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What We Ate In Mexico (Seafood)

Merci to Jenn!

Merci to Jenn!

I have been waiting for this post.

When I go places, I like to throw myself headlong into whatever that place is known for. In Italy, I was all about the cured meats (lol) and pizza. In Paris, beof bourginone and bordeaux wine. When in Mexico, especially where we are at the base of Baja, I pretty much exclusively eat seafood, and I won’t order chicken in restaurants. I got some really standard turkey for the house, and I had eggs and cottage cheese there when I need a quick meal, but when we ate out, it was all about the especials de casa (I made that up, I didn’t take Spanish). I have made up for the dirth of seafood in my life, at least temporarily. Here were the main eats from our suspended reality in San Jose del Cabo:

First of all, all meals that we had here were incomplete without fresh Pico, salsa, and guacamole, and fresh chips. La Marea wins for having the best.seasoning.ever. on theirs. Palmilla wins for the jicama component. The second mainstay of our meals were house-made margaritas. Zacatidos wins this by a landslide, though Palmilla wins on size. Also for my drink, which was simply Don Julio Blanco, club soda, and lime. La Marea wins for Coke Light. Of course, Alex and my mom cannot be trusted to pick wisely, so I had to taste test their food. And, as may or may not happen on vacation, desserts snuck into our meals. Not sure how, but I am ok with it. For the majority of my meals, I went with a salad topped with fresh fish/shrimp of some sort. This is a) because I love salads, get over it, b) the ingredients c) we were eating so much that I had to balance it out d) I LOVE SALAD GET OVER IT.

I have to pull La Marea aside, because it was likely my favorite in terms of the concept that I wish I could take home with me. I love, love, love ceviche, so this was basically my dream. Tuna and shrimp IN MA FACE.


One and Only Palmilla

Palmilla Collage

Clockwise from Top Right (Basically, the opposite order of how we ate!): The big pic is the view from lunch.

Brownie with Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate crispies, Chocolate Swirl Straws, and Caramel Sauce.

Alex’s Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Chipotle Aioli

My Tuna Nicoise–Romaine, Red Onion, Green Beans, Potato, Olives, Tomato, Bell Pepper, Hard Boiled Egg.

Salsa and Guacamole Starter–Guac topped with Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

Jicama and creamy dipping sauce.

Margs were also involved 😀

Hi, Friend.

Hi, Friend.


zacs Collage

Clockwise from top left: The view out.

Mom and Dad’s Cheese and Steak Quesadillas

Chips, Salsas (Traditional, Tomatillo, Habanero, Pico) Guacamole (action shot)

My Southwestern Salad with Shrimp (salsa, corn, chipotle vin, tortilla strips, sans black beans and cheddar)

The best margarita. Period.

Alex’s fish and tempura battered shrimp (amazing) tacos (he also got a beef and bean burrito).


La Marea

la marea food Collage

Clockwise from Left:

Tuna and Mango Ceviche (INCREDIBLE)

Guacamole, Chips (BEST chips with the BEST seasoning–like Mex seasoning salt with lime) and salsa

Carrot cake–old school, cinnamon bun-esque icing, definitely banana, spice, walnuts mixed in

Fudgy Brownie, Ice cream, Chocolate Sauce

Shrimp, pear, lemon ceviche (light and flavorful, the perfect fool to the incredibly rich tuna-mango); Served with the ceviches are two sauce-condiments: lemon juice infused with habanero and what I would simply describe as a soy-carrot-jalapeno condiment. The lemon was excellent with the shrimp, the soy paired best with the tuna.

The smoked tuna-carrot-onion starter that Mom and I shared on Saturday. NNOOMM.

House Marg. Great but not Zac’s. 😀

The view from our table.

The view from our table.

Organic Farmer’s Market

market CollageEverything you see here (save for the cookies, one of which was chocolate and fennel!) is vegan and organic and better than pretty much anything else I’ve ever had. Top right corner is their vegan zucchini bread, which is beyond exceptional. Bottom left is what we went home with: jalapeno-feta bread. I tend to prefer proteins and veggies over carbs, but even this stuff might make a believer out of me. Will change your life.

Grand Mayan Ristorante

risto3 Collage

risto2 CollageFrom Left: Insalata della Casa con Camarones (Though they definitely did NOT include all of the ingredients listed. The final product had sundried tomatoes, olives, Grana Padano Parm, Mixed Greens, and pesto-rubbed shrimp. It was missing anchovies, red onion, and tomato).

A nice, drinkable Chianti, Mom’s baller Cappuccino

Apple Galette (Basically a Tarte Tatin–slivered apples with cinnamon and caramel atop puff pastry with ice cream, green apple, and strawberry)

“Foccacia” but really a seasoned, pita-like flatbread. Served with what I can only describe as an Italian Salsa–pureed tomato, basil, garlic. Took some creative license, but was delicious.

Alex’s Gnocchi–Was a cross between soup, alfredo, fondue, and had giant gnocchi. Maybe the most hilarious meal ever, but HOLY COW was tasty. I couldn’t have eaten more than maybe a 1/4th of it, it was so rich, but Alex was a champ (That’s my Boy!)

And to end this post, one of my favorite pics of how I started my day (this is from Friday, when I used my one serving of oatmeal)


Have you been to Mexico? What is your favorite thing to eat at the beach?

Do you like seafood? Ceviche? Guacamole?

I liked shellfish but wouldn’t touch fish until I was a teenager. I don’t like to take things out of the shells, though. And guacamole I didn’t start liking until a few years ago, when I decided that I needed to get over not like avocados because EVERYONE else did. But until that point I wasn’t a huge fan.

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