like a burger, but that this one didn’t. I can respect that. Mine was good, not enough pickles. A$$hats. The sides, however, were A+++. My side of house greens was $3 and had pickled vegetables, orange segments, and tomatoes and vin on the side, and was larger and bolder in flavor that most any restaurant I know does for their sides for double the price. And the onion rings were c’est magnifique. Not over breaded, just the right amount. We would totally go back just for the sides! Eggy’s Diner Alex and I went to Eggy’s for lunch on Monday, his day off. Also, he was dressed so ridiculously that I a) had to laugh and b) refused to introduce him to my boss. I will go to lunch with you, I am not introducing you to anyone. You are adorable, though.ย  It was tough just deciding what to get–everything looked so good! Ultimately, we decided on lunch (not breakfast), and I was surprised Alex wanted to get Cheese Curds to start. OMG they were incredible. the batter and the curd actually separated completely from a few, which I know is bad form, but they were delightfully mozzarella stick like, and the batter itself was a winner. eggys chicago suzlyfe More surprises came as Alex got a SALAD and I got soup and sandwich. The cobb salad was generous, delicious and fresh. I got the tortilla soup (I pulled the majority of the tortilla strips out, but there was a fantastic chile broth and lots of chicken in there, and a HALF of the turkey club. Do not adjust your screen. That is a half. Yes, I confirmed. Pumpernickel bread is the jam, and the herb mayo (I got on the side) was like a green goddess but smoother. Mmmmmmmm. I ate half of it and took the other half for lunch today–I had the insides for lunch and used the bread for dinner (grilled cheese with pumpernickel is TOTALLY the way to go) So, that is getting us pretty well caught up WHHHHEEEEWWWWFFFFF. Oh wait that is a lie I have another D4 meal to share. But that shall wait. Who knows what I will get into this weekend! I did cook a spaghetti squash last night…and I like to put spag squah in random creations, so we shall see! Do you like burgers with all the fixings, or more just about the burger?ย  What have you been snacking on lately? ALL THE CHERRIES? Or what fruit would you sub?

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