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Why I Freaking Love Thanksgiving


I don’t think that it is any surprise that I freaking love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday, period. I know that Thanksgiving make many people happy, but just WHY is it my favorite holiday? From food to family, let me count the ways that I love Thanksgiving.

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From ugly food to coming home no matter where you are, here are my top 5 reasons that I love Thanksgiving. Find out why this holiday means so much to me at!

Joining up with Jessica and Jill and The Fit Dish to share my gratitude!

But now, let’s talk about other food and such. Here is why I love Thanksgiving and why it is my favorite holiday.

1) “Ugly” Food is the Rule of the Day

Sure, we all can find ways to make the food look pretty, but those plates that look like they are from a Martha Stewart magazine? They are about as likely to happen as I am to do the perfect winged eye with liquid eyeliner. Today, ugly plates rule. 

Because that cranberry sauce? It needs to somehow find a way to cover the turkey, the potatoes, the bread, the beans, and sure, why not add it to the stuffing (and this is only the traditional dishes that we are talking about). Or, you can just do what I do, and make Turkey Pumpkin Cranberry Enchiladas. Essentially leftovers for the main course. And believe you me, it is one of the best things you will ever taste. 

These Turkey Cranberry Pumpkin Enchiladas are the perfect untraditional Thanksgiving dish. You'll be surprised by just how delicious savory pumpkin can be! Get the recipe at

Pretty? No. One of my top 5 favorite dishes of the year? yup. I only make them for Thanksgiving, and then I recreate them for the following week. Last year I had them 4 nights out of 5. When I say I am obsessed, I mean it.

2) No one is allowed to make fun of what you put on your plate.

These Turkey Cranberry Pumpkin Enchiladas are the perfect untraditional Thanksgiving dish. You'll be surprised by just how delicious savory pumpkin can be! Get the recipe at

Because, let’s face it, their’s is likely waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay uglier.

It’s a no judgments holiday. Take what you want, leave what you don’t. I take the turkey. On the plane. Because turkey can totally pass through security. Unlike nut butter.

Packing Heat. Er... Turkey.

Packing Heat. Er… Turkey.

3) You get to use your fine china!

It is just about the only time of the year that I actually make an attempt to make the table look pretty. Ugly food, pretty setting. We got these plates for our wedding, and I love them. And we are going to use them, dammit.

Our Thanksgiving set up from 2013.

And can I say that pretty plates can make even ugly food look pretty darn awesome?

Thanksgiving set up 2013

4) Tradition is just as important as novelty

When Alex and I were celebrating our first Thanksgiving together as marrieds (the first year we were here in Chicago), regardless of whether or not my mom and brother were going to be involved (as we knew that they were, and they will be again this year), we decided to combine traditional Thanksgiving elements with our own new-fangled twist: we used familiar flavors (cranberry, turkey, squash, maple, mustard, cornbread) and made them our own (enchiladas, maple-mustard sauce, jalapeno cheddar cornbread). I may have made mini pecan pies, but I made cranberry cupcakes rather than pies.

When I went home to Georgia last year, my mom followed the more traditional route: she got the ingredients, and I made the roasted turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc, and she followed up with pies.

georgia thanksgiving spread suzlyfe georgia cranberry sauce pie trio suzlyfe

When it comes to Thanksgiving…

5) This is a holiday that isn’t about what you give or get, but what you SHARE.

This is a moment in the vastness of our lives that reminds us of the beautiful gift of being alive, surrounded by the people that you love, knowing that they exist. The food is important–after all, we share and create memories around food because it is one of the few communal, shared acts across cultures and time–but it is merely an means to an end. It is an excuse to show love, to give us an excuse and reason in the midst of this crazy, purpose-driven world to sit down and concentrate on each other.

No, Thanksgiving dinner likely isn’t a Norman Rockwell, but you know what? We are at least trying. We are using food as an excuse to come together, rather than using coming together as an excuse to get gifts (cough, Christmas). 

We come home, wherever we are.

sometimes home has a heartbeat

Thanksgiving, to me, means coming home. Even if I never leave where I am. 

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What is your favorite holiday?

How do you make time during the holidays to actually connect?


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